Monday, March 28, 2022


This is coolbert:

“May 9th is Victory Day, like the Russian victory in WW2 when Russia went in to Berlin. Basically government spends a lot of money, its always sunny because government puts money and puts chemicals in clouds and clouds disappear, we do fireworks and major parades. Troops walking around in beautiful clothes, and military cars and planes fly on the main street. People also go out, and president gives speech. Young guys like me buy flowers and give to veterans to thank them”

Once more, just declare victory and go home!

"Russia Has End Date In Mind For War In Ukraine"

From the "Conservative Brief " ^ | March 26, 2022 | Carmine Sabia the tip from Freeper.

"Russian President Vladimir Putin has an end date in mind for his war in Ukraine and it is quickly approaching. The Armed Forces of Ukraine general staff said that Russian propaganda 'imposes the idea that the war must be completed before the 9th of May 2022.' 'Despite the significant losses and demoralized personal composition of the Russian Federation military-political leadership does not refuse to continue the war against Ukraine.'"

In a country such as the Soviet Union where militant atheism was most common, religious High Holy Days as they are termed and observed almost totally eliminated. One significant secular exception and commemoration being Victory Day 9 May. Final Geman surrender World War Two reason for a major celebratory event of epic proportions on a grand scale.

Expect Vlad to announce the Ukraine Conflict as resolved to his satisfaction just in time for the annual Victory Day parade this year?

Mark that date 9 May and mark it well! 


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