Friday, March 25, 2022


This is coolbert:

To war with flood? The ancient and venerable wartime tradition of flooding an area as a defensive measure Ukraine? Making an area impassable to hard and soft-skinned vehicles. Avenues of approach eliminated?

"Satellite photos show flooding around Kyiv, protecting the capital from Russian advances in a possible instance of 'hydraulic warfare'"

Story from Marianne Guenot  Business Insider the tip from March 23, 2022.

"A river basin to the northwest of Kyiv has been flooded."

As was originally [?] reported, the Ukrainian Ambassador to the USA claimed the Russians [?] had flooded the area. See map inset the perspective and relation the flooded area to Kiev proper.

"It's unclear whether this was intentional, but it could be a move to block Russian troops."

"If the troops were unable to cross the river, they wouldn't be able to capture Kyiv from the West, per CNN."

See additionally a Daniel Pipes article the danger of flooding Iraq the destruction of the Mosul dam during a time of recent war a distinct possible. Never did occur but could have.

This flooding not apocalyptic but measured and apparently thought to be effective to the extent done.


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