Sunday, March 27, 2022


This is coolbert:

As reported by the controlled [?] Russian Internet media outlet "Russian Times".

1. "NATO members will discuss additional military aid one month into the Ukraine-Russia conflict"

"UK promises more ‘high explosive’ weapons for Kiev"

"The UK said it will send more anti-armor missiles to Ukraine, as NATO member states are set to discuss additional support for Kiev amid Russia’s military campaign, which started exactly one month ago."

"London will deliver 6,000 anti-tank and “high explosive” missiles . . . This adds to over 4,000 anti-tank weapons, including Javelin and NLAW missiles, already sent to Kiev."

Other nations having pledged to send more weaponry to the Ukrainian also:

 Sweden:  5,000 anti-tank weapons. Germany:  2,000 anti-tank weapons.

Additionally from CNN and thanks to same.

2. "Ukraine tells the US it needs 500 Javelins and 500 Stingers per day"

By Zachary Cohen and Oren Liebermann, CNN March 24, 2022

"(CNN) Ukraine has updated its extensive wish list of additional military assistance from the US government in the past several days to include hundreds more anti-aircraft and anti-tank missiles than previously requested, according to a document provided to CNN that details the items needed."

"The Ukrainians have submitted similar lists in recent weeks but a recent request provided to US lawmakers appears to reflect a growing need for American-made Stinger anti-aircraft missiles and Javelin anti-tank missiles -- with Ukraine saying it urgently needs 500 of each, daily."

Anti-tank + Surface to air missiles. Five hundred daily!

Frankly I would worry that the main NATO players USA, Great Britain, Germany would be depleting their stocks of anti-tank and anti-air weaponry to a dangerously low level. Replacements not so easily obtained and as you can guess COSTLY!

Hardly do I make policy and can only hope that the top men among the NATO planning staff are taking depletion of valuable weaponry into consideration.


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