Sunday, March 13, 2022

Bounty II.

This is coolbert:

The almighty dollar at work? Or "we pay in gold"?

More bounty stuff the Ukraine Conflict.

"Ukraine offers $1 million reward to Russian pilots…"

As seen at the "CITIZEN FREE PRESS".

Russian pilots defecting and bringing their aircraft with them the bounty:

"USD $1 million per aircraft and USD $500,000 per helicopter."

$1,000,000 DOLLAR USA.

Rewards and bounties as offered during wartime hardly unique to the Ukraine Conflict. The American military during the Korean War offering any enemy pilot defecting with a Soviet MiG-15 a reward of $100,000 USD. One North Korean pilot actually delivering the goods, collecting his money as promised. That figure of $100,000 USD [1950] slightly more than $1 million dollars purchasing power now!


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