Monday, December 5, 2011

Professor Niall.

This is coolbert:

From the op-ed section of the Chicago Tribune today as originally seen in Newsweek we have the comments of Professor Niall Ferguson!


"Many in Congress thirst to slash defense. Already this year it has been cut by approximately $ 465 billion. The president, too, is in a hurry to wind down American involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan. . . . (the supercommittee's failure to cut deficits will) reduce the regular defense budget - - excluding Iraq and Afghanistan. - - by at least $ 492 billion between 2012 and 2021. . . ."

"Now, it may be that we are entering a period of unprecedented peace and brotherly love, Maybe the Arabs will live happily ever after with new democratically elected leaders. And maybe the Chinese will always be our buddies. But I would not like to bet $ 492 billion on that. . . . I remember the old Latin adage: Si vis pacem, para bellum - - if you want peace, prepare for war." - - Niall Ferguson, Newsweek.

A total withdrawal of American military force sooner or later will be an absolute must? NO MORE American troops in Europe or in Asia. Guam, Hawaii will be military outposts in the Pacific as they have been in the past and troop strength for the NATO mission cut back nearly to zero? This will be mandated because of budget restraints, deficits not controllable and just a plain ordinary inability to pay bills anymore. And it will be understood that that continuing American world-wide military presence is neither needed or wanted NOR is desirable!


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The Neutralist said...

Dear Sir,

I never thought you would take this position. It is certainly mine and more. Independence for Guam and returning Hawaii to the Royal Family from whence it was stolen. Hawaii is a bridge too far. It was bait for one war, Do we want it to be so for another?

It would be good to learn your further thoughts on a post imperial defense posture.

For the record, post imperial is a loaded term, but I could not think of a better one.