Tuesday, October 23, 2018


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Good to go now rather than better tomorrow?

Consider various links the topic of which is Tacit Blue. Original fly-able stealth aviation technology from forty years ago now.

Technology and design concepts as incorporated into the U.S. Navy drone MQ-25.

"Northrop Tacit Blue - Wikipedia"

"The Northrop Tacit Blue was a technology demonstrator aircraft created to demonstrate that a low-observable stealth surveillance aircraft with a low probability of intercept radar and other sensors could operate close to the forward line of battle with a high degree of survivability."

Tacit Blue the concept NOT selected as adequate to meet stealth requirements as envisioned at the time. The Lockheed Nighthawk [F-117] with faceted surface chose instead. Nighthawk no longer in the inventory, now retired. BUT TACIT BLUE STILL GOING STRONG?

Warplanes stealth of such aerodynamic complexity cannot be manually flown but with great difficulty. Unconditionally unstable and constantly needing correction while in flight beyond the ability of a human pilot. Additional and continuous computer corrections needed.

A human in the loop as they say but with a lotta on board computer adjunct support.


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