Thursday, March 17, 2022


This is coolbert:

"The $800 m military aid package he [President Biden] approved for Ukraine reportedly included 100 kamikaze drones, apparently referring to Switchblade 300 or Switchblade 600. The former can pinpoint strikes on personnel and the latter aims to destroy tanks and armored vehicles. The Switchblades are essentially robotic [flying] smart bombs equipped with cameras, guidance systems and explosives. They can be programmed to strike targets miles away and hover over objectives until ordered to strike." - - DEBKAfile.

Ukraine Conflict more American military aid to the rescue? To include Switchblade attack drone?

"US To Provide 'Tank Killer' Switchblade Drones To Ukraine"

"The Switchblade 300 weighs 5.5 pounds (2.5 kg), including the warhead; has a range of 10 km [about six miles] and an endurance of 15 minutes. The company says that the entire system can be set up in less than two minutes."

The 300 model strictly an anti-personnel or anti-vehicle [soft-skinned] weapon. Model 600 is an anti-tank UAV, larger and heavier [about fifty pounds or twenty-two kilograms] more robust

The future is drones, AI swarm technology, drones controlling drones, advanced battlefield micro-electronics, etc. The future is now!


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