Thursday, March 17, 2022

Lavrov FM.

This is coolbert:

Taken by itself and in normal times this might be seen as a big nothing. NOT today?

Several sources here. Freeper. FoxNews / MSN ^ | 3.17.2022 | Emma Colton and the German Bild. Thanks to all.

"Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov's plane turns around during flight to China, heads back to Moscow: report"

"Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov was allegedly on a flight headed to Beijing Thursday, but the plane turned around midway and flew back toward Moscow, according to German newspaper Bild."

Need I say that Lavrov at the very top of the "food chain" in Moscow. Foreign Minister and at that exact moment en route to China. A senior man in a time of war making a trip of that nature to a foreign power and being told [?] to return to "home-base" you can reasonably assume not for some trivial matter.

See previous blog entry the Russian SAM's flights [what I characterize them as] also as allegedly having occurred.

Devoted readers to the blog have undoubtedly noticed the posts are being made almost in a frenzy the daily number way beyond normal. So much of a critical. Stand-by one and all and good hunting.


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