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Factors & functions. Warfighting. Analysis the Ukraine Conflict.

"A Marine special ops commander explains why Russia’s stalled advance in Ukraine is no surprise"

From the Internet web site "Task & Purpose" the article BY IVAN F. INGRAHAM | PUBLISHED MAR 10, 2022 9:59 AM

"Russia doesn’t wage war elegantly. Their military is ponderous and heavy-handed with support and emphasis being placed on the unit making the best progress."

"This article provides an analysis of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine through the U.S. military’s three Warfighting Factors (time, space, and force); and the six Warfighting Functions (command and control; intelligence; fire support; movement and maneuver; sustainment; and force protection)." 


* Factor: Time.

"Russia expected a quick fight followed by a swift capitulation of the Ukrainian government due to their reputation as a European bully."

* Factor: Space.

"Ukraine is about the size of Texas, bordered by Russia to the east and a Pro-Putin, Russian vassal state of Belarus to the north. The country should have been taken in a matter of days with a mutually supporting and multi-faceted attack from the air, sea, and land aimed at crippling Ukrainian infrastructure. This has not happened."

* Factor: Force.

"There are parallels to Russia’s 1979 invasion of Afghanistan."

* Function: Command and control.

"Leadership matters on both sides. Vladimir Putin is increasingly distanced from his advisors and generals." [increased distance literally so]

* Function: Intelligence.

"Russia does not appear to show evidence of conducting in-depth intelligence estimates of the enemy or any operational preparation of the environment or battlespace. 

* Function: Movement and Maneuver.

"Westphalian notions of seizing capital cities to bring down a nation are anachronistic." 

Think the capture of Moscow, 1812!

* Function: Sustainment.

"Many Russian units are running short on fuel and ammunition."

* Function: Force protection.

Because Russian forces are stretched across a vast area, that makes force protection difficult, too. 

* Function: Fire support.

"Russia has much heavier weapons it can bring to bear, but will it?"

With regard to tomorrow and the finality of the conflict, devoted followers of the blog are strongly encouraged to read the rest for themselves. Outstanding analysis.


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