Thursday, March 31, 2022


This is coolbert:

With hindsight see as it was the first week in February the Russian military forces as arrayed against the Ukraine. Was never meant to be a penny-ante game.

"penny ante: Having little or no significance or worth. mod. trivial; cheap."

Tweet and map courtesy Konrad, Rochan Consulting. [click on either image to see an enlarged view]

CAA = Combined Arms Army. A CAA normally consisting of multiple divisions, infantry-heavy. Eleven such CAA [plus one tank army, tank-heavy] exist in the Russian ground force structure? As of 5 February as reported by Konrad elements of eleven of these armies on the border with Ukraine, poised. Amassing such a force take a lot of time and money. Vlad could not have been anything other than serious with his intentions. And when positioned and awaiting the go-signal no backing down by Vlad? A lot of face would be lost of which Vlad is not willing to lose any!


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