Monday, March 28, 2022

S. Penn.

This is coolbert:

Please gadfly, just go away. Fast too!

"gadfly: noun - - 2: a person who stimulates or annoys other people especially by persistent criticism"

"Sean Penn Calls for Oscars Boycott if Ukraine’s Zelensky Not Allowed to Speak"

In this corner we have Oliver Stone [Russia]. In the other corner we have Sean Penn [Ukraine].

From Breitbart ^ | 03/27/2022 | Pam Key the tip from Freeper.

"Actor Sean Penn said Saturday on CNN’s 'Newsroom' that the Academy Awards should be boycotted if Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky was not invited to speak virtually. Acosta said, 'The Oscars are tomorrow night. Do you want to see President Zelensky speak at the Oscars via some sort of video link?'"

Hollywood loves the cause célèbre. Cinematic stars posing as pseudo-intellectuals trying to influence public opinion often with outrageous behavior.

"A cause célèbre . . . is an issue or incident arousing widespread controversy, outside campaigning, and heated public debate. The term continues in the media in all senses. It is sometimes used positively . . . and more often negatively for infamous ones, whether for scale, outrage, scandal, or conspiracy theories."

And to all this Jane Fonda would say?

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