Saturday, December 17, 2011


This is coolbert:

According to the Israeli military historian Martin van Creveld, the Israeli at this exact moment: "has probably the second or third most powerful military in the world"!

That Israeli military, the IDF, Tzahal, NOW institutionalizing a capability that hitherto existed only on an ad hoc basis! So it would seem.

A military command designed to conduct long-range military operations far beyond the borders of Israel!

"Israel announces new 'depth' command for long-range military operations"

"New command to be headed by former chief of elite special forces squad Sayeret Matakl; unit to supervise operations away from Israel's borders."

"The Israel Defense Forces is forming a command to supervise 'depth' operations, actions undertaken by the military far from Israel's borders, the army announced on Thursday."

To some extent, the Israeli has had for some time an ad hoc long-range military capability! Think the raid on the PLO headquarters in Tunisia, the raid on Entebbe, the raid on the Iraqi nuclear reactor, etc.

This particular command will have a variety of military units on call and ready to go? Submarines, drones, aircraft with a mid-air refueling capability, special operations type ground forces, spy-in-the-sky satellites providing on-time real intelligence as an action proceeds, etc. Military action quite often to be facilitated by special action units of the Mossad?

Israel already has that "stuff" and has had so for some time now. NOW configured into a central command with GLOBAL REACH!


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