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With hindsight see as it was the first week in February the Russian military forces as arrayed against the Ukraine. Was never meant to be a penny-ante game.

"penny ante: Having little or no significance or worth. mod. trivial; cheap."

Tweet and map courtesy Konrad, Rochan Consulting. [click on either image to see an enlarged view]

CAA = Combined Arms Army. A CAA normally consisting of multiple divisions, infantry-heavy. Eleven such CAA [plus one tank army, tank-heavy] exist in the Russian ground force structure? As of 5 February as reported by Konrad elements of eleven of these armies on the border with Ukraine, poised. Amassing such a force take a lot of time and money. Vlad could not have been anything other than serious with his intentions. And when positioned and awaiting the go-signal no backing down by Vlad? A lot of face would be lost of which Vlad is not willing to lose any!


CEZ 2.

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OH, what did I tell you people! What I predicted has come to pass?

From the "New York Post" ^ | 31 Mar 2022 | Yaron Steinbuch.

"Russian troops withdrawn from Chernobyl with ‘acute radiation sickness’: report"

"Several hundred Russian troops have been withdrawn from the Chernobyl nuclear facility in Ukraine after suffering from 'acute radiation sickness' and are being treated in Belarus, according to reports."

IF true this only confirms my fears. It is not called the CHERNOBYL EXCLUSION ZONE without good reason. Level of background radiation beyond norm, dangerous. Persons can enter the zone but cannot loiter. Too hazardous!!

Background radiation in the soil a source of contamination. Made only worse by the military activity with the heavy vehicles churning up the ground, releasing atomic particles into the atmosphere.


Spread the radiation beyond the normal limits! Bad! Very bad! Do I need to say so?

See previous blog entries [with additional embedded links] CEZ:



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Starstreak to the rescue Ukraine. Beyond Stinger and Grail SA-7.

First from "The War Zone" the story BY THOMAS NEWDICK MARCH 28, 2022.

"All You Need To Know About The Starstreak Missiles Now In The Hands Of Ukrainian Troops"

"The U.K. Ministry of Defense has confirmed that Ukraine is ready to use the high-velocity missiles [HVM] in combat against Russian aircraft."

"Ukraine is poised to introduce a new ground-based air defense system to its war against Russia’s invasion forces, with the announcement that the British-supplied Starstreak main-portable air defense system, or MANPADS, is “ready to be used imminently.” Once fielded in combat, the Starstreak will be the latest addition to a growing armory of similar systems used by the Ukrainian Armed Forces, which we examined in detail in this past feature. However, Starstreak — also known as the High-Velocity Missile (HVM) — incorporates several unique features for a weapon of its class and merits further examination."


Starstreak unique among MANPADS with regard to * Guidance. * Terminal warhead. * Speed.

As with ALL [?] MANPADS [man-portable air-defense system] most useful against slow-movers fixed wing aircraft and helicopters. Fast-mover fighter jets operating at higher altitudes [greater than 3,000 feet or 1,000 meters] Starstreak not so successful against.



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Here extracts from a thread of tweets by Samuel Charap.

Consider all that occurred since this threat started. Speaking of regime change Russia.

Mar 4 [2022] • 

* "One gets the sense that folks in this town smell blood in the proverbial water regarding the stability of the (odious) Putin regime. Let's file that under 'careful what you wish for'." Thread. 1/7

* "The scenario of a liberal reformist successor coming to power who begs forgiveness for Putin's sins would be great, but it would also be great to win the lottery. Equally if not more plausible are regime change scenarios that work out badly for everyone, Ukraine included."

* "This regime is unlikely to go down without a fight against enemies domestic and foreign, real and imagined. Regime security = national security in the leaders' minds, and they'll treat threats to the former as threats to the latter." 3/7 

* "Keep in mind that Russian  strategists have long posited that the (US) attempt to take them down will combine threats on the periphery, domestic unrest, and external military aggression." 4/7.


* "Regime change in Russia might seem like the only way out of this tragedy. But on closer examination it poses huge risks and is no more likely to make things better, than it is to make them worse." 7/7.

Change as regime change Moscow obviously not without severe danger. Vlad goes and you will find a scramble for the top with anarchy rife. A period resembling as it was during some periods of ancient Rome. Better the devil you know than the devil you don't?



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Don't tussle with Elon. Elon Musk. Combat Ukrainian wartime communications enabled via StarLink. Musk one, Russian zero.

From and thanks to same. 8 March 2022.

1. "Ukraine is Elon Musk’s Starlink latest customer base — but it comes with a risk."

"With Russia invading Ukraine, internet connection has been gravely affected in cities like Kharkiv and Kyiv"

"Starlink is the only non-Russian communications system working in parts of Ukraine — raising the possibility of being targeted"

"Ukraine’s vice PM Mykhailo Fedorov emphasized that internet access is a critical component for those in Ukraine fighting to survive the invasion."

Yet more:

2. "How Ukraine Military Is Using Elon Musk’s Starlink To Blow Up Russian Tanks"

Thanks to the Internet web site "Great Game India" March 29, 2022.

"With Russia attempting to demolish Ukrainian military infrastructure, notably power and the internet, Starlink is set to become even more critical in the next weeks and months, as Ukraine’s military is using Elon Musk’s Starlink to blow up Russian tanks and military targets."


3. "Electronic Weapons: A Failure To Communicate"

As excerpted from a "Strategy Page" article.

"Ukrainian forces had [have] free access to the high-speed Starlink satellite communications system. This came about early in the war when a Ukrainian communications official asked American entrepreneur Elon Musk if he could supply Ukraine with access to the new Starlink system, which was about to begin worldwide activation after a very successful period of testing and use by journalists. Within a week Musk had trucked in the first truckloads of user kits (a small satellite dish and a 'modem' to allow any PC user to connect. Musk repositioned two thousand Starlink satellites (out of 11,000 already up there) over Ukraine and turned them on days after the Ukrainian request. Since then, several thousand user kits have been sent in and Starlink engineers have detected and defeated Russian efforts to disrupt its operation."

In contrast, Russian high-technology radio system Azart down or poorly functioning.

Elon si, Russian no!


Wednesday, March 30, 2022


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Interesting to say the least. Slat-armor [cage-armor] and the sun-visor protective "shield" as found on Russian tanks the Ukraine Conflict is not unexpected.

Even as of last year, a Javelin missile test-fired by the Ukrainian against a captured Russian tank with sun-visor AND side slat-armor. Tank even so equipped with such protection still destroyed.

1. "Ukrainian Troops Test Javelin Missile Against Russian Cage-Style Improvised Tank Armor"

From "The Drive" the story BY THOMAS NEWDICK DECEMBER 23, 2021.

"Recent live-fire maneuvers have pitted the American-supplied anti-tank missiles against the kind of cage armor now appearing on some Russian tanks."

Forwarned is forearmed they say. American weapons experts themselves not sure if Javelin effective when faced with slat-armor and sun visor protection? I guess we know the answer now?

2. "These Are All The Types Of Shoulder-Fired Missiles That Are Pouring Into Ukraine"

From "The Drive" and the story BY JOSEPH TREVITHICK MARCH 5, 2022.

"Thousands of man-portable anti-aircraft and anti-armor weapons have already been delivered to Ukraine and thousands more are on the way."

Among those various anti-tank weapons on the way the American M72 light anti-tank weapon [LAW].

Once again, my thought was these M72 LAW's being given to the Ukrainian more of an insult than anything else. Pea-shooter type single-show throw-away weapons only can be used in close-quartes combat against an enemy tank and almost certainly NOT EFFECTIVE against a modern main battle tank. Extreme warehousing OF DECADES and you can expect these weapons a very high percentage to MALFUNCTION. However, I am wrong?

According to this You Tube video the modern M72 has been updated and improved, effectiveness greatly enhanced. Even some can be fitted [or are fitted] with laser sights. These are what is being sent to the Ukrainian?

Back blast of the M72 LAW dangerous. Always check the back blast area prior to firing. Back blast with the modern M72 has been mitigated immensely. Even if the modern LAW not able to defeat an enemy main battle tank still will be effective against soft-skinned and lightly armored vehicles [Russian BMP, BRDM, BTR] of all sorts. 



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Greta speaks!

Coverage the Ukraine Conflict Greta Van Susteren!

As seen at NewsMax the story By Luca Cacciatore | 28 March 2022.

"Greta Van Susteren to Newsmax: Ukrainians 'Determined to Fight'"

Embedded video: (Newsmax's "Eric Bolling: The Balance").

"Award-winning Journalist Greta Van Susteren told Newsmax on Monday that, unlike other wars she has covered, the Ukrainian people seem 'determined to fight.'"

NOT seem! ARE!


"She also said Ukrainians believe a missile attack on a fuel tank, which killed at least five in the western Ukrainian city of Lviv on Saturday, 'was designed to send a message to President [Joe] Biden.'"

Send a message? Indeed! That was my instantaneous and intuitive reaction! A message was sent!

Reminds me of the American bombing of North Vietnamese targets WHILE President Kosygin of the Soviet Union in Hanoi also sending a message. From that period of the Second Indo-China War.

INDEED, often have I thought that American retaliatory bombing of North Vietnam [a reaction to the Camp Holloway raid] would have been interpreted by the Soviet and Kosygin as a point-of-honor insult and a direct challenge from the USA, necessitating a Moscow response that up until that time was tepid at best. And you know the rest of the story.

ONLY the archival documents in Russia know the full truth and I for one do not have access.



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The war comes home? Raleigh, North Carolina. The Ukraine Conflict connection?


"Russian arrested in Raleigh could be connected to the stalled military convoy in Ukraine"

Story March 4, 2022 By Cullen Browder, WRAL anchor/reporter.

"A Russian millionaire arrested by the Federal Bureau of Investigation in Raleigh. New social media video of expired Russian military food. A stalled 40-mile long Russian military convoy in Ukraine. WRAL Investigates found they may all be connected."

"Video circulating on social media reportedly shows a Ukrainian soldier mocking Meals Ready to Eat, or MREs, given to the Russian military. The packaging shows they were made in 2013 and expired in 2015, yet are on the battlefield today, 7 years later."


"The label on the expired food, written in Cyrillic, translates to a tie back to an infamous criminal case in Raleigh. Federal investigators say Voentorg is the company Leonid Teyf used to get $150 million in kickbacks on Russian military contracts. Teyf and his wife were arrested back in 2018 when the FBI raided their mansion based on a murder-for-hire plot, bribing a public official, tax return issues and immigration violations."

Leonid the bad guy? Crooked contracts? Russian troops starving? Food rations as issued out-of-date, no good?

Leonid continues his bad ways USA. Send Leonid to the Ukraine front as a mere private in the Russian army. Maybe duty in a penal battalion more sufficient.



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A constant source of amazement those Russian tanks found on the roadside; images from the Ukraine Conflict an entire turret blown off the hull and thrown a distance.

Those turrets weighing about 12 tons [American short] = 11,000 Kg. of cast steel as you can well imagine quite robust.

From an acknowledged weapons expert this comment:

"It is easy to blow the turret off any Soviet era tank. Because they have automatic loading systems for the main gun, the rounds are in a carousel lining the inside of the turret walls. The turret normally does not extend beyond the turret ring--everything is within that ring including ammo. NATO tanks have a hand loader who takes the appropriate rounds from the storage area hanging out behind the main turret ring, called either the bustle or mantle. When an enemy round pierces a Russian turret, it is nearly guaranteed to start secondary, sympathetic explosions around the inside of that circular turret--no separation from any of the rest of the turret-- generating enough energy to blow the turret off."
"NATO tanks, with their rounds stored in the overhanging portion of the turret, have sectioned off the rounds and have 'blow out' lids on top of the turret were the rounds are stored. When they blow, they blow up, not all round inside of the turret. There are also flaps of material, metal or kevlar, between the turret crew and the ammo area that provide some protection from anything blowing the ammo up."

See this You Tube short as applicable:

Even American tanks of the Second World War had incorporated protections against a catastrophic detonation of stored ammunition.

The Russian tanks with that autoloader very susceptible to ruinous and fatal damage.

I can well imagine that policing human remains from a tank in the aftermath of such a detonation, a turret flung far and wide strictly a voluntary duty!



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Peace in our time? Peace is at hand?

"Russia: We've decided to "drastically reduce" our military presence around Kiev and Chernihiv"

Fom the Internet web site "Hot Air" the article by ALLAHPUNDIT Mar 29, 2022.

See previous blog entry as reported by DEBKAfile the Russians grouping additional forces for the encirclement of Kiev.

As noted by ALLAHPUNDIT: "They’re not retreating, they’re advancing in the opposite direction."

Question mark?

See also a number of comments by various pundits and analysts. Click on all image to see an enlarged view.

Stage being set for meaningful negotiations? A message being conveyed that is of a positive nature? Troops currently on the front line going to be replaced by fresh troops? Redeployment to other sectors where other Russian forces are not so "bogged down"? Take your pick I guess.



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From INSIDER the story byAlan Dawson. March 28, 2022.

"Kickboxing champion Maksym Kagal died defending Ukraine as part of the controversial Azov unit"

Azov battalion controversial. Referred to as a neo-Nazi group.

"Azov special forces member Maksym Kagal, a kickboxer, died during Ukraine-Russia war."

"A champion kickboxer, Maksym Kagal, was reportedly killed in battle Friday in Ukraine."

"His coach said in a Facebook post that Kagal died March 25 in Mariupol."

"The coach added that he died as part of the Special Destination Squad 'Azov'.'"

No one ever fault the Ukrainian celebrity as lacking in patriotism. If necessary willing to put their bodies on the line. As with Maksym.

See previous blog entries the Klitschko boys. Boxing champions now active in the resistance against Russian invasion.


Tuesday, March 29, 2022


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From ISW an assessment the Ukraine Conflict with the key points:

Rudskoi = Sergei Rudskoi, First Deputy Chief of the Russian General Staff.


By Mason Clark, Fredrick W. Kagan, and George - Press ISWBarros.


* "The Russian General Staff issued a fictitious report on the first month of the Russian invasion of Ukraine on March 25 claiming Russia’s primary objective is to capture the entirety of Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts."

* "Rudskoi’s comments were likely aimed mainly at a domestic Russian audience and do not accurately or completely capture current Russian war aims and planned operations." 

* "Rudskoi’s assertion that securing the unoccupied portions of Donetsk and Luhansk Oblasts was always the main objective of Russia’s invasion is false." 

* "Russia continues efforts to rebuild combat power and commit it to the fight to encircle and/or assault Kyiv and take Mariupol and other targets, despite repeated failures and setbacks and continuing Ukrainian counter-attacks."

* "The absence of significant Russian offensive operations throughout most of Ukraine likely reflects the inability of the Russian military to generate sufficient combat power to attack rather than any decision in Moscow to change Russia’s war aims or concentrate on the east."


And thank you ISW.



This is coolbert:

From DEBKAfile and thanks to same. Today, as we speak. Situation report!

"More Russian forces pour in to tighten encirclement of Kiev"

 Mar 29, 2022.

As reported in entirety:

"Russian commander Col Gen Alexander Chayko is preparing a large additional force in Belarus to cross into Ukraine and tighten the siege of Kyiv. A command center was set up in Chernobil to support the operation. In skirmishes earlier this week between Ukrainian and Russian forces, neither gained much ground. The Russians attacked the town of Izyum on the banks of the Donets River and continued to push into the center of Mariupol port, while Ukrainian partisans attacked the Russian Rosgvardia National Guard forces that have occupied the Black Sea port of Kherson."

See previous blog entry Russian troops vicinity Chernobyl:

See additionally prior blog entries the Russian National Guard:



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OH, what did I tell you people!!

From the "Daily Mail" English tabloid ONLINE.


"Roman Abramovich CONFIRMS he and two Ukrainian negotiators were 'blinded for several hours and had skin peel off their faces and hands' in suspected poisoning attack after peace talks in Kyiv"

* "Roman Abramovich suffered a suspected poisoning on March 3 after attending peace talks between Ukraine and Russia in Kyiv" 

* "Abramovich, another Russian entrepreneur and Ukrainian MP Rustem Umerov all developed symptoms consistent with poisoning by chemical weapons"

* "They all developed symptoms including red eyes and peeling of skin on faces"

* "Representatives for Abramovich said he had suffered the reported symptoms but refused to give more details" 


These Russians and Ukrainians men of stature attempting some sort of free-lance ad hoc negotiations per the Ukraine Conflict strongly discouraged at the peril of their lives from further parley? Chemical agents perhaps used to poison these individuals a SEVERE WARNING!

See my previous blog entries, thoughts on the potential difficulties in negotiating with the Russian:



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Too late now buddy!

From Reuters as seen at March 28, 2022.

"Ex-separatist leader calls Russian attack on Ukraine a mistake"

"LONDON (Reuters) - One of the architects of the Moscow-backed separatist rebellion in eastern Ukraine eight years ago said Russia's invasion of Ukraine is a mistake, in comments that show the Kremlin cannot count on support from all pro-Russian opponents of Kyiv."


"In an interview with Reuters last Friday, Alexandrov said: 'All this could have been resolved earlier, mainly through diplomatic means and perhaps an insignificant use of force. But that was not done, and that is a mistake on all sides.'"

Perhaps this all will settled with negotiation. Final legal status of the Lukhansk and Donbass regions a settlement reached between the warring parties in an amicable and agreed upon manner, satisfactory to all!


Alexandrov please note as described: "ex-separatist leader". There is some significance here?


Pigeon NBC.

This is coolbert:

Canary in the coal mine? No! Pigeon in the cage! Iraq 2003!

Never heard of this before. NBC = Nuclear, Biological, Chemical. Weapons of Mass Destruction [WMD].

"That time the 1st Marine Division brought pigeons to the 2003 invasion of Iraq"

From "Task & Purpose" the article by BY DAVID ROZA | PUBLISHED MAR 17, 2020.

"When it came to detecting nuclear, biological and chemical agents, Marine Corps planners decided they something more low-tech. Really low-tech."


Pigeons all of a sudden plop over dead you are under attack from poisonous gas. Mask!!

U.S Marines Iraq 2003 their fear that unit-level electronic chemical detection devices would malfunction and not work according to standard. False alarms all over the place!

"Well, as explained by the Marine Corps History Division in its 2006 account With the 1st Marine Division in Iraq, 2003, the division was worried that petroleum-based vapors would throw off the effectiveness of the usual systems the Corps used to detect NBC agents."

Pigeons yeoman service Iraq. Surviving birds deserve a decoration and comfortable retirement. They work also for free the only requirement being some water and seed as supplied daily. And if you run short of food, you can ALWAYS eat the pigeon.



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"'They completed the work they had set out to do,' . . . "They surveyed the town, today they finished doing it and left the town. There aren't any in the town right now.'" - - Fomichev.

From Reuters the tip

"Mayor of Chernobyl workers' town says Russian forces have left"

March 27, 2022.

"(Reuters) - Russian forces have left the Ukrainian town of Slavutych, home to workers at the defunct nuclear plant of Chernobyl, after completing their task of surveying it, the mayor said early on Monday."

"On Saturday, the Kyiv regional governor said Russian forces had taken control of the town just outside the safety exclusion zone around Chernobyl, the site of the world's worst nuclear disaster in 1986, where Ukrainian staff still manage the plant."

The Russians have left. The Russians have "taken control". This is contradictory?

Russian special tasked units have left the area. Assuredly looking for fissionable material that could be used in an atomic device! Task accomplished, time to go!

See all previous blog entries the Chernoby area since the Ukraine Conflict has begun:


Maxim Mae.

This is coolbert:

Seen this weapon as listed in the wiki entry for Ukrainian army small arms. 


Thanks to "THE WAR ZONE" the story by JOSEPH TREVITHICK FEBRUARY 5, 2020.

"It doesn't hurt that it is chambered in the Russian standard 7.62x54mm cartridge, variations of which are still in widespread use after 129 years."

Ammuntion too presumably in abundance!

"Six years after Ukraine first found itself embroiled in armed conflict with Russia and its proxies, the country continues to rely heavily on stocks of Soviet-era aircraft, vehicles, weapons, and other military equipment, derivatives thereof, or newish designs that leverage those existing resources in some way. In one particularly extreme example, a recent video clip from the front lines shows that the Ukrainian military is still actively using the M1910 Maxim machine gun, a design that predates World War I."

Watch Miss Mae discharge a Russian M1910. Ukrainians have thirty-five thousand of these warehoused? That gun shield will stop a 7.62 mm ball round but that is about all? Ammunition of the Russian 7.62 X 54 exists in abundance I might well imagine. Used as a defensive weapon more than adequate. You do not want to be on the receiving end.

GENTLEMEN! Need I add to say that you not want to get Maxim Mae mad at you!


Monday, March 28, 2022


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"shelf life: noun - - the period of time during which a material may be stored and remain suitable for use"

See my previous blog entry, the SA-7 Strela surface to air missile pea-shooter MANPAD's as being given to the Ukrainian by the German my personal doubts the missisles will work!

As extracted from the Internet web site "The Long Ranger" large portions in entirety a discussion of the shelf-storage life-expectancy of the SA-7.

"The story of Thambimuththus (SAMs)"

"There is some debate over the shelf-life of MANPADS, with a number of specialists claiming that weapons such as the Afghan War-era Stingers are unlikely to function today due to material determinants, such as deterioration of the propellants, batteries, and coolant units. Nevertheless, there is some evidence that MANPADS may be more durable than has been speculated for one simple reason - MANPADS are designed for use in harsh environments and rough handling by troops on the battlefield. Their propellants and coolants are reported to be serviceable after nearly 30 years of storage. They are issued in hermetically sealed cases—often featuring in-built environmental monitors, such as hygrometers—that are designed to protect them from the elements up until the last minutes before firing."

"Most MANPADS feature a thermal battery, which differs from other types of batteries that they are activated only on command. Once the battery is activated it has a life of just several minutes, and must be discarded and replaced immediately after use. Hence for the operator to engage successive targets or successive attempts he must have a ready supply of batteries. This offers the advantage of multiple firings and increases the likelihood of successful firing if one or more are damaged."

"On the other hand as a saving grace for non-state actors thermal batteries have a far greater shelf-life and durability than other batteries . . . the maker of batteries for the Stinger missile system, claims an established storage life of thermal batteries on the order of 20 years or more. Most external environments can be expected to have little or no effect on the inactivated battery. The battery is excellent for applications involving extended storage under uncertain conditions. The precise storage life of a battery is impossible to determine and depends on environmental conditions."

"While bearing in mind that MANPAD batteries have a finite shelf life, these can be replaced with commercially purchased batteries available on the open market and anyone with a sound technical proficiency should be able to construct hybrid batteries to replace used ones . . . However, this is easy said than done. One crucial feature of thermal batteries is that they are custom manufactured for acute voltage, start time, and configuration requirements. In short, batteries are tailored to the requirements of the weapon."

"In conclusion the shelf life of a MANPADs is, in large part, dependent on the conditions in which the weapon is stored. Not only the batteries that are in risk of deterioration, but missile propellants, seeker coolant too runs the risk of deterioration with time. Usually such missiles are hermetically sealed by the manufacturer and takes into consideration the rough handling by soldiers in the field."

Thank you Long Ranger. Adios and good hunting with your Strela.



This is coolbert:

I fear with his latest pronouncement President Biden USA has put his foot in mouth big time! Foot-in-mouth big time that will be regretted?

"put foot in mouth: To unintentionally say something foolish, tactless, or offensive."

"Biden goes there: For God's sake, Putin cannot remain in power"

From Hot Air ^ | 26 Mar 2022 | Allahpundit the tip from Freeper.

"The moment he said it I thought, 'Did the White House deliberate over this and conclude that calling for regime change was advisable? Or did Biden ad lib a line this fraught with danger?' We already have an answer. If you think he’s been too weak in his response to Russia, here’s some good news, I guess. It doesn’t get any tougher (rhetorically) than ending a speech in Warsaw by calling for Putin to be deposed."


From INSIDER the story by Sarah Al-Arshani, March 26, 2022.

"Experts say Biden's comment that Putin must go could give the Russian president the freedom to show no restraint"

* "In off-the-cuff remarks, President Joe Biden on Saturday said Putin can not remain in power"

* "The White House quickly walked back Biden's statement."

* "Foreign policy experts say the remarks could make Putin less likely to show restraint."

Comments of Joe Biden already and very quickly "walked back". And with good reason. This remark of President Biden creates a lot of unneeded international tension and hosility at the worst possible moment.


My instantaneous and intuitive reaction is that this resembles to a degree the UNCONDITIONAL SURRENDER demands made by the allied powers WW2! Axis forces to surrender UNCONDITIONALLY their military forces, civilian governmental ruling structure and the populace at the mercy of the adversary.

Some authorities have debated inconclusively since the end of the Second World War if the demands of UNCONDITIONAL SURRENDER only prolonged the war, caused unnecessary suffering and deaths! Requirements and stipulations for surrender resulting in a hardened attitude by the Axis, a doggedness to the very end regrettable.



This is coolbert:

Ukraine Conflict miscellaneous. Thanks to Freeper in all instances.

1. "Ukrainian forces recapture Trostyanets, Poltavka and Malynivka from Russian troopers"

From Ne news ^ | 27 March 2022 |.

"The Ukrainian forces have reportedly recaptured key strategic locations of Trostyanets in Sumy Oblast, Poltavka and Malynivka villages in Zaporizhzhia Oblast from the invading Russian forces."

See additional blog entries the Ukrainian army even after much trevail able to counter-attack:

2. "Russia’s war in Ukraine is far from over"

From Task and Purpose ^ |  Mar 26, 2022 2:17 PM | Andrew Milburn.

"Russian morale is rock bottom, but they are adapting. As they dig in, they resort to laying reams of mines alongside roads and around their positions. The Ukrainians, who lack mine-clearing equipment, find themselves now unable to get close enough to use some of their much-vaunted anti-tank systems."

The Soviet soldier during the Second World War noted for his use of land-mines. Whether on the defensive OR the offensive it did not matter. When attacking ground as captured protected from counter-attack while the forward elements of troops continued an advance. The venerable tradition it seems continues.

3. "Russia MoD announces takeover of Kiev command center, troops surrender"

From Al Mayadeen Net ^ | 03/26/2022.

"The Russian armed forces were able to take over a Ukrainian military command center in Nikolaevka, a town in the suburbs of Kiev, the Russian Defense Ministry announced Saturday. The command center, according to Moscow, was a fortified and protected underground facility, and it had 61 Ukrainian soldiers. Moscow's defense ministry said most of the Ukrainian servicemen were senior officials in the country's armed forces, and they all surrendered to the Russian forces."

Indeed, this war is hardly over. Two to three days becomes two to three weeks. Then two to three months. And I hate to think beyond that. As with all conflicts [almost all cases] the general staff plans at the start of the war are shown to be flawed in some manner, major or minor. The adaptable combat commander and his subordinates able to adjust. Resiliency a must!

This war does remind me of the Winter War 1940. Overwhelming force of the Soviet military thought to be unstoppable, a quick victory over the Finn. Did not happen.



This is coolbert:

From "Army Recognition"  ^ | 27 March 2022 | Unnamed. The tip from Freeper.

"Germany delivers Strela-2M MANPADS air defense missile systems and MG3 machine guns to Ukraine"

"On March 3, 2022, Army Recognition reported that Germany has approved the delivery to Ukraine of 2,700 SA-7 Grail 9K32 Strela-2 portable air defense missile systems (MANPADS) dating back from the armed forces of former East Germany. Citing military sources, the Strela MANPADS (Man-portable air-defense systems) delivered to Ukraine could be the model Strela-2M 9K32, NATO code designation SA-7B Grail-B that come from the former East German army"

My instantaneous and intuitive reaction this story was that these SA-7 MANPAD pea-shooter surface to air missiles the vast preponderance are not going to work!

SA-7 of East German origin have been sitting in a warehouse for a minimum of thirty years. Have deteriorated to the point where they will not fire, malfunction, just be inoperable? Sending these weapons to the Ukrainian more than anything else should be considered to be an insult!

That German MG3 machine gun too fires the NATO round 7.62 X 51. Not compatible with the current Ukrainian MG's firing the Soviet 7.62 X 54 round. The German needs to send a whole lot of ammo along with the weapons themselves! Spare parts a must too!

This process of weapons transfer has all been thought through carefully, hasn't it?



This is coolbert:

“May 9th is Victory Day, like the Russian victory in WW2 when Russia went in to Berlin. Basically government spends a lot of money, its always sunny because government puts money and puts chemicals in clouds and clouds disappear, we do fireworks and major parades. Troops walking around in beautiful clothes, and military cars and planes fly on the main street. People also go out, and president gives speech. Young guys like me buy flowers and give to veterans to thank them”

Once more, just declare victory and go home!

"Russia Has End Date In Mind For War In Ukraine"

From the "Conservative Brief " ^ | March 26, 2022 | Carmine Sabia the tip from Freeper.

"Russian President Vladimir Putin has an end date in mind for his war in Ukraine and it is quickly approaching. The Armed Forces of Ukraine general staff said that Russian propaganda 'imposes the idea that the war must be completed before the 9th of May 2022.' 'Despite the significant losses and demoralized personal composition of the Russian Federation military-political leadership does not refuse to continue the war against Ukraine.'"

In a country such as the Soviet Union where militant atheism was most common, religious High Holy Days as they are termed and observed almost totally eliminated. One significant secular exception and commemoration being Victory Day 9 May. Final Geman surrender World War Two reason for a major celebratory event of epic proportions on a grand scale.

Expect Vlad to announce the Ukraine Conflict as resolved to his satisfaction just in time for the annual Victory Day parade this year?

Mark that date 9 May and mark it well! 



This is coolbert:

“Over the 8 years of the Ukraine War I made more video reports in anti-Ukraine Government (Donetsk People’s Republic) controlled territory than any other western journalist,” - - Lancaster.

"Ukrainian Forces Want to Surrender and Azov Forces Started Shooting At Them – They Are At War With Each Other"

 From "Daily Expose UK" BY RHODA WILSON ON MARCH 27, 2022 • 

Mariupol the fight continues. The inside story from an American reporter with the inside track that part of the world.

"inside track: Fig. an advantage (over someone) gained through special connections, special knowledge, or favoritism."

"US Navy veteran and independent journalist, Patrick Lancaster, has been making regular reports from Ukraine since the beginning of the crisis. His reports reveal that what is happening on the ground is not what Western corporate media would have you believe."

Patrick been at work in the area since 2014. Knows the terrain and evidently speaks very pass-able Russian. Patrick beware! I doubt that PRESS placard going to protect you very much.

See previous blog entries as pertains to Mariupol, the  Ukraine Conflict:


S. Penn.

This is coolbert:

Please gadfly, just go away. Fast too!

"gadfly: noun - - 2: a person who stimulates or annoys other people especially by persistent criticism"

"Sean Penn Calls for Oscars Boycott if Ukraine’s Zelensky Not Allowed to Speak"

In this corner we have Oliver Stone [Russia]. In the other corner we have Sean Penn [Ukraine].

From Breitbart ^ | 03/27/2022 | Pam Key the tip from Freeper.

"Actor Sean Penn said Saturday on CNN’s 'Newsroom' that the Academy Awards should be boycotted if Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky was not invited to speak virtually. Acosta said, 'The Oscars are tomorrow night. Do you want to see President Zelensky speak at the Oscars via some sort of video link?'"

Hollywood loves the cause célèbre. Cinematic stars posing as pseudo-intellectuals trying to influence public opinion often with outrageous behavior.

"A cause célèbre . . . is an issue or incident arousing widespread controversy, outside campaigning, and heated public debate. The term continues in the media in all senses. It is sometimes used positively . . . and more often negatively for infamous ones, whether for scale, outrage, scandal, or conspiracy theories."

And to all this Jane Fonda would say?

See previous blog entry, Sean Penn and his Ukrainian sojourn:



This is coolbert:

I recommend highly without qualification or reservation this You Tube video. DOK = Donbass International Airport.

Small unit combat action the Donbass War: * First Battle of Donetsk Airport.  * Second Battle of Donetsk Airport.

"Тhе video collection of the most epic and cruelest battle on the East Ukraine - the Donetsk airport battle. The battle was 242 days long. The losses of the both sides of the conflict [were] more than 3,000 people and hundreds of the armour vehicles, including 40 tanks."


* Cameraman as embedded with rebellious forces of the Donetsk People's Republic [DPR] fighting units.

* I was going to say this is what you would have seen at Stalingrad during World War Two without the snow or cold but NO I am wrong. Battle continued through the winter of 2014-2015.

* Expenditure of ammunition prodigious. Fire discipline rather poor? Hardly any carefully aimed shots? Maybe that is understandable given the type of close-quarters fighting? Spray an area with enough rounds and sooner or later you are going to hit the target? Is that what it is?

* One of the weapons as seen in the video is a Soviet WW2 era anti-tank rifle PTRD-41. Armor piercing round I suspect could be useful in urban warfare, penetrating thick concrete walls, causing spalling.

Devoted readers to the blog please watch. Send me your comments!


Sunday, March 27, 2022


This is coolbert:


Devoted readers to the blog need to listen to this War on the Rocks podcast. I recommend highly without qualification or reservation.



"With Moscow’s announcement that the core aim of its invasion of Ukraine is now just to secure the Donbass, the conflict has entered a new phase. Michael Kofman of CNA joins Ryan once again, for the fifth week in a row, to help us parse through events on the battlefield. They discuss the resilience of Ukrainian society, stalled fronts, the air war, tactical adaptations, the effects of Western armaments, drones, the maritime picture, where Russian munitions are falling short, why Michael doesn’t think Russia will use chemical weapons, why the Battle of Kyiv is not likely to happen, the emergence of the suburban guerrilla, and the ability of Ukrainian forces to continue to turn back Russian offenses and possibly even go on the offensive themselves."

Russians having just announced their goal now to consolidate their position in the Donbass the security of the region now a priority! The plan of a quick and easy Russian military victory Ukraine now very less certain than it was a month ago! A puppet regime in Kiev complaint to the wishes of Moscow now out of the question and understood by Vlad?

Listen to the podcast!



This is coolbert:

As reported by the controlled [?] Russian Internet media outlet "Russian Times".

1. "NATO members will discuss additional military aid one month into the Ukraine-Russia conflict"

"UK promises more ‘high explosive’ weapons for Kiev"

"The UK said it will send more anti-armor missiles to Ukraine, as NATO member states are set to discuss additional support for Kiev amid Russia’s military campaign, which started exactly one month ago."

"London will deliver 6,000 anti-tank and “high explosive” missiles . . . This adds to over 4,000 anti-tank weapons, including Javelin and NLAW missiles, already sent to Kiev."

Other nations having pledged to send more weaponry to the Ukrainian also:

 Sweden:  5,000 anti-tank weapons. Germany:  2,000 anti-tank weapons.

Additionally from CNN and thanks to same.

2. "Ukraine tells the US it needs 500 Javelins and 500 Stingers per day"

By Zachary Cohen and Oren Liebermann, CNN March 24, 2022

"(CNN) Ukraine has updated its extensive wish list of additional military assistance from the US government in the past several days to include hundreds more anti-aircraft and anti-tank missiles than previously requested, according to a document provided to CNN that details the items needed."

"The Ukrainians have submitted similar lists in recent weeks but a recent request provided to US lawmakers appears to reflect a growing need for American-made Stinger anti-aircraft missiles and Javelin anti-tank missiles -- with Ukraine saying it urgently needs 500 of each, daily."

Anti-tank + Surface to air missiles. Five hundred daily!

Frankly I would worry that the main NATO players USA, Great Britain, Germany would be depleting their stocks of anti-tank and anti-air weaponry to a dangerously low level. Replacements not so easily obtained and as you can guess COSTLY!

Hardly do I make policy and can only hope that the top men among the NATO planning staff are taking depletion of valuable weaponry into consideration.



This is coolbert:

Russian reserve [moth-balled] tanks brought out of storage and sent to the Ukraine battlefield found to be inoperative? Theft of internal components vital to optimal operation stolen.

The tip from Sasha. Source a Ukrainian web site.

"Demothballed Russian military vehicles totally embezzled, tank regiment commander shot himself"

"Occupiers [Russians] try to recover losses at the expense of vehicles taken from long-term storage. In particular, the enemy is deploying a repair and rehabilitation base (RRB) at the airfield in Klimovo, Bryansk region (35 km [22 miles] from the Ukrainian border). Currently, the enemy RRB is trying to 'put into operation' many vehicles arriving from long-term storage facilities. The condition of these vehicles is mostly extremely poor, which makes their full use impossible."


We are talking here about high-technology bells-and-whistles stuff such as laser range finders, night-vision-optics, spread-spectrum radio with embedded encryption, etc.

Nor can any of that gear be so easily replaced. A modern main battle tank requires the output of up to two-hundred factories during the assembly process.

I stress here "optimal" as the key word. Tanks even when stripped of high-tech gear can still function but in a less that satisfactory manner.



This is coolbert:

"The training took place from October 17th to November 2nd, according to the certificate signed by Col. M. Evans. The training was divided into four sections, according to the certificate: 'weapons training', 'navigation', 'medical training' and 'pairs movement.'” 

Yawn! A big yawn! Russian, I hope this not the best you can do?

"yawn: noun - - 3. BORE"

From the Internet web site "Great Game India" and thanks to same. March 25, 2022

"Documents Expose UK Training Ukrainian Soldiers For Fighting In Donbass"

"According to documentation acquired by the media, the Royal Tank Regiment of the United Kingdom, the world’s oldest tank regiment, helped train Ukrainian soldiers fighting in Donbass."


"A Sputnik correspondent found a cache of documents in the liberated city of Volnovakha in the Donetsk Region, among which was a certificate confirming that Ukrainian serviceman Borys Kazarian had completed junior sergeant training course[s] with the participation of British instructors."

Think merely here junior enlisted first-line supervisor training. Normal military progression the military ladder of advancement stuff. NCO [non-commissioned officer school] at the basic level.

Simple but essential tasks learned to include: * Conduct inspections. * March troops. * Map reading and land navigation. * Filling out forms and reports. * How to instruct and teach.

When Donbass is mentioned the Russian is trying to imply Neo-Nazi Azov battalion? You must read between the lines?

"read between the lines: To infer or understand the real or hidden meaning behind the superficial appearance of something."



This is coolbert:

Ukrainian troops once more on the offensive? Russians not able to hold ground previously captured?

 The story as seen at the NY Post ^ | 3/25/2022 | Evan Simko-Bednarski. Tip from Freeper.

"Ukrainian troops take back parts of Kherson from Russian forces: US"

"Ukrainian forces have retaken control of parts of the strategically crucial city of Kherson, the Pentagon said Friday. Kherson — which sits at the mouth of the Dnieper River that bisects Ukraine and is directly north of the Crimean peninsula annexed by Russia in 2014 — was the first and only major population center that had been taken by Russian forces since the start of the invasion last month." 

The airbase Kherson also attacked a few days, a number of Russian attack helicopters evidently destroyed. The Ukrainian still possesses a counter-attack and counter-offensive capability.

Russians able to seize ground but "not able to hold" ground? That remains to be seen. NY Post story based on sources from the Pentagon? Does that make it any more believable? 



This is coolbert:


This all sounds so implausible.

Russian National Guard personnel refusing service? Reluctant to go to the Ukraine?

Source again Kamil Galeev via Twitter ^ | 3/24/2022 | the tip from Freeper.

"Bureaucratic dodges used by Russian soldiers to avoid being deployed to Ukraine"

"Captain Farid Chitav and 11 his subordinates from Russian National Guard . . . refused to go to Ukraine. Their regiment from Krasnodar was ordered to Ukraine and they objected. They said that they don't have a foreign passport and thus can't cross Russian border legally"

"They said that crossing Russian border without a foreign passport (you need for travelling abroad) is illegal and constitutes a felony 322 УК РФ. Thus they can't go. What happened to them? They were all fired. Now they are suing their commandment for firing them illegally"

Story as also carried by the Moscow Times. MT is an independent news publication not subject to Kremlin control? There is validity to this story!


We now live in a time of much gentler and kindlier Russia?

I suspect there is an ethnic minority aspect to this story. All that not exactly clear.



This is coolbert:

It has happened again. Russian senior commanding general down. Seven in total now.

Answers are being offered as to why this is so burt a conclusive answer is hard to come by. 

The story frm the BBC 3/26/2022 | Ben Tobias the tip courtesy Freeper.

"Russian general Yakov Rezantsev killed in Ukraine"

"Ukraine's defence ministry says another Russian general, Lt Gen Yakov Rezantsev, was killed in a strike near the southern city of Kherson. Rezantsev was the commander of Russia's 49th combined army. A western official said he was the seventh general to die in Ukraine, and the second lieutenant general - the highest rank officer reportedly killed. It is thought that low morale among Russian troops has forced senior officers closer to the front line"

Very senior commanders being killed in battle so many in such a short time is extremely unusual if not totally unheard of in modern warfare. This is all due to: * Secure communications is down. * Troops junior officers and enlisted both are not performing to standard, need a lot of prodding from the very top. Those are the usual explanation.

See  previous applicable blog entries:


Saturday, March 26, 2022


This is coolbert

Devoted readers to the blog are encouraged without qualification or reservation to watch this You Tube video. Russian military battlefield radio communication Ukraine open transmissions without regard to secure encrypted messaging. Source of video New York Times.

"The Times’s [New York Times] Visual Investigations team analyzed dozens of battlefield radio transmissions between Russian forces during an initial invasion of the town of Makariv, outside Kyiv. They reveal an army struggling with logistical problems and communication failures."

See the Twitter account of Project Owl. All thanks and gratitude expressed by Owl. Owl and others evidently the sources of information the New York Times used when compiling their video story.

Additionally another Internet web site "Ukrainian Radio Watchers" [See the Owl tweet] presenting similar material but audio only with translations.



This is coolbert:

"The US has been involved in testing experimental drugs on 'volunteers' from the ranks of the Ukrainian military" - - Lieutenant-General Igor Kirillov. Commander of Russia's Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Protection Forces.

Human guinea pigs Ukraine? USA testing pharmaceuticals in an unwarranted manner?

From the controlled [?] Russian Internet media outlet "Russian Times" and thanks to same.

"Russia claims US tested experimental drugs on Ukrainian soldiers"

24 Mar, 2022.

"The Russian military has raised new allegations of US-sponsored secretive research in Ukraine"


“According to data published in the Bulgarian media, about 20 Ukrainian soldiers died during the experiments in the Kharkov laboratory alone, and another 200 were hospitalized,' . . .  'more than four thousand people' were involved in the testing in Ukraine."

This is all part of something called Deep Drug AI. Pharmaceutical research and development using artificial intelligence to speed up the R & D process. MILITARY application not mentioned.

Ukraine as is noted in the RT article NOT the only country where such research is carried out. The idea here too is that such "experimentation" could not been done in the USA. "Go ask Alice, when she's ten feet tall".



This is coolbert:

As extracted from a most recent DEBKAfile Internet web site article. All thanks to DEBKA.

"The disappearance of Russia’s Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, a close personal friend of President Vladimir Putin, who has not been seen since March 11, has prompted intense speculation in the West. Guesses range from his possible ouster over Putin’s frustration with the slow progress of the war, to his having been taken ill with a heart condition. He is not the only missing figure. Viktor Zolotov, commander of the National Guard, has not been seen in public for two weeks."

Question of the missing Sergei solved. That of the missing Viktor not solved? Where is Victor?

Regarding: Zolotov Viktor.

Professional field/official position/biography:

"ZOLOTOV, Viktor Vasilyevich (b.1954), is the current Director of the National Guard of Russia (Rosgvardiya) and a member of the Security Council of Russia. Born in Leningrad, he started his career in the KGB in the 1970s and 1980s as a bodyguard . . . In 2016, Zolotov was appointed Director of the Federal Service of the National Guard of the Russian Federation and a permanent member of the Security Council of Russia."

"Viktor Zolotov was one of the closest people to Vladimir Putin for many years, the one responsible for his personal safety. He is considered one of the 'hardliners' inside the Kremlin, those who advocate for the suppression of political opposition and for a more radical anti-Western policy. Currently, he is the head of a significant military organization of Putin’s regime: the National Guard, which is directly subordinate to President Putin."


"The term 'confidant' is often used to describe a person who has been trusted with sensitive or private personal information."

Regarding this National Guard:

"Federal Service of the Troops of the National Guard of the Russian Federation or Rosgvardiya . . . is the internal military force of Russia, comprising an independent agency that reports directly to the President of Russia Vladimir Putin under his powers as Supreme Commander-in-Chief and Chairman of the Security Council."

"The National Guard is separate from the Russian Armed Forces."

National Guard personnel able to function as "witch smellers"? Seeking out those persons responsible for failure during a time of crisis. Back in the old days of the Soviet Union and J. Stalin guilty parties referred to as "wreckers".