Wednesday, March 30, 2022


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Interesting to say the least. Slat-armor [cage-armor] and the sun-visor protective "shield" as found on Russian tanks the Ukraine Conflict is not unexpected.

Even as of last year, a Javelin missile test-fired by the Ukrainian against a captured Russian tank with sun-visor AND side slat-armor. Tank even so equipped with such protection still destroyed.

1. "Ukrainian Troops Test Javelin Missile Against Russian Cage-Style Improvised Tank Armor"

From "The Drive" the story BY THOMAS NEWDICK DECEMBER 23, 2021.

"Recent live-fire maneuvers have pitted the American-supplied anti-tank missiles against the kind of cage armor now appearing on some Russian tanks."

Forwarned is forearmed they say. American weapons experts themselves not sure if Javelin effective when faced with slat-armor and sun visor protection? I guess we know the answer now?

2. "These Are All The Types Of Shoulder-Fired Missiles That Are Pouring Into Ukraine"

From "The Drive" and the story BY JOSEPH TREVITHICK MARCH 5, 2022.

"Thousands of man-portable anti-aircraft and anti-armor weapons have already been delivered to Ukraine and thousands more are on the way."

Among those various anti-tank weapons on the way the American M72 light anti-tank weapon [LAW].

Once again, my thought was these M72 LAW's being given to the Ukrainian more of an insult than anything else. Pea-shooter type single-show throw-away weapons only can be used in close-quartes combat against an enemy tank and almost certainly NOT EFFECTIVE against a modern main battle tank. Extreme warehousing OF DECADES and you can expect these weapons a very high percentage to MALFUNCTION. However, I am wrong?

According to this You Tube video the modern M72 has been updated and improved, effectiveness greatly enhanced. Even some can be fitted [or are fitted] with laser sights. These are what is being sent to the Ukrainian?

Back blast of the M72 LAW dangerous. Always check the back blast area prior to firing. Back blast with the modern M72 has been mitigated immensely. Even if the modern LAW not able to defeat an enemy main battle tank still will be effective against soft-skinned and lightly armored vehicles [Russian BMP, BRDM, BTR] of all sorts. 


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