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“Thanks be to God, in all the aforementioned battles with the enemy and while the fleet was under my command at sea, through God’s will, not a single ship was lost and not a single serviceman was taken prisoner by the enemy.” - - Ushakov.

The Russian Imperial Navy commander Admiral Ushakov having been given a great place of honor in the Main Cathedral of the Russian Military Forces has been already commented on. The man deemed a Saint by the Russian Orthodox church.

Now for the rest of the story:

From the Internet web site "Russia Beyond" and the story by BORIS EGOROV.

"How a great Russian admiral became a saint (PICS)"

"It was not uncommon for the Russian Orthodox Church to canonize military leaders who had fought for their country. But there was [is] only one naval officer among them - Admiral Fyodor Ushakov."


"The Mediterranean operation became Fyodor Ushakov’s last major military campaign. In 1807, he retired and went to his village of Alekseyevka in the Tambov province. He devoted the last ten years of his life to the church, prayers and charity. Ushakov often visited the neighboring Sanaksar monastery and - despite his advanced years (he was already over 60) - stood all the church services on foot, together with the monks. During Lent, the naval commander lived in the monastery in a cell specially provided for him."

"In recognition of his pious life, in 2000, the Russian Orthodox Church included Fyodor Fyodorovich Ushakov on the list of locally revered saints of the Saransk diocese and, in 2004, on the list of all-Russia saints as a righteous warrior. The act of his canonization said: 'The strength of his Christian spirit manifested itself not only in glorious victories in the battles for the Fatherland, but also in great mercy, which amazed even the enemy he defeated... The mercy of Admiral Fyodor Ushakov spread to everyone.'”

See additionally a previous blog entry the topic was Admiral Ushakov. An admiral his ability and naval combat acumen without peer and even beyond that of the legendary and famed Admiral Nelson?


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