Sunday, March 13, 2022


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American military personnel behaving badly! Consequences dire!

Black Knights of the Hudson. Even they do it. Even they. Drug use. Drug overdose.

"Spring Break overdose victims identified as West Point football players"

Sun Sentinel ^ 3/11/2022

"Spring break is frequently associated with extensive gatherings and riotous partying in warm climate locations . . . attended regardless of participants' educational standings."


Ingestion of drugs also a common factor within the modern context!

"WILTON MANORS [FLA] — The six college students who overdosed on fentanyl-laced cocaine Thursday in Wilton Manors have been identified as students at the U.S. Military Academy [USMA] at West Point, the Sun Sentinel has learned."

"The football players were in town for Spring Break, renting a house in Wilton Manors that would become the scene of a desperate attempt to save lives."

"After using the drug, at least two students went immediately into cardiac arrest. Two students who hadn’t taken the drug tried to give their friend mouth-to-mouth and received enough fentanyl that way to suffer overdoses themselves."

Sports an integral part of your educational process, the USMA West Point. Not only the physical fitness aspect stressed, but the value of teamwork too another lesson learned.

Hardly is the officer corps of the U.S. Army immune to temptations of the modern world to include drug use.

Academy students/graduates we tend to think of as the epitome of the All-American boy, a specially-chosen person of outstanding mental and physical ability, the straight-arrow sound character type rock-solid, an example to all youth USA.

Football players in particular are supposed to take super-care of their bodies as essential to winning on the playing field. These young men obviously did not.


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Unknown said...

Disgraceful. They should be thrown out of the Army altogether. Not allowed to stay in as junior enlisted. Payback every penny plus interest!