Saturday, December 31, 2011

Sleeping Beauty.

This is coolbert:

That Russian DP-64 weapon designed with the intent to defeat the asymmetric naval attacker of the American SEAL or Russian naval spetsnaz variety, combat swimmers and demolition team members using specialized underwater vehicles to approach the military warship or civilian vessel at anchorage.

Underwater miniature submarines of the type Motorized Submersible Canoe.

"The Motorised Submersible Canoe (MSC), nicknamed 'Sleeping Beauty', was built by British Special Operations Executive (SOE) during World War II as an underwater vehicle for a single frogman to perform clandestine reconnaissance or attacks against enemy vessels."

Called a "canoe" but in reality a miniature submarine, a submersible vehicle able to carry a naval saboteur to within range of a target, that diver attaching to the enemy warship or civilian vessel a limpet mine! And do so in a stealthy manner, almost undetectable!!

"The pilot could leave the Sleeping Beauty to swim and plant limpet mines on enemy ships"

MSC as used by the Rimau raiders during the Second World War [WW2]. Thought also having been given to the MSC paddled or sailed [or a combination of both] in the conventional sense as a normal above-water canoe, just in case those batteries went dead.

"The canoe can also be paddled or moved by raising the mast and erecting a sail."

There is an obvious evolutionary process that can be seen with the World War Two era naval irregular warrior? 1. Frog-men in wet suits swimming underwater with SCUBA. 2. Frog-men riding a modified torpedo. 3. Naval commando units using folding canoes. 4. Naval commando units using "wet' mini-submersibles.

The value of asymmetric warfare at sea is undeniable? One large and very expensive warship at anchorage rendered impotent and non-functional by an attack from one man, one small "canoe" and one limpet mine? YES, it is so!



This is coolbert:

Here from the wiki we have a description of a Russian one-of-a-kind weapon the specific purpose is to defeat the attack of the "frog-man ", the underwater combat swimmer, the under-water demolition operative, the saboteur attempting to destroy enemy ships while at anchorage.

The DP-64.

"The DP-64 is a Russian special-purpose double-barreled over/under grenade launcher designed to protect ships, dockyards, water development works, and other coastal installations from combat swimmers and naval special forces."

"these grenades act much like small depth charges, attacking submerged swimmers like true depth charges attack submersibles"

And from the web site: "Open Joint Stock Company 'V.A.Degtyarev Plant'

"DP-64 grenade launcher is designated for protection of submarines in the above-water position, ships at external roadsteads, anchor stops and bases, for protection of water-development works and other sea and coastal installations against attacks of underwater combat swimmers."

The round as fired from the DP-64 analogous to a depth charge. Used against that military underwater combat diver whose mission is sabotage. Unconventional, asymmetric naval warfare as waged by American SEAL or Russian naval spetsnaz!

Developed by the Soviet in response to a lot of bad experience from that Angolan mis-adventure of the mid-1970's. Soviet, Cuban, and other communist nation flagged ships, civilian and military both [?] while at anchorage subjected to repeated successful attack and sabotage by underwater combat swimmers of unknown nationality [South African combat divers??]!!

That DP-64 a solution to a problem for which there was at the time no easy and instantaneous fix?


Thursday, December 29, 2011

B.R. Myers.

This is coolbert:

The American professor, scholar, and observer of all things Korean B.R. Myers is being interviewed on National Public Radio [NPR] this evening.

Listen to the interview at the NPR web site:

"'A Look At North Korean Ideology' - - Robert Siegel talks to BR Myers, author of the book 'The Cleanest Race: How the North Koreans See Themselves and Why It Matters'"

At a time of upheaval [?], drastic [?] and unsettled change in North Korea [DPRK] the observations and comments of Myers are most germane? All American diplomats, general officers and persons concerned with the Korean scene should pay close attention to and heed the admonitions and teachings of B.R.?

B.R. iconoclastic but nonetheless enunciating well-thought-out positions that cannot be ignored.

"Brian Reynolds Myers . . .  is an American associate professor of international studies at Dongseo University in Busan, South Korea, a contributing editor for the Atlantic, and an opinion columnist for the New York Times and Wall Street Journal."

As extracted from the wiki entry for B.R.:

"'The Cleanest Race: How North Koreans See Themselves and Why It Matters' is an examination of North Korean propaganda, arguing that North Korea under Kim Jong Il was guided by 'a paranoid, race-based nationalism with roots in Japanese fascism.' Myers argues that North Korea's political system is not based on Communism or Stalinism, and that the juche ideology [self-reliance] is not really an ideology at all but a sham to establish Kim Il-sung's credentials as a thinker. More provocatively, Myers argues that the more recent post Cold War attempts to understand North Korea as a Confucian patriarchy based on the filial piety of Kim Jong-Il, and the dynastic transfer of power from his father are equally misguided, and that the North Korean leadership is maternalist rather than paternalist."

That North Korean populace even more so than the population of South Korea [ROK] that most racially pure and isolated group of people on the planet with almost NO outside admixture? Possessing a "paranoid race-based nationalism" the hatred of the perceived foreign invader [America] most [overwhelmingly so] strong.

It is THUS that the DPRK can best be understood??

From that wiki again some additional links to items by B.R. Myers:

"To Beat a Dictator, Ignore Him"

"North Korea Will Never Disarm"

"Mother of All Mothers - - The leadership secrets of Kim Jong Il"

A nation "paranoid" and having a "race-based nationalism" and ALSO possessing nuclear weapons makes for a bad mix? Undeniably so, and especially in the case when the man at the controls is a callow youth of less than thirty years of age!! B.R. Myers better than most understands the predicament as faced by the outside world for which there is no easy fix or amelioration!


Wednesday, December 28, 2011


This is coolbert:

Back to the subject of spontaneous coal bunker fires - - such fires quite often causing it is believed explosions of a catastrophic nature as doomed HMS Vanguard, anchored  and moored, sunk to the bottom with almost all  hands, not under fire by the enemy.

My original intuitive thought that the Vanguard suffered from a design flaw. Those amidship turrets [Q and P one on either side of the ship] of big-bore naval guns meant a much increased risk of spontaneous magazine detonation, adjacent as the turrets were to the engine compartment and coal bunkers?

HMS Vanguard with the amidships turret port side visible.

This however does not seem to be the case. My intuition has again failed me? Even Bert can be wrong!

Placement of coal bunkers were an integral and important factor for additional armor protection? Those vital innards of the ship, the engine compartment, protected not only by steel armor but also by stores of coal? So it seems!!

From a web site devoted to the American pre-Dreadnought battleship USS Oregon [BB-3]:

"U.S.S. Oregon"

"As was typical for ships of this time period, coal bunkers were placed along the exterior hull of the ship to act as additional armor protecting the magazines. The proximity of the coal bunkers to the magazines created a danger that could result in the loss of the vessel. Spontaneous combustion of coal dust was not unusual, and a coal bunker fire could ignite an adjacent magazine"

USS Oregon no amidship turret.

"the practice of using coal bunkers as additional armor around the vital areas of a warship - engines, boiler rooms and magazines."

[during the epic voyage of the USS Oregon 1898 the Oregon did suffer a coal bunker fire that was extinguished!]

The danger of spontaneous coal bunker fire leading to possible and increased danger from spontaneous and catastrophic magazine detonation with a total loss of ship and crew was not only recognized from the get-go but was an accepted part of the design process?

Any devoted reader to the blog and expert on naval ships of the era care to comment on this?


Tuesday, December 27, 2011


This is coolbert:

"If 'a thirty thousand dollar airplane can sink a forty million dollar battleship,' why build battleships?"

From that web site devoted to: B17-B24-comparison we have this extract:

"Boeing company came up with a design - using 1932 technology - to take a 1 1/2 tonne load over 400 miles to a target and return. The extreme distance was necessitated by the oceans around the USA . . . The bombers were being built to fly out and sink enemy ships before they could get close to the USA."

That mission as originally envisioned by the military planners for the B-17 bomber aircraft WAS NOT for the saturation bombing of enemy cities and dropping the bomb int he pickle barrel from 30,000 feet. That mission rather was to attack and sink enemy warships of the capital ship class as they approached the west and east coasts of the continental United States, the forty-eight contiguous states!

That very anti-ship mission for the high-altitude level bomber dropping ordnance on enemy warships controversial from the very start. A concept thought to be valid based upon the: "The Naval Bombing Experiments Off the Virginia Capes" - -  1921.

Derelict German warships from the era of World War One [WW1], moored, not under steam, not taking evasive action, sunk after repeated attacks by Army Air Corps level bombers [Navy and Marine Corps war planes also involved].

A submarine, destroyer, light cruiser and finally a dreadnought class German battleship going to the bottom after repeated bombing, ALBEIT WITH THE RULES AND PROTOCOLS AS ESTABLISHED IN ADVANCE BEING IGNORED BY THE ARMY AIR CORPS AVIATORS AND COMMANDERS!

[it was not without great difficulty that the German dreadnought Ostfriesland finally went to the bottom, staying afloat for a long time beyond what was expected and absorbing a lot of damage along the way.]

The high-altitude level bomber anti-ship bombing mission of the B-17 found to less than effective during the Second World War [WW2], those instances of such air strikes against Japanese warships found to be wanting in the extreme, the results very poor on a number of occasions! Ships under steam, taking evasive action very hard to hit from high altitude.

"B-17s in the Pacific War"

Battle of the Philippines [1941], Battle of Midway [1942] American airmen flying the maritime strike mission claiming extraordinary results which were not justified!

My understanding is that direct hits of bombs as dropped on warships is not needed to cause damage of a severe nature. Underwater explosions of a "close" nature can break loose riveted hull and cause flooding. A direct impact is not necessarily needed. Warships too have good damage control which mitigates and allows for management of damage minor or severe.


Monday, December 26, 2011

Global Consequences?

This is coolbert:

"Burning Questions with Global Consequences?"

These coal bunker spontaneous fires being more common than realized during that era of the steamship coal-fired boiler triple-expansion-engine both commercial and military also contributed in a major way to another ocean disaster that had GLOBAL CONSEQUENCES!

The sinking of the steam-ship Titanic! The Titanic on her maiden voyage going to the bottom, many aboard lost, the thing of legend!

From a variety of web sites:

1. "Coal Bunker Fire".

2. "Titanic Disaster: New Theory Fingers Coal Fire".


"The story regarding a fire in one of Titanic's massive coal bunkers is indeed true. The fire is believed to have burning when Titanic left Belfast, and it was not until two or three days later that it was finally extinguished, this being done by teams of firemen and trimmers digging out almost all of the coal to enable the seat of the fire to be doused. Some Titanic scholars believe that the intense heat of the fire could have led to some parts of the hull to be seriously weakened, and actually assisted in the break-up and sinking of the vessel."

That structure of the Titanic weakened to a degree by the expansion and contraction of the metal being first heated and then cooled in contact with the fire and the cold sea water both? Such a possibility cannot be dismissed?

Coal bunker fires of spontaneous in nature having global consequences - - The Spanish-American War and the sinking of the Titanic both having such an origin?



This is coolbert:

Thanks to McTodd we have this comment to the blog:

"mctodd said...
The loss of HMS Vanguard due to spontaneously combusting ammunition or propellant was not only not unique but also not as rare an event as you would think during that period. Modern so-called smokeless propellants were still relatively new, and totally safe manufacturing and storage techniques had yet to be finalised. Several British (Bulwark, Natal, Vanguard), French (Iena, Liberte) and Japanese (Mikasa, Mutsu) warships suffered catastrophic ammunition explosions (it is also arguable that the USS Maine was lost for such reasons in 1898). Oddly enough, no German warships were lost in this way, some writers suggesting that different manufacturing techniques accounted for this."

Spontaneous explosions of this sort were NOT rare! Far from it! More common than we like to think, as McTodd has commented. Even a constant and understood and troublesome worry for which precautions were taken, albeit not even as effective as desired.

Spontaneous combustion of stored coal leading to spontaneous explosion of ammunition stores perhaps even leading to a WAR! The Spanish-American War, The War of 1898 in large measure due to the destruction of the USS Maine, speculation even at the time that the sinking of the Maine was due to a spontaneous eruption of the ammunition magazine being the cause, but mentioned only in closed circles and then in whispered and hushed tones.

Here with some extracts from the most recent PDF document entitled: "Destruction of the Maine (1898)"

"Many ships, including the Maine, had coal bunkers located next to magazines that stored ammunition, gun shells, and gunpowder. Only a bulkhead separated the bunkers from the magazines. If the coal, by spontaneous combustion, overheated, the magazines were at risk of exploding."

"Fires from coal bunkers were frequent occurrences. From 1894 to 1908, more than 20 coal bunker fires were reported on U.S. naval ships."

"from 1895 to 1898, 13 other American ships had fires associated with spontaneous combustion in coal bunkers."

"within four hours a fire in the Maine’s coal bunker 'could have raised the temperature of the nearest canister of gunpowder (a mere four inches away on the other side of a quarter-inch-thick steel plate) to more than 645˚ — hot enough to ignite the powder, triggering a chain reaction in the adjacent magazines.'”

Spontaneous combustion in a coal bunker caused an unrecognized fire, that bulkhead separating the coal bunker from the ADJACENT ammunition magazine becoming overheated to a dangerous degree, the "big bang" totally without warning and catastrophic!!

The conclusion both in 1898 and in 1911 that the Maine was sunk by EXTERNAL explosion too are not without foundation. Many possible culprits lurk! Cuban freedom fighters, American interventionists, Spanish dissident officers included.

As for the German warships NOT suffering from such catastrophic explosions - - the German just compartmented their warships better and in a manner peculiar and particular to their entire methodology of naval warfare and ship design?

The truth is out there, it is just hard to find with absolute 100 %  certainty!


Sunday, December 25, 2011

Thick & Thin.

This is coolbert:

"Asking the detectives!"

In a recent episode of the PBS television program "History Detectives" Wes Cowan is researching and attempting to return to a living relative a World War Two [WW2] diary as written by an American combat aviator of that conflict.

That diary coming to an abrupt end the author Bill Moran, the co-pilot an American B-24 bomber during WW2 killed-in-action during a mission, Wes nonetheless using the investigative techniques of the history detective able to locate, and return the diary to the daughter of Bill Moran after a period of almost seventy years!!

"Investigations WWII Diary"

That American B-24 Liberator bomber having a formidable capability but referred to by the aircrews as THE FLYING COFFIN!!

"The liberator [B-24] earns itself another more ominous nickname – the flying coffin – due to the high casualty rate among B-24 pilots. Why were these missions so deadly [?]"

The B-24 a more able and capable bomber aircraft [than the B-17], able to carry a larger bomb load further and faster. Three times the bomb load of a B-17! [this is to be anticipated, aeronautical theory and design concepts just in seven years being more advanced, the engines available too more powerful!]

"A B-24 flew faster, farther, longer with a 3 ton larger load than the B-17s ever could"

The B-24, however, in contrast to the B-17 bomber MORE susceptible to shoot-down?

That B-17 as described in a previous blog entry being very robust and able to sustain a lot of combat damage while maintaining air-worthiness, continue the mission, return to base. ROBUST IN A WAY THE B-24 WAS NOT?

[this is not to say the B-17 could not be shot down, but rather was robust and was able to sustain a lot of damage. Prodigious number of the B-17 were shot-down during the war nonetheless, the consensus opinion however I would think being that that the B-17 was indeed a "tough bird"!]

The B-17 was robust and the B-24 WAS NOT?

And thanks to the web site: "The Great B-17 – B-24 Controversy" we have the answer!

The answer in a nutshell is thick versus thin. The B-17 having a "thick" wing as compared to the B-24.

"Boeing company came up with a design - using 1932 technology - to take a 1 1/2 tonne load over 400 miles to a target and return . . ."

"The B-17 design team then had to use a wing that would lift a LOT of weight on what horsepower available - and that mean a thick wing that generates a LOT of lift - ."

The B-17 wing is a pre-war era design and is THICK for heavy lift efficiency. The power of the engines available dictated this thick wing design.

"The design team [B-24] choose a wing - the 'Davis' wing - that is thinner when compared to the B-17 but generates more lift."  [this original design as of January, 1939]

"That thin wing of the B-24 requiring less material support and shoring, that point of contact where the wing meets the fuselage being LESS robust than the similar construction of the B-17!"

"The thinner wing by 1930 design standards means a less strong wing. There is less need to cross-brace and you need thinner material when you do to achieve the same stress goals. The B-17 being a thicker wing needed more - stronger - material to support the wing and thus had to be designed stronger. So in combat this helped the B-17."

"a few shells in the smaller wing cross section would cause the wing to fail faster than the much longer chord, and thicker, B-17 wing"

The B-17 able to take more hits of a worse nature, survive, keep going, remain intact, not fall apart, absorb damage and continue to fight.

[again that is not to say the B-17 was impervious. Merely relatively impervious. Able to take more damage and continue with the mission!]

Thick and thin. Greater range, faster, more bomb load or more robustness. Take your pick. Aircraft design was then and is now and always will be a compromise.


Saturday, December 24, 2011


This is coolbert:

"An armed society is a polite society" - - Robert Heinlein.

Thanks to Gareth Brickman for the article and the title to the blog entry through the Mises Institute.

That figure from the American Old West, the gunslinger, a man-at-arms, as popularized by Hollywood, performing a vital and important function, finding a modern parallel, those private security concerns that go by the name of Blackwater, Sandline, Executive Outcomes. Too, during the Rhodesian Bush War, persons serving in the capacity of stock detective.

NOT government officials or law enforcement but private for-hire individuals and companies providing security and using quasi-military weaponry and tactics to do so.

Trained and quite often combat experienced military men whose skills and courage are needed, the archetype from the Old West in this regard being Tom Horn. Tracker/Translator/Stock Detective. Persons NOT operating outside of the law, but within, but willing to take risks for gain and do so fully aware of the danger involved.

From the Gareth Brickman article:

"Defending the Gunslinger"

"gunslinger" to refer to an armed man who offers the service of his presence and skills to protect a client's material interests."

"The gunslinger provides solutions to several problems":

* "First, he is willing to absorb the risks his employer would take"

* "Second, he is a specialist . . . more skilled and accurate with a firearm"

* "Finally, the gunslinger actually acts in part for the broader, law-abiding community."

The private security concerns ARE a growth business? I am not thinking of the unarmed security guard who merely observes and reports. I am thinking of armed men with military experience and training who function in the quasi-military role. Sandline, Blackwater, Executive Outcomes fill a void created by ineffectual or totally absent government!


* The American Old West did contain a goodly amount of armed men, but if you stayed away from saloons, gambling dens and brothels you probably would lead a long peaceful life.

* The American cowboy generally carried a sidearm for three reasons, none of which had to deal with shoot-outs with other bands of cowboys. Those reasons being: 1. Shoot skunks on sight [rabid]. 2. Shoot a wild mustang horse out of control. 3. Shoot a wild and out of control Texas long horn steer.

* Almost all men of military age living in the Old West had some sort of American Civil War combat experience and were not to be trifled with armed or otherwise. Courtesy and politeness were A MUST"An armed society is a polite society"


Friday, December 23, 2011

Face Masks.

This is coolbert:

From the DEBKAfile news letter we have some interesting items:

1. That Israeli command for long-range operations, depth missions.

* Barak [Israeli Defense Minister] approved new IDF joint special operations force for multidisciplinary missions far from Israel's borders. Missions will include counter-terror, anti-smuggling, anti-proliferation.

* "The Corps' tasks will extend joint IDF operations into strategic depth."

"Anti-proliferation meaning anti-NUCLEAR PROLIFERATION. The strike against the Iraqi reactor of Saddam Hussein for instance. Anti-smuggling those operations I would think well outside the borders of Israel, aimed at stopping weapons shipments bound for Hamas and Hezbollah from reaching their destination.

2. "Syria deploys Russian shore-to-sea missiles on its coast, Scuds on Turkish border"

"Dec. 16, [the deployment of] 72 advanced Moscow-supplied Yakhont (SSN-26) shore-to-sea missiles along Syria's Mediterranean shore to fend off a potential invasion by sea. Last week, Russia airlifted to Syria 3 million face masks against chemical and biological weapons"

"US Defense Secretary Leon Panetta's arrival in Ankara Friday morning, to find Turkish armed forces on war preparedness"

That Syrian regime of Assad fearing intervention on a massive scale by outside powers. The U.S., Turkey, other NATO allies acting in concert to oust the long term governing elite, restore order, etc.

Three million gas masks [the text says face masks I assume these are what are generally referred to as gas masks] for the protection "against chemical and biological weapons" AS TO BE DELIVERED EXACTLY BY WHOM?

Assad is a brute and has such weapons at HIS disposal and will use HIS weapons of mass destruction against an invading force, if such an interventionist campaign actually occurs??


Dom the Don!

This is coolbert:

Thanks to Time magazine for the reprint from way back when [1973] now.

As seen in a previous blog entry:

"Singapore, Aden, Cyprus, Malta, Gibraltar and no more a slow and steady return to the home islands, retrenchment and reality as mandated by BUDGETARY CONSTRAINTS!"

That British military beating a retreat from the world scene - - empire a thing of the past, for a period of two decades the English having to withdraw back to the home island, budget constraints mandating a retrenchment, those areas critical to the naval dominance of the Royal Navy [RN] in particular abandoned! To include those military bases and facilities found on the island of Malta!!

Dom Mintoff the Prime Minister of Malta most insistent that even a regimental sized contingent of English military be-gone, and with all due speed!!

"MALTA: Deadline Dom"

"A certain aura of predictability surrounded events last week on the tiny (122 sq. mi.) Mediterranean island of Malta. Britain's quarterly payment of $8,325,000 to cover the cost of garrisoning 2,800 troops on the island had been refused by Maltese Prime Minister Dom Mintoff. The fiery Mintoff, in rebuffing the routine payment from the Bank of England, 1) demanded higher rent from Britain; 2) intimated that he would evict the troops unless he received it; 3) flew to Tripoli seeking support from Libyan Leader Muammar Gaddafi; and 4) tried to con other NATO nations that share in the rent payments..."

That primary consideration being MONEY, Dom wanting more and more, a genial [?] but quite apparent extortion that was NOT complied with, the British evacuating "with all due speed"!

Here today, gone tomorrow, monetary considerations taking precedent over military concerns, the motivations of Dom being crass greed [?] not fulfilled!!


Thursday, December 22, 2011


This is coolbert:

It cannot help to impress outsiders and in a bad way!

That display of public spectacle, mourning of a public nature as engaged in by the populace of North Korea. Mass hysteria almost of a nature as not found anywhere else in the world. It DOES make you wonder what is going on here. Is this for real - - or is it faked and an act - - or a combination somewhere in between!

Spectacle in the pejorative sense of the word.

"Spectacle - - 2. a thing or person seen, esp an unusual or ridiculous one: he makes a spectacle of himself"

"Amid NKorea mourning, vows to support new leader"

"PYONGYANG, North Korea (AP) — Mourning centers have been set up in towns and villages across North Korea in a stepped-up show of public grief Friday over the death of leader Kim Jong Il"

"Scenes of dramatic mass mourning have been a daily occurrence in Pyongyang since Kim's death was announced on Monday."

"By Friday, mourning stations had also been established in provincial, city and county seats, and at institutions and enterprises across the country."

Those persons NOT showing the necessary and obligatory degree of sadness and grief found to be suspect, their names placed on a list of those felt to be subversive, NOT dedicated to the cause, etc.?

And this in a nation with that enormous and well equipped 1 million army replete with nuclear weaponry! A nation where food shortages and famine are endemic, and now ruled by a roly-poly youngster with a well-developed double-chin. What is the rest of the world to think of all this?

"Dramatic mass mourning" of such a nature as was found in the Zulu kingdom during the time of Shaka Zulu? Shaka another military man perhaps mentally unstable also mandating enforced  grieving "after the death of his mother Nandi"! An even cataclysmic event and hastening the assassination of Shaka, so terribly was the society as a whole traumatized!

"Shaka's erratic behavior after the death of his mother Nandi. According to Donald  in this mourning period Shaka ordered that no crops should be planted during the following year, no milk (the basis of the Zulu diet at the time) was to be used, and any woman who became pregnant was to be killed along with her husband. At least 7,000 people who were deemed to be insufficiently grief-stricken were executed, though it wasn't restricted to humans, cows were slaughtered so that their calves would know what losing a mother felt like."

That North Korean "hermit kingdom" displaying a comportment NOT TO BE FOUND ANYWHERE ELSE IN THE WORLD? As it was during the time of Shaka so it is now during the time of Kim?


Tuesday, December 20, 2011


This is coolbert:

I saw snippets of this interview Scott Pelly had with Secretary of Defense Panetta last night and was very surprised.

My instantaneous and intuitive response was that this was a terrible mistake that everyone is going to regret.

Undiplomatic and very uncharacteristic for a member of the U.S. National Command Authority [NCA] to speak in such a manner. This is big and in a way that is not good!

"Panetta: Iran will not be allowed nukes"

"Panetta: If they proceed and we get intelligence that they are proceeding with developing a nuclear weapon then we will take whatever steps necessary to stop it."

"Whatever steps necessary" means not merely sanctions, economic isolation, freezing bank accounts, virus unleashed and designed to destroy centrifuges, etc. MEANS MILITARY ACTION AS WELL!

A gauntlet has been thrown, a challenge made that is going to backfire? The Iranian reaction is going to forge ahead full throttle, undeterred and undiminished? The Iranian will not have second thoughts but rather is now even more determined to have in their possession and even test an atomic weapon!!

Wait and see. Some sort of clarification is going to be forthcoming? These comments of Leon Panetta were cleared in advance and should be considered as some sort of "war warning".

The zealous ideological hatred of the mullahs toward the "west' and the Great Satan is not diminished by words alone. Bluff will be called and the consequences will be?


Monday, December 19, 2011


This is coolbert:

Thanks to CNN we have some reports on the passing of Kim Jong Il and the assumption to power [alleged] of the third son, Kim Jong Un.

I have to assume that everyone is holding their breath here? President Obama has called personally the President of South Korea [ROK] and given his assurances!!

[communications of this sort are said to carry great significance?]

Secretary of State Clinton meeting with her Japanese counter-part also expressing concern and additional assurances both!!

America is staying the course and IS NOT GOING ANYWHERE!!

1. "Kim Jong Un: The 'great successor' remains an enigma"

"(CNN) -- As North Koreans face an uncertain future without Kim Jong Il, the world's attention now turns to his youngest son, Kim Jong Un, whom the ruling Workers' Party has dubbed the 'great successor.'"

The Great Successor a callow young man of less than thirty years of age [?] with a million man army and nuclear weapons at his beck and call!!

2. "North Korea mourns 'dear leader' as South Korea goes on alert"

"News of his death spurred South Korea, which remains technically at war with the North more than five decades after their 1950-53 conflict, to put its military on high alert."

There is going to be a very rough transition period here the various intelligence agencies of South Korea, Japan and the United States WILL MORE OR LESS BE IN THE DARK ABOUT?

It is not without reason that Korea has been referred to in the past as the "Hermit Kingdom"!

In the manner of the Oriental despot, the two elder brothers of the Great Successor will fight it out with Un for the "top dog" position? Either death or banishment the likely result of a power struggle. An unstable but heavily armed to include atomic weaponry North Korea is a worry to everyone and with good reason.

First son and second son will not be happy that they have been passed over in favor of third son. First son and second son have contingents loyal to them and third son is too biding his time and making alliances? We shall see!

A lot of persons in very high places are nervously biting their nails over this one? I fear so.


Goeben & Breslau.

Thanks to the author Geoffrey Miller we have the full and entire story of:

"Superior Force - - the conspiracy behind the escape of Goeben and Breslau"

This is great stuff. Please read! I recommend it highly.

German naval vessels pursued by the warships of the Royal Navy [RN] during the Great War [WW1], as described in a chapter of the book: "The Guns of August" by Barbara Tuchmann.

NOT so much the pursuit and escape of the Goeben and Breslau of such consequence it turns out [and I was not aware of this] but rather THE AFTERMATH OF THE CHASE OF GREAT IMPORTANCE IN A WAY NOT APPRECIATED!!

From the wiki we have:

"The pursuit of Goeben and Breslau was a naval action that occurred in the Mediterranean Sea at the outbreak of the First World War . . . The German ships [Goeben and Breslau] evaded the British fleet and passed through the Dardanelles to reach Constantinople [Istanbul] where their arrival was a catalyst that contributed to the Ottoman Empire joining the Central Powers by issuing a declaration of war against the Triple Entente"

"a bloodless 'battle' . . . they brought 'more slaughter, more misery, and more ruin than has ever before been borne within the compass of a ship.'"

"Although not a widely known historical event now, the escape of Goeben [and Breslau] to Constantinople ultimately precipitated some of the most dramatic events of the 20th century."

To include:

* "the entry of the Turks into the war allowed the outnumbered Central powers to fight on for two years longer than they would have been able on their own.".

*  "the closure of Russia′s only ice-free trade route through the Dardanelles effectively strangled the Russian economy. Unable to export grain nor import munitions, the Russian army was isolated from her allies and slowly began to collapse"

That British naval force in pursuit hesitant and acting in a half-hearted manner, those in command condemned and found lacking from a lack of initiative - - criticism probably not warranted!

Those great empires of the Old World collapsing as a result of the Great War, German, Austro-Hungarian, Russian and Ottoman breaking up into the various nation-states - - unresolved problems of WW1 only a prelude to much greater conflict to follow.

Thanks to Geoffrey Miller for this web site and a clarification of an episode of history not well known or understood.


Saturday, December 17, 2011


This is coolbert:

According to the Israeli military historian Martin van Creveld, the Israeli at this exact moment: "has probably the second or third most powerful military in the world"!

That Israeli military, the IDF, Tzahal, NOW institutionalizing a capability that hitherto existed only on an ad hoc basis! So it would seem.

A military command designed to conduct long-range military operations far beyond the borders of Israel!

"Israel announces new 'depth' command for long-range military operations"

"New command to be headed by former chief of elite special forces squad Sayeret Matakl; unit to supervise operations away from Israel's borders."

"The Israel Defense Forces is forming a command to supervise 'depth' operations, actions undertaken by the military far from Israel's borders, the army announced on Thursday."

To some extent, the Israeli has had for some time an ad hoc long-range military capability! Think the raid on the PLO headquarters in Tunisia, the raid on Entebbe, the raid on the Iraqi nuclear reactor, etc.

This particular command will have a variety of military units on call and ready to go? Submarines, drones, aircraft with a mid-air refueling capability, special operations type ground forces, spy-in-the-sky satellites providing on-time real intelligence as an action proceeds, etc. Military action quite often to be facilitated by special action units of the Mossad?

Israel already has that "stuff" and has had so for some time now. NOW configured into a central command with GLOBAL REACH!



This is coolbert:

The last time I had heard of something like this was about thirty-five years ago. Back when in the Carter Administration the Soviet at that time attempting to flex their muscles merely to see what the response would be the motivation as reported at the time.

NOW the Iranian is doing the same? Thanks to Ynet.

"Report: Iran 'blinded' CIA spy satellite"

"European intelligence source claims Iran stuns West by 'aiming a laser burst quite accurately' at US satellite in never before reported incident. US official: If Russians provided Iran with sophisticated jamming equipment it means a lot else is at risk too"

At the time [1976] it was described as powerful laser beams "blinding" those American satellites the purpose of which was to detect the launch of long-range missiles. The earliest warning possible, a MIDAS type satellite or similar and generally considered to be absolutely vital!

Carter also supposedly warning the Soviet NOT to repeat such a stunt, another incident would have considered to have been AN ACT OF WAR!! Further repetitions not observed, at least until NOW?


Der Tag!

This is coolbert:

Thanks to National Review Online we have articles from Professor Victor Davis Hanson and Conrad Black, the subject in both cases being the emergence of Germany at least as the foremost European power and perhaps too as the one nation in the world that the rest now look toward for leadership during tough economic times!!

1. "The Hundred Years’ German War" - - VICTOR DAVIS HANSON

"Germany’s dominance was won by national character, not arms or handouts."

National characteristics to include: clean, order, work!

"The rise of a German Europe began in 1914, failed twice, and has now ended in the victory of German power almost a century later. The Europe that Kaiser Wilhelm lost in 1918, and that Adolf Hitler destroyed in 1945, has at last been won by Chancellor Angela Merkel without firing a shot"

2. "Germany Leads the World"

"And the U.S. is ‘the sick man of the West.’"

Embroiled with too much national debt, an inability to generate more taxes or revenue, a declining work force and again an inability to approach problems with gumption and moxie!! NOT able to do what is needed to solve the problems too hesitant and loathe to do so!

"Germany’s imposing a regime in which countries in default would admit the fact, make the best deal they could, and Eurobonds, essentially on Germany’s credit, would be used to alleviate their fate, as long as they took an economic-growth pledge, including work incentives, entitlement reform, and labor-market-flexibility measures."

The German now calling the shots, able to impose on "lesser" nations conditions that sometimes must seem humiliating and previously ONLY were part of a process involving war and surrender with terms dictated by the victor.

Der Tag! The German triumphant and the rest of the world acknowledging same. And this accomplished without war. The German twice in the previous century resorting to war and failing with all that meant.

Germany and Japan both too recipients of American largess in the aftermath of World War Two, rebuilt with democratic rule prosperous and FREE as that term is generally understood, the dictators and militarists of the past banished to the history books. And the world the better for it as well.

Who needs war when you have the economic power and the MONEY at your disposal?


Friday, December 16, 2011


This is coolbert:

Thanks to USA Today a story from nearly one year ago now. Senior general US Army officer hooked on pain killing opiates coming clean and telling his story:

"General's story a warning about use of painkillers"

"Lt. Gen. David Fridovich talks about dependency on pain meds following injuries associated with his post in special forces, and his rehab and recovery."

"Standing before a packed hall of 700 military doctors and medics here, the deputy commander of the nation's elite special operations forces warned about an epidemic of chronic pain sweeping through the U.S. military after a decade of continuous war"

General Fridovich for a period of FIVE YEARS AN ABUSER OF OPIATES! Injury causing severe pain the relief of which can only be obtained through the use of the most powerful narcotics addiction being the result!

And too from the same article this very misleading and dangerous headline that has the potentiality to cause a lot of further damage!

"OFFICIALS: Up to 35% of wounded soldiers addicted to drugs"

"An internal Army investigation report released Tuesday revealed that 25% to 35% of about 10,000 soldiers assigned to special units for the wounded, ill or injured are addicted to or dependent on drugs"

A headline misleading in that it suggest [?] that about 1/3 of ALL wounded soldiers from the Iraq and Afghan wars are addicted to analgesic addictive drugs. NOT SO! One-third of those 10,000 soldiers assigned to a special unit treating the "wounded , ill or injured" having a problem with pain-killers and NOT 1/3 of all wounded soldiers across the board!


*  Surely General Fridovich as deputy commander of U.S. Army Special Operations possessed a very high level security clearance! Continued drug use at whatever level even if using prescription analgesics is normally a bar to having a security clearance NO MATTER WHO YOU ARE?

* By his own admission General Fridovich describes his mental faculties and personality as being changed for the adverse. Reason was clouded and his thought processes not clear, again by his own admission. This cannot be good!

* Doctors were aware of this problem, this addiction, this dependency, this difficulty and still approved General Fridovich to continue his duties in an unabated manner? Once every five years all career personnel must submit to a full physical exam to include a detailed questionnaire and also random yearly drug testing. Medical personnel cannot have been in the dark regarding General Fridovich and his condition?

* You CAN NEVER GET ENOUGH OPIATES! Relief from pain can be obtained only by greater and greater use of more increased dosages of whatever opiate drug is being taken. Where EXACTLY was General Fridovich obtaining these ever increasing amounts of the various drugs he was taking? I like to think NOT from the illegal drug market but I fear so! Continued use of pain-killers only too masking the pain  - - MUCH WORSE INJURY AND LIFETIME DISABILITY A BECOMING A POSSIBILITY!

These special operations troops are especially susceptible to injury by the very nature of their duties. In particular, parachuting while carrying an excessive load is most dangerous, damage to the various joints of the body a terrible risk. Special forces and ranger personnel during training and a performance of duty  also required to maintain a level of fitness and push their bodies way beyond the normal in a manner quite similar to that of the modern professional athlete!


Wednesday, December 14, 2011


This is coolbert:

From a comment to a previous blog entry:

"I never thought you would take this position. It is certainly mine and more . . . It would be good to learn your further thoughts on a post imperial defense posture."

And the reply is in the nutshell - - BUDGET CONSTRAINTS pure and simple.

The money does not exist NOW and for the foreseeable future to maintain the "imperial" presence, such a military posture being also neither desirable or needed.

Budgetary constraints foremost I would suggest is the primary consideration and well should be!

The Federal government presently BORROWS 40 % of what is needed for the yearly budget. That of itself is unsustainable in the long run.

Defense spending reductions will be mandated and absolutely necessary as part of a holistic solution to the budget problem. CUTS! Half a dozen aircraft carriers rather than twelve. A thousand F-35 rather 2,000!  Troop strength reduced across the board at overseas bases, NATO, Japan, Korea. Etc.

Downsizing! An  inability to pay your bills or gather the necessary revenues or taxes to meet expenditures meaning at some point unless drastic action taken NO ONE making future loans to you.

Understood within the context of American legislators currently unable and unwilling to take decisive and drastic measures as needed. The current debate only concerned with limiting further INCREASES in the deficit and not eliminating that deficit or paying off the national debt!

From over sixty years ago the Secretary of Defense sounding very similar to Mr. Gates:

"There's no reason for having a Navy and Marine Corps. General Bradley tells me that amphibious operations are a thing of the past. We'll never have any more amphibious operations. That does away with the Marine Corps. And the Air Force can do anything the Navy can do nowadays, so that does away with the Navy." - - Secretary of Defense Louis A. Johnson, December 1949. Revolt of the Admirals.

NOT necessarily eliminating the current Navy and Marine Corps, but merely downsizing, lean and mean, bare bones! Threats to the extent that they exist managed and thwarted using various degrees of power to include but not limited to the use of military force! And a realization that times have just changed!

Think of the British in the aftermath of World War Two as the down-sizing archetype!

Singapore, Aden, Cyprus, Malta, Gibraltar and no more a slow and steady return to the home islands, retrenchment and reality as mandated by BUDGETARY CONSTRAINTS!

That modern welfare state is not cheap. Trying to provide the combination of guns and butter is difficult if not impossible when the taxpayer/recipient ratio\ goes from 7:1 to 2:1! This is not going to be easy and it should not be suggested otherwise!


Monday, December 12, 2011


This is coolbert:

From the November 2011 edition of the National Geographic we have this account of war and battle as fought about 650 A.D., the Mercians [ancient kingdom in what is now England] in mortal combat with the Welsh!

The spoils of war carried away to number a head of cattle, an enormous herd, a prize of value and prestige. In the Indo-European tradition the wealth of the noble or lord measured by the number of "beeves on the hoof"!

[The] "Event and place are commemorated in the Welsh poem 'Marwnad Cynddylan . . . 'The Death Song of Cynddylan'":

"Grandeur in battle! Extensive spoils
Morial bore off from in front of Lichfield.
Fifteen hundred cattle from the front of battle;
four twenties [score] of stallions and equal harness.
The chief bishop wretched in his four-cornered
house, the book-keeping monks did not protect."

War in the ancient manner the man-at-arms a retainer adept and proficient at all types of weaponry whose role was to protect the cattle of the lord or noble from predation at the hands of adversaries, a manifestation of which was what we now call cattle rustling. As in the way of the kshatriya warrior of India, the hajduk [hey-duke] of eastern Europe, the stock detective of the Rhodesian Bush War.

And let is not of course forget the epic poem of the Irish people: "The Great Cattle Raid of Cooley". For those so interested, read the entire epic as found at: "The Cattle-Raid of Cooley (Táin Bó Cúalnge)". Or as an alternative, view and follow the continuing graphic novel [some prefer to call it a webcomic but much more than a comic!] dealing with the same subject as done by the outstanding artist Paddy Brown.

"The Cattle-Raid of Cooley (Táin Bó Cúalnge) is the central epic of the Ulster cycle. Queen Medb of Connaught gathers an army in order to gain possession of the most famous bull in Ireland"

Gain possession of! WAR!



This is coolbert:

This story gets your attention right away? Thanks to the Chicago Tribune from only today:

"Police employ Predator drone spy planes on home front"

"Unmanned aircraft from an Air Force base in North Dakota help local police with surveillance, raising questions that trouble privacy advocates."

A drone UAV, Predator version, as owned and operated by the U.S. Border Patrol, in this particular instance assisting in the apprehension of persons suspected of CATTLE RUSTLING!

That Border Patrol not military but quasi-military, understood as NOT part of the Armed forces of the United States but rather LAW ENFORCEMENT!

"The drones belong to U.S. Customs and Border Protection"

This episode raising questions in the minds of some [how many is some?] as to the legality of such measures. Drone spy-in-the-sky on-call when needed by LOCAL law enforcement provided by federal authorities said by some [again, how many is some?] to be in violation or possible violation of the Posse Comitatus Act!

Imagery from military space satellites banned for internal American law enforcement and terrorist investigations already. These drones however not under the control of the military!

"In 2008 and 2010, Harman [Jane D-CA] helped beat back efforts by Homeland Security officials to use imagery from military satellites to help domestic terrorism investigations. Congress blocked the proposal on grounds it would violate the Posse Comitatus Act, which bars the military from taking a police role on U.S. soil"

Posse Comitatus not allowing for the U.S. military to involve itself in local law enforcement - - an act dating from 1876 and felt by some [again the use of that word some!] to be anachronistic!

The six missing cows being recovered, those in pursuit following the ancient lineage of the military man, the man-at-arms on horseback or foot, trained in the use of a variety of weapons and fighting techniques, guarding the cattle of the lord or noble the highest priority!

That man-at-arms now equipped with the latest technology to include unmanned UAV with the most up-to-date surveillance cameras!

A violation too of Posse Comitatus? I think not but then some will disagree!


Sunday, December 11, 2011


This is coolbert:

"Let there be light and there was light" - - Genesis 1:3

Came across this quite serendipitously. An actual life instance, an occurrence of power being provided to a city from a ship docked and anchored, the power plant of a warship hooked to the electric grid in an emergency situation as deemed.

As could have been done in the aftermath of the recent Japanese earthquake, the level NINE [unprecedented] seismic event creating a calamity without parallel. Electric power being totally disrupted, the basic essentials of life missing in totality.

1. "U.S.S. Lexington provides electricity to Tacoma beginning about December 17, 1929."

"Beginning about December 17, 1929, the U.S. Navy aircraft carrier U.S.S. Lexington (CV-2) ties up to the Baker Dock and supplies electricity to Tacoma for a month to meet a power crisis."

2. "CV-2 Lexington Powers Tacoma"

"The U.S. Navy sent the Lexington up to a dock in Tacoma, Washington, and heavy electric lines were rigged into the power system for Tacoma and the Lexington's generators provided power for about a month"

3. "Popular Science   Progress and Discovery"

"Easily equal to the task was the Lexington's electric power-plant; any one of its four-generators alone was capable of supplying the current needed by the city. At Full power the warship's plant could supply the power needs of a city twice the size of Washington. D.C., Navy officials estimate. it would carry the simultaneous load of fifty heavy electric trains, or would light more than 6,000,000 fifty watt electric lamps. Full power is used to drive the ship at it's high speed, which is estimated at approximately forty miles an hour  - - almost as fast as the average railroad express train."

That American ANPP ship now mothballed, the nuclear reactor removed [?], no possibility of using that ship as an expedient or even more than an expedient. BUT the aircraft carrier George Washington on the scene immediately delivering needed supplies and also getting "dusted" with radioactive fallout during the mission MAKES ME WONDER IF POSSIBLY THE WASHINGTON COULD HAVE REPEATED THE YEOMAN WORK OF THE USS LEXINGTON - - 1929.

Was thought given to this? Are these American aircraft carriers "wired" in such a fashion so that the embedded nuclear reactors that propel the vessel in an instant or with a minimum of labor be hooked to an on-shore electrical grid, "juice" going from sea to land? Maybe someone should look into this!


Saturday, December 10, 2011

Feu de Joie.

This is coolbert:

"We looked down the river and see'd the British come. And there must have been a hundred of''em beatin' on the drum. They stepped so high and they made the bugles ring. We stood by our cotton bales and didn't say a thing." - - Johnny Horton

Here undoubtedly without question another military best.

The British Army the BEST in the world at military pageantry.

The marching, the beatin' of drums, the bugles, the high-stepping, the bands, horses, ostentatious display of pageantry without equal in the world.

As I just saw on a public television broadcast just less than an hour ago. From the Queen's birthday in 2008, special display with a lot of attention to detail, much more than normal, always cannot fail to impress.

In particular on this occasion the massed troops of the Welsh Guards firing a feu de joie! A special bit of pageantry done only on a very rare event and date or to commemorate a special occurrence of great significance. The feu de joie having to be carefully rehearsed and practiced, a discharge of weapons by a massed body of troops, ripple fire and not a concerted single volley. So rare is the feu de joie that an observer may see this only once in their lifetime?

"A feu de joie (French: "fire of joy") is a rifle salute, described as a 'running fire of guns', on occasions of public rejoicing of nation and/or ruling dynasty"

These various displays of pageantry such as Trooping the Colour very important to the English, the traditions and ceremony in some cases over five hundred years old, perhaps even more in some cases. Things of whatever nature having an ancient lineage so beloved by the British.

"Trooping the Colour is a ceremony performed by regiments of the British and the Commonwealth armies. It has been a tradition of British infantry regiments since the 17th century, although the roots go back much earlier."

"Since 1748 Trooping the Colour has also marked the official birthday of the British Sovereign."

And in the case of Queen Elizabeth all this devotion and display is well merited? Elizabeth has reigned for a very long time now, one of the longest serving monarch in the history of the world, still spry and active and having her wits about her even in advanced age and doing the job well.

Her devoted servants and subjects showing their admiration in a remarkable and BEST manner!


Friday, December 9, 2011


This is coolbert:

Before there was Israel there was Finland.

From a prior blog entry I ask the question:

"What is it about the Finns that allows them to excel as they do?"

That Finnish Air Force [FiAF] during the Second World War [WW2] even when qualitatively and quantitatively inferior in a marked manner to their adversary, able to perform in a fashion that was superlative, almost without peer, admirable!

And the answer in the proverbial nutshell is "Zimbo"!

Col Richard "Zimbo" Lorentz! Lorentz - "the creator of the Finnish Fighter Arm", a combat aviator during the twenty year period between the two World Wars, an outstanding and innovative military aviator!

The Finnish Air Force [FiAF] able to devise theories, doctrine, tactics, means and methods of aerial combat NOT IN SLAVISH IMITATION OF FOREIGN COUNTERPARTS. Theories, doctrine, tactics, means and methods well thought out in advance, appropriate and adapted to the peculiarities of the Finnish situation!

The FiAF also during World War Two [WW2] fighting primarily what I perceive as a defensive war, defense the stronger form of combat, easier to do with less and accomplish more!

The Finn also able and adept at modifying and employing in combat warplanes found previously to be lacking and somewhat antiquated, such as the Brewster Buffalo and M.S. 406.

Here with two more examples of combat warplanes "lacking and somewhat antiquated" BUT NOT WHEN FLOWN BY FiAF fighter pilots during WW2:

* Fokker D.XXI.

"The Fokker D.XXI, although much slower and more lightly armed than the Bf [Me] 109, performed surprisingly well in dogfights, due to its maneuverability." The Fokker not even having retractable landing gear!

"The Fokker D.XXI performed better and for much longer in the Finnish Air Force . . . its rugged design with a radial engine and fixed undercarriage made it very suitable for Finnish conditions"

* Fiat G.50.

"The Fiat G.50 . . . was a World War II Italian fighter aircraft. First flown in February 1937, the G.50 was Italy’s first single-seat, all-metal monoplane with an enclosed cockpit and retractable landing gear to go into production . . . they proved to be fast and, typical of most Italian designs, very manoeuvrable"

It is not so much the machine as the man behind the machine! Those superior Finnish airmen using correct and appropriate doctrine and tactics well thought in advance thanks to Zimbo AND with that goodly measure of sisu [courage but much more than courage] thrown in making for a formidable combination.

"Sisu is a Finnish term loosely translated into English as strength of will, determination, perseverance, and acting rationally in the face of adversity . . . Sisu has been described as being integral to understanding Finnish culture . . . sisu is defined by a long-term element in it; it is not momentary courage, but the ability to sustain an action against the odds."




This is coolbert:

"lost connectivity and disappeared"

Here from a variety of sources we have the fragmentary dope on the missing and presumably captured more or less intact American espionage and intelligence gathering drone, the RQ-170.

The RQ greatly resembling a miniature version of the B-2 stealth bomber. The RQ unmanned, fitted with a wide range of intelligence gathering equipment, NOW in the hands of the Iranians.

The RQ-170 referred to by those in the know as the "Beast of Kandahar".

1. "Iran’s captured RQ-170: How bad is the damage?"

2. "RQ-170: A primer on the ‘Beast of Kandahar’"

3. "US RQ-170 drone missing in Iran was part of CIA spy operation"

Lastly from our good friends at the DEBKAfile we have the usual very alarmist and disheartening headline and story.

It is alleged by DEBKA that the drone, the UAV, was captured intact, a victim of electronic and cyber warfare, the Iranian being able to remotely take control of the "Beast" and fly the UAV into their territory, to a safe landing!! the RQ-170 NEITHER SHOT DOWN OR MALFUNCTIONING AND CRASHING!!

4. "Iran exhibits captured US stealth drone undamaged. US and Israeli intelligence shocked"

"08 Dec. Iran exhibited the top-secret US stealth drone RQ-170 Sentinel captured on Sunday . . . Its almost perfect condition confirmed Teheran's claim that the UAV was downed by a cyber attack, meaning it was not shot down but brought in undamaged by an electronic warfare ambush."

"The state of the lost UAV refutes the US military contention that the Sentinel's systems malfunctioned. If this had happened, it would have crashed and either been wrecked or damaged."

Captured the most dangerous beast of them all? "Lost connectivity and disappeared"?

If indeed the alarmist DEBKA is correct, this is very major.Compromise of the drone and intelligence gathering instrumentation and done in a manner only prior thought to be in the realm of science-fiction!!


Thursday, December 8, 2011

Hannibal Protocol.

This is coolbert:

They even have a name for it. The Hannibal protocol.

From several sources we have the latest info regarding the instructions as given to  Israeli military commanders and combat arms troops, the proper response to be followed if and when capture or abduction by the enemy becomes imminent.

1. "Hannibal protocol standardized"

2. "After Shalit, some IDF officers see a dead soldier as better than abducted"

"Return of abducted IDF soldier Gilad Shalit earlier this month, in exchange for 1,027 Palestinian prisoners, focuses IDF discussion on 'Hannibal Protocol,' designed to prevent soldier abduction."  

NOT necessarily telling the individual troop to kill himself. But rather GO DOWN FIGHTING!! More than likely that soldier flinging a grenade at the approaching enemy at the last possible second, you kill or wound your adversary but also probably either being killed or severely wounded in the process.

[Jack Smith spoke of his being wounded at the Ia Drang battlefield and laying face down with a live and armed grenade under his body waiting to toss it at the NVA if they decided to shoot or dismember him!]

Israeli unit commanders or those in seniority at the scene and witnessing a capture or abduction being authorized to OPEN FIRE at their discretion, EVEN IF YOUR OWN MAN IS HIT AND KILLED!

Friendly fire with intent cold and calculating but thought to be necessary! NO BODY ever said war was easy!


Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Do's and Dont's.

This is coolbert:

Back to the subject of Vietnam and my own listing of "things" that worked well during that conflict.

Items to include:

* AC-47 gunship.
* Phoenix Program.
* Riverine Task force.
* ACAV. [Armored Cavalry Regiment]

Now with additional listing of "things" that worked in Vietnam from an authority the judgment of which I assure you can be trusted and relied upon. If anyone would know, this man would know.

Items that worked to include:

* "laser guided and television guided bombs, [used] just during the last year of active US involvement, but enough to make a huge difference in the short time they were present."

* "jet drones rather than use RF4s to overfly N. Viet targets." [reconnaissance flights unmanned not endangering pilots.]

* "Gatling gun/Vulcan cannon" [7.62 mm and 20 mm calibers both. The former called mini-guns]

* "Hand held emergency radios--used for rescue but also as back-up radios for small units like Spec Ops"

Also from that very same authority at his suggestion and in his opinion also "a list of things that didn't work": To include:

1. "Gradual Escalation"
2. "Search and destroy"
3. "MacNamara Line"
4. "Civilian decisions running the military" [micro-management at a low level of battlefield decision making]
5. "M-60 machine gun"
6. "F-111" [out of the first six aircraft deployed to theatre, two crashed.]
7. "Missiles to the exclusion of guns on planes" [rapid fire Vulcan cannon added as an afterthought.]
8. "Multi-role aircraft (making the F4 into a jack of all trades, master of none) . . . It wasn't the right time yet to create multi-role aircraft,"

It was often suggested that the entire Vietnam escapade was often seen by the military as merely a chance to try out new weapons, doctrine, theory, tactics, etc. And see how well U.S. gear as in the inventory at the time measured up when compared to the Soviet brand. Vietnam portrayed more as a macro-scale shooting gallery allowing the American combat arms soldier and airman to test his mettle and weaponry under real-world conditions.

The results of which often found to be wanting, lacking in a manner that was disturbing and troublesome. If this "stuff" did not work against the North Vietnamese, how well would it fare against the Soviets? That must have been the question asked over and over!

Other devoted readers to the blog with Vietnam experience can add or subtract from these listings? Opinions and suggestions invited!


Monday, December 5, 2011

Professor Niall.

This is coolbert:

From the op-ed section of the Chicago Tribune today as originally seen in Newsweek we have the comments of Professor Niall Ferguson!


"Many in Congress thirst to slash defense. Already this year it has been cut by approximately $ 465 billion. The president, too, is in a hurry to wind down American involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan. . . . (the supercommittee's failure to cut deficits will) reduce the regular defense budget - - excluding Iraq and Afghanistan. - - by at least $ 492 billion between 2012 and 2021. . . ."

"Now, it may be that we are entering a period of unprecedented peace and brotherly love, Maybe the Arabs will live happily ever after with new democratically elected leaders. And maybe the Chinese will always be our buddies. But I would not like to bet $ 492 billion on that. . . . I remember the old Latin adage: Si vis pacem, para bellum - - if you want peace, prepare for war." - - Niall Ferguson, Newsweek.

A total withdrawal of American military force sooner or later will be an absolute must? NO MORE American troops in Europe or in Asia. Guam, Hawaii will be military outposts in the Pacific as they have been in the past and troop strength for the NATO mission cut back nearly to zero? This will be mandated because of budget restraints, deficits not controllable and just a plain ordinary inability to pay bills anymore. And it will be understood that that continuing American world-wide military presence is neither needed or wanted NOR is desirable!


Daood Gilani II.

This is coolbert:

Daood the conclusion.

"A Perfect Terrorist". The infamous saga of Daood Gilani, better known to the world as David Coleman Headley.

"PBS FRONTLINE will bring live online 'The Perfect Terrorist', the investigation into the mysterious rise of David Coleman Headley." [for those able to witness this program, I recommend it highly, without qualification!!]

This particular public broadcast as seen on Frontline in the USA not mentioning the connection to the Kinsman IL. USA halal goat/sheep ranch and slaughterhouse as owned by Rana and Gilani! [the property and facility according to my informants now back up and running with new ownership!]

Once more thanks to The Hindu from only a short time ago we have the allegations that during a reconnaissance as done during a visit to India - - the self-admitted and confessed terrorist Daood Gilani showing an interest in Indian nuclear facilities. Those assassins perpetrators of Mumbai not content with the mere murders of hundreds but also having intentions if possible for the GRAND EVENT! [attack on a nuclear facility with all that would mean!]

"Headley carried out surveillance at nuclear plant"

"David Coleman Headley, the Mumbai attacks accused, visited a nuclear power plant in India, at the direction of his handler in Pakistan, Major Iqbal in April 2008"

Nuclear facilities similar to those found near Kinsman IL. USA and described in my blog entry from almost two years ago now. Again I address my concerns.

That Grand Event of course an attack of an apocalyptic nature causing widespread devastation on an unprecedented scale the ultimate nightmare for those persons in Homeland Security who I hope are on the ball and doing their jobs!!

Even after Daood and Rana are now behind bars hopefully for the remainder of their lives, SOMEONE has taken notice of that goat/sheep ranch and taken the proper precautions? I am downwind almost directly from that triangle as formed by the MOST NUCLEAR SPOT IN THE USA!! My concerns and fears are not mere paranoia but are a real issue?

ONLY sseveral days ago the weather pattern was such and could be observed on the NEXRAD radar showing that absolutely WORST possible wind direction for a nuclear catastrophe, Braidwood/LaSalle/Dresden the prevailing winds carrying deadly nuclear radiation toward the Chicago metropolitan area [8 million persons].

You take it from there!


Saturday, December 3, 2011

Daood Gilani I.

This is coolbert:

"A Perfect Terrorist" The continuing and infamous saga of Daood Gilani. The self-confessed and admitted terrorist also known to the world as David Coleman Headley.

"PBS FRONTLINE will bring live online 'The Perfect Terrorist', the investigation into the mysterious rise of David Coleman Headley." [only this last weekend I  have seen this public broadcast program and recommend it highly, without qualification!!]

Daood prior to the Mumbai attack purchasing bracelets having religious significance to the Hindu the use of which on the part of the terrorists indicative of a malevolent but very clever and diabolical mentality at work.

According to The Hindu as reported just recently:

"Headley brought red bracelets for Mumbai attackers: documents"

"In his last surveillance trip to India before 26/11, David C Headley, the Mumbai attacks terror accused, at the instruction of his Pakistani handler Major Iqbal bought 15 red bracelets to be worn by the attackers so that they can disguise as Hindus, according to released unsealed court documents."

An attempt ultimately not successful at disguise, to deceive and fool the Indian authorities, police and intelligence agencies both! Muslim attackers at Mumbai assuming the guise of a Hindu, in vain, but nonetheless, the thought was there and so was the action!!"

Those autopsies as done on the Mumbai attackers revealing NOT ONLY the presence of drugs but ALSO that each and every terrorist was CIRCUMCISED! Ritual circumcision obligatory for the Muslim but NOT for the Hindu. "Circumcision is NOT practiced in Hinduism."

Read from the Military Thoughts blog an entry of mine from a long time ago now, the ritual rite of circumcision having a military applicability, in both the ancient and modern sense!

That red bracelet of importance to the Hindu and worn when death or the possibility thereof is imminent!

"How do Hindus treat death?"

"A red or yellow string may be tied around the person's wrist. Please allow this if possible, as it's very important in the dying process."

The ruse as done by the Mumbai assassins to pass as Hindu futile, but again "the thought was there and so was the action"!

Daood too legally changed his name to David Coleman Headley. Headley the family name of his birth mother. This all an attempt at dissimulation on the part of Daood, the man now and has been for some time a fanatic Muslim, even a Salafist for that matter perhaps? Daood does have the appearance of white American male, adopting the name of David allowing him to that much easier evade profiling to the extent it is practiced.

Read here of taqiyya and kitman, Islam dissimulation as sanctioned by the ulema!


Friday, December 2, 2011


This is coolbert:

"America's Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act . . . is an Act of Congress, which prescribes procedures for the physical and electronic surveillance and collection of 'foreign intelligence information' between 'foreign powers' and 'agents of foreign powers' (which may include American citizens and permanent residents suspected of being engaged in espionage and violating U.S. law on territory under United States control). The law, of course, does not apply outside the US."

This particular entry from the web site stimulating some comment regarding the American FISA law.

"Comment: EU wants to intercept encrypted VOIP communications"

"Additionally, VOIP [Voice Over Internet Protocol] data packets often travel through Internet networks looking for unused lines, which may not necessarily be the shortest route to their destination. Consequently, a VOIP source signal from New York to Los Angeles could easily reach its destination through, say, Reykjavik or Bogota. What is more, binary data packets often split, with different parts following different routes to a given destination and only reuniting at a switch close to the end destination."

This is part of the problem with the law [FISA] that says the communications of a US person cannot be intercepted without a court order. Two terrorists both at locales in Pakistan can be in communication with Internet Messenger [IM] and their communication packets via the Internet may actually be traveling through a router located somewhere in the U.S. Those electronic packets, even if a minor amount of them [even one packet for that matter] travel through that U.S. router make those two Pakistani terrorists US persons for the purpose of law and their conversation becomes inviolate. That specific law when written during the Carter Administration was written with old technology in mind and not the technology of the Internet.

FISA written at a time [1978] when the Internet, VOIP, Skype, IM , and other means of communication via home computers was not even contemplated or thought possible. Archaic and no longer relevant laws still applicable - - regardless of obsolescence!

We live in a brave new world the laws of which must be scrutinized every twenty years or so? Let the legislators decide but let them decide!