Monday, March 14, 2022


This is coolbert:

Russian intelligence failure Ukraine with some top men being banished. Not a good sign for the Russian.

1. "Putin 'has placed the head of the FSB's foreign intelligence branch under house arrest because he is furious at security services for failing to warn him' that Ukraine could fiercely resist invasion".

"Vladimir Putin has placed the head of the FSB's foreign service and his deputy under house arrest after blaming them for intelligence failings that saw his army handed a series of embarrassing defeats in Ukraine, it has been claimed."

Courtesy the English tabloid "Daily Mail" and thanks to same PUBLISHED: 11:43 EDT, 11 March 2022 | 

Regarding the FSB:    

"Its primary responsibilities are within the country and include counter-intelligence, internal and border security, counter-terrorism, and surveillance as well as investigating some other types of serious crimes and federal law violations."

House arrest only. OH, I am glad. House arrest only. During WW2 the punishment would have been execution. 


2. "Russia may be using Commissar 'execution squads' again - report".

Here thanks to JERUSALEM POST STAFF Published: MARCH 12, 2022.


"A captured Russian soldier spoke about the use of  'execution squads' to eliminate deserters as tensions within the Russian military rise, Interfax-Ukraine reported on Saturday."

"It seems Putin does not believe in his own army and resorts to Stalinist methods of controlling soldiers"

Red Army World War Two deja vu all over again? Stalinist methods? Red Commissars. Blocking Units. Penal battalions. Smersh. Executions. Etc. 

Can it really be all that bad?


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