Monday, March 21, 2022


This is coolbert:

Quite by accident came across an image of a combat vehicle the type of which was unknown to me.

2S23 Nona-SVK.

Soviet/Russian 120 mm self-propelled mortar system.

"The 2S23 Nona-SVK was designed to support Soviet motorized infantry"

"The 2S23 Nona-SVK self-propelled mortar system was developed in the late 80s. It is a variant of the tracked 2S9 Nona-S, which was designed for the Soviet air assault divisions. The 2S23 Nona-SVK was specially developed for the Soviet motorized infantry and uses an 8x8 wheeled chassis"

"The Nona-SVK fitted with a slightly different turret, than the 2S9 Nona-S. This mortar system is armed with a 120 mm 2A60 breech loaded mortar. It is a variant of the 2A51, used on the 2S9 Nona-S. Both vehicles use specially developed rifled rounds, and any 120 mm mortar mines. This mortar system can be used as mortar or howitzer, delivering direct or indirect fire. Maximum range of fire is 8.85 km [9,600 yards] with ordinary projectiles, 12.8 km [13,000 yards] with rocket assisted projectiles and 7.15 km [7,800 yards] with mines. Some sources claim, that a HE-FRAG projectile of the 2S23 is as effective as a standard 152 mm howitzer projectile. Its armor-piercing round penetrates 600-650 mm [24 inches] steel plate at 1,000 m. [1,100 yards] range. The 2S23 Nona-SVK is also compatible with the Kitolov-2 precision guided munitions. These laser-guided rounds have a range of 9 km [9,800 yards] and a hit probability of 80-90%."

Comrades! This is not a WW2 Soviet style mortar. Soviet mortars of that period were smooth-bore cast iron firing a cast iron mortar round. Nona-SVK awesome capability. Does seem able to do it all.


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