Monday, December 19, 2011


This is coolbert:

Thanks to CNN we have some reports on the passing of Kim Jong Il and the assumption to power [alleged] of the third son, Kim Jong Un.

I have to assume that everyone is holding their breath here? President Obama has called personally the President of South Korea [ROK] and given his assurances!!

[communications of this sort are said to carry great significance?]

Secretary of State Clinton meeting with her Japanese counter-part also expressing concern and additional assurances both!!

America is staying the course and IS NOT GOING ANYWHERE!!

1. "Kim Jong Un: The 'great successor' remains an enigma"

"(CNN) -- As North Koreans face an uncertain future without Kim Jong Il, the world's attention now turns to his youngest son, Kim Jong Un, whom the ruling Workers' Party has dubbed the 'great successor.'"

The Great Successor a callow young man of less than thirty years of age [?] with a million man army and nuclear weapons at his beck and call!!

2. "North Korea mourns 'dear leader' as South Korea goes on alert"

"News of his death spurred South Korea, which remains technically at war with the North more than five decades after their 1950-53 conflict, to put its military on high alert."

There is going to be a very rough transition period here the various intelligence agencies of South Korea, Japan and the United States WILL MORE OR LESS BE IN THE DARK ABOUT?

It is not without reason that Korea has been referred to in the past as the "Hermit Kingdom"!

In the manner of the Oriental despot, the two elder brothers of the Great Successor will fight it out with Un for the "top dog" position? Either death or banishment the likely result of a power struggle. An unstable but heavily armed to include atomic weaponry North Korea is a worry to everyone and with good reason.

First son and second son will not be happy that they have been passed over in favor of third son. First son and second son have contingents loyal to them and third son is too biding his time and making alliances? We shall see!

A lot of persons in very high places are nervously biting their nails over this one? I fear so.


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