Sunday, March 31, 2024

CCT Gaza.

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"What mostly needed Gaza for accurate and on-the-mark humanitarian aid [air] drops are a contingent of American air force CCT?" - As from a very most recent blog entry.

USAF Combat Controller Team Gaza. American boots on the ground and standing tall.

"How U.S. humanitarian airdrops work according to an Air Force Combat Controller"



"As the humanitarian crisis grows in Gaza, U.S. forces [and others besides them] have begun airdropping food, medicine, water and other staples on parachute-borne bundles. Though they can look haphazard, airdrops are meticulously planned and can be hazardous for both crews and those on the ground. A mishap last week with one airdrop allegedly killed several civilians on the ground below, though that drop was not made by U.S. planes. An active-duty U.S. Air Force combat controller, or CCT, spoke with Task & Purpose to explain the planning and equipment that the U.S. military puts into humanitarian aid airdrops." 

First-hand interview and account of an American USAF CTT that has participated in air drops of a humanitarian nature. Humanitarian air drop [such as Gaza] those procedures and protocols DIFFERENT than for an aerial resupply parachute mission into a hostile-fire area.

Devoted readers to the blog need to read the entire article. I recommend highly without reservation or qualification.


Saturday, March 30, 2024


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On-call but no longer. Egress from Baltimore harbor now impossible and will be for some time to come.

 Naval vessels moored the harbor now out of action. Bridge falling into the harbor the event having a definite military dimension.

1. "Buttigieg Mess: Transportation Dept. Will Not Say How Many National Defense Ships Stuck in Harbor" | KRISTINA WONG | 28 Mar 2024.

"After an initial strong public response from President Biden vowing the federal government would do whatever it took to fix the situation, his administration is showing early signs it is bungling the response to the collapsed bridge in Baltimore."

"Questions abound — such as exactly how many ships are stuck in the harbor, but the administration has been unable to provide fast or forthcoming answers."

Ships of the National Defense Reserve Fleet and Ready and Reserve Force (RRF). Mostly if not exclusively specialized cargo ships designed with a definite military mission. Enable American naval global reach ready and for use when needed. 

2. "Two Of The Fastest U.S. Sealift Ships Trapped By Baltimore Bridge Collapse" | BY JOSEPH TREVITHICK | MAR 27, 2024. 

"The blocked entrance to the Port of Baltimore has stranded a total of four cargo ships that are on call to support U.S. military operation"

As pertinent to the topic I highly recommend without qualification or reservation the entire War Zone article.


Friday, March 29, 2024


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A cross between the American JDAM and the HIMARS.

Soviet/Russian conventional aerial delivered bomb heavily modified and VERY dangerous.

See the tweet with a full account:

"The Russian version of the HIMARS system, the famous Tornado-S, has some 'improvements' mentioned in the article."

Soviet/Russian multiple-rocket launcher able to fire a FAB-250 general-purpose bomb on target at a range of up to over fifty miles!

Heavily modified weapon system, wings, jet engine propulsion, precision guidance system! Lethality very great. And can be proliferated in prodigious numbers. Ground launched!

"The FAB-250 is a Soviet-designed 250-kilogram (550 lb) general purpose air-dropped bomb with a high-explosive warhead, primarily used by the Russian Air Force, former Soviet republics and customer countries. It is very widespread throughout the Third World and used in many conflicts in Asia and Africa" among others."

Russian warplanes no longer have to approach the target and place themselves in danger! Let the modified FAB-250 do the walking and talking!


Thursday, March 28, 2024


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Post-Traumatic-Stress-Disorder [PTSD] treatment Israel. How so very pertinent given events as have transpired since 7 October.

All entries courtesy

1. "Tel Aviv University develops personalized self-treatment to prevent development of PTSD"

"Innovation led by the Samueli Initiative for Responsible AI in Medicine at TAU"


2. "Making soldiers smile: The reservists who make it their mission to help mental recovery"

"Meet Dush and Jonam, two medical clowns enlisted in the Home Front Rehabilitation Center, where soldiers in need of long-term mental health care are sent."


3. "How yoga is helping Israelis heal from the October 7 massacre"

"Maccabi World Union assists communities affected by the war, survivors of the Supernova festival, and shell-shocked soldiers."

By DANIEL BEN-TAL | 09/03/2024.

4. "Kfar Saba supports reservists: Surfing course and mental health care"

"Kfar Saba has opened a surfing course for mental health care with dialogue sessions with a psychotherapist for recent ex-soldiers."

By WALLA! | 17/03/2024.

Troops as having recently fought in Gaza their mental health problematic! Israeli military and civilian health sectors responding with innovative treatments to include clowns and yoga! Soup-to-nuts approach well meaning.

See with warning this prior blog entry the mental health treatment of Israeli soldiers in the aftermath of military service and combat during the 1973 Yom Kippur/Ramadan War.


Wednesday, March 27, 2024


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Airdrops humanitarian aid Gaza too little, too much chance of error hitting a small area on the ground from height with accuracy.

See from the Internet article "On a Jordanian aid airdrop over Gaza City". Article by Nils Adler | 21 Mar 2024.

Parachute drops of humanitarian aid Gaza often [?] missing the target or even causing death to those on the ground!

See additionally described as a "low-level" method of resupply more accurate in getting the parcels on target. LAPES. No LONGER used. Too dangerous!

"The low-altitude parachute-extraction system (LAPES) / Low-level parachute extraction resupply system (LOLEX) is a tactical military airlift delivery method where a fixed-wing cargo aircraft can deposit supplies in situations in which landing is not an option, in an area that is too small to accurately parachute supplies from a high altitude. This practice is no longer used in the USAF."

What mostly needed Gaza for accurate and on-the-mark humanitarian aid drops are a contingent of American air force CCT?

"The United States Air Force Combat Control Teams, singular Combat Controller (CCT) (AFSC 1Z2X1), are an elite special operations force specifically known as 'special tactics operators' who specialize in all aspects of air-ground communication, as well as air traffic control, fire support . . . and command, control, and communications in covert, forward, or austere environments."

CCT personnel functioning as air-traffic controllers providing instructions from the ground to the aircrews. Accuracy of food parcel drops greatly enhanced. American boots on-the-ground for political reasons probably not possible.


Tuesday, March 26, 2024

Culloden 1746.

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"What sort of day was it? A day like all days, filled with those events that alter and illuminate our times... all things are as they were then, except you were [ are] there."

I recommend highly without qualification or reservation these You Tube video. Done in a "You Are There" type genre' or format. 

"blend[ing] history with modern technology, taking an entire network newsroom on a figurative time warp each week reporting the great events of the past."

"Culloden" even can be described as a cult classic?

"A cult film or cult movie, also commonly referred to as a cult classic, is a film that has acquired a cult following. Cult films are known for their dedicated, passionate fanbase which forms an elaborate subculture, members of which engage in repeated viewings, dialogue-quoting, and audience participation"

See first "Culloden".

"The Battle of Culloden was the final confrontation of the 1745 Jacobite Rising. On 16 April 1746, the Jacobite forces of Charles Edward Stuart fought loyalist troops commanded by William Augustus, Duke of Cumberland near Inverness in the Scottish Highlands. The Hanoverian victory at Culloden decisively halted the Jacobite intent to overthrow the House of Hanover and restore the House of Stuart to the British throne"

Also see a critique and review of "Culloden" Special emphasis placed on the scene of the Highlander charge.

"Often times when a film is plagued with poor levels of authenticity and material accuracy, things like a small budget are blamed for the gaps. This film proves that a small budget is hardly any excuse, because with only a handful of actors and some incredible cinematography it represents one of the most authentic looks at the genuine terror of linear warfare in the Long 18th Century. Culloden is set around its namesake battle, fought in 1746 between the British army and Jacobite rebels in the Highlands of Scotland. In this video we will look at just one scene in the film, and precisely what makes it so extraordinary."

Frontal assaults by the Scots using broadswords and not else quite often succeeding. Not so at Culloden. Basically Bonnie Prince Charlie an incompetent with a staff of incompetents. The brave Scots commoner at Culloden never stood a chance.



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Justice was done? 

"1915: 22 Singapore mutineers"

From ^ | March 25, 2012. The tip from Freeper.

"On this date in 1915, 'the sentences of the court-martial on a batch of 45 mutineers of the 5th Light Infantry were promulgated in public' — as the Straits Times reported — 'and, in the case of 22 who were condemned to death, the sentences were executed on the spot.'”

"A crowd of fifteen thousand watched the spirited Indian sepoys shot dead for revolting the previous month."

"This demoralized 800-strong garrison of Punjabi Muslims — who had, it need hardly be added, a noble history of insurrection to think upon — was already deployed far from home to look after the imperial interests of the London gentry while British lads mustered for bayonet charges in No Man’s Lands."

"The last straw for these sepoys was a rumor that they were to be shipped to the European theater and made to turn their weapons against the Turkish sultan, their Muslim coreligionist."


* Mutineers guilty without question. A collective disobedience to orders. But more than that. Those guilty went on a rampage and murdered innocent civilians.

* This mutiny too suppressed in part by Japanese soldiers. Yet one contribution of the Japanese WW1 effort in concert with other allied nations.

* See yet more the Siege of Al Kut, WW1. An episode of the Great War a mass surrender of British Indian army troops fighting the Ottoman. Mistreatment of captured sepoy at the hands of the Turk extreme. 


Monday, March 25, 2024


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Some items of interest with links as pertinent to some recent blog entries. 

1. "US Claims It Hasn’t Received Formal Request to Leave Niger"

"The ruling government has said the US presence is no longer legal"

From | by Dave DeCamp March 21, 2024. 

"A Pentagon official on Thursday insisted that the military-led government in Niger, known as the National Council for the Safeguard of the Homeland (CNSP), has not formally asked US troops to leave the country despite declaring the US presence is no longer legally justified."

American drone airfield Niger a laborious and expensive project now gone?

2. "Lithuania Pledges to Spend at Least 3% of GDP on Defense"

From | March 21, 2024. Original story Reuters.

"VILNIUS (Reuters) - Lithuania's parliament on Thursday confirmed state budget guidelines which foresee an amount worth at least 3% of gross domestic product to be spent on defense from 2025 onwards."

As goes Poland so does now Lithuania?


Sunday, March 24, 2024


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Foxhound si, Flanker-E no.

"Russian Su-35’s radar ‘eats’ half of the R-37M missile full range"

From | By Boyko Nikolov | Mar 23, 2024.

"The Russian R-37M hypersonic air-to-air missile is regarded as one of the most potent and impressive munitions in Russian combat aviation. According to the technical specifications released by Russia, the missile travels at a speed of Mach 6 and boasts a range of up to 400 km." [about 240 miles]

"Since the onset of the war in Ukraine, analysts have speculated that the missile’s range has not been substantiated. Instead, the ambitious 400 km seems unattainable, though the R-37M met the standard for operational range before entering service in 2019. Some experts attribute this to the difference in the plane that tested the missile and the one wielding it in actual combat."

R-37 very long-range air to air missile not performing to standard as touted? Range during engagements ONLY HALF as advertised!

MiG-31 FOXHOUND that organic radar able to detect an adversary and guide onto target the R-37. Su-35 FLANKER-E the organic radar less powerful. Not able to detect targets at maximum range of the R-37. R-37 fired from a FLANKER-E only HALF the maximum range possible.

R-37 a beyond visual-range air-to-air missile now reliant upon the Russian A-50 AWACS for targeting and guidance to the target? My speculation intuitively so!

See prior blog entry A-50 with additional embedded links as possibly relevant:



This is coolbert:

Stealth compromised? F-22 Raptor now not so stealthy?

Upgrades a hindrance? Not an improvement?

"The F-22 Is Finally Getting Some Much Needed Upgrades" | Military Aviation | STEFANO D'URSO | May 3, 2022.

[original article from two years ago]

"25 years after it entered service in the U.S. Air Force, the F-22 Raptor is scheduled to receive some major upgrades to keep its edge over future adversaries. Some of these upgrades were unveiled last week in the Fiscal Year 23 Budget request documentation and in an official artwork shared by Gen. Mark Kelly, the Commander of Air Combat Command, in a post about the 15th anniversary of the approval of the first F-22 flight demonstration."

"In the artwork we can see three Raptors loaded with new stealthy external fuel tanks, two underwing faceted pods and a new unknown air-to-air missile, but there are even more novelties in the documents, which unveils a previously undisclosed relationship between the F-22 and the development of the Next Generation Air Dominance (NGAD), the 'system of systems' which includes the first Air Force’s 6th gen fighter aircraft. "

F-22 Raptor American air superiority/supremacy fighter plane the stealth feature threatened by the addition of EXTERNAL fuel drop-tanks?

Ordinarily all add-ons and weapons for maximum stealth operation carried in the weapons bay of the F-22.

In this instance however the EXTERNAL fuel drop-tanks also stealthy? They had better be!

See this most recent "Aviationist"post the F-22 now having been observed in flight with drop-tanks in place. It is now all a done deal?



This is coolbert:

Paranormal SAC? American Strategic Air Command the Cold War!

"73 Years Ago Today: SAC Transport with Nuclear Secrets and Mysterious Cargo Crashes in Atlantic. Then it Gets Weird."

From | TOM DEMERLY | March 23, 2024.

"A Desperate Plea for Help. A Terrifying Survival Ordeal. A Bizarre Disappearance, and the Strangest Cold War Mystery You’ve Never Heard Of."

"It started out as a seemingly routine Strategic Air Command transport flight across the Atlantic. Then it became an alarming inflight emergency. And then, a harrowing survival ordeal. But it ended with the disappearance of America’s largest cargo plane and every survivor on board- including a man who held America’s nuclear secrets. All without explanation. What happened in the bizarre loss of USAF C-124A Globemaster II aircraft number 49-0244 on March 23, 1951?"

"We’ll likely never know. And that may be on purpose."

There one moment, gone the next! This was all a new one on me. So many rather senior command personnel onboard rather strange? High-value VIP types with good knowledge of American atomic secrets nothing ever found of them!

Devoted readers to the blog encouraged to read the entire article.


Saturday, March 23, 2024


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PAK front Baltics? Frenzied activity now underway? Ivan beware!!

"Baltic States prepare ‘Maginot Line’ to defend against Russia"

"Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia are investing heavily in fortifications along their borders with Belarus and Russia designed to slow down any future Russian advance into Europe"

From https://www.rmx | GRZEGORZ ADAMCZYK | author: BARTŁOMIEJ KUCHARSKI via: FORSAL.PL | March 08, 2024.

"Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia, small in both size and population, are bolstering their defenses through NATO and EU alliances and mutual cooperation in anticipation of potential aggression from Russia."


"Although the plans of each country differ, they aim to coordinate their efforts. This cooperation may not result in a continuous line of fortifications akin to France’s pre-war Maginot Line but rather three distinct, interconnected lines of various structures. This approach leverages Lithuania and Latvia’s experiences in constructing temporary border security measures with Belarus during the migration crisis of 2021-2022."

The PAK front Baltics. Bulwark against future Russian expansive aggression. Panzer
Abwehr Kanone
but minus the cannon.

Defensive fortifications designed to thwart an enemy blitzkrieg offensive. Not necessarily stopping but slow down, make your adversary deploy, take casualties. 

Fortifications consisting of anti-tank ditches, anti-tank obstacles, minefields of prodigious size [a mix of anti-tank and anti-personnel mines], pre-positioned strong points and firing positions of concrete and steel, communication trenches with overhead cover. Consider too the defeat of  radio-frequency [RF] command controlled enemy [Russian] combat drones by electronic jamming a must.

And if possible layers of such fortifications in depth!

Within context consider some of the timeless verities of combat as listed by Dupuy:

2. Defensive strength is greater than offensive strength.

3. Defensive posture is necessary when offense is impossible.

6. Defenders chance of success are directly proportional to fortifications strength.

8. Successful defense requires depth and reserves.

With regard to # 2, defense stronger in the sense you can accomplish more with less and easier.

See previous blog entries as applicable and relevant:


Friday, March 22, 2024


This is coolbert:

"Where is the front? Wherever there is one White reactionary, wherever there is one foreign interventionist, wherever there is one sentimental bourgeois poet. That is where the front is!" -Red Commissar Barsky.

French President Macron willing to commit French military units the Ukraine Conflict! Done in an overt manner! Soldiers from a NATO nation but deployment not done as part of NATO mission!

"Ukraine Map Shows French Troop Locations in Potential Intervention"

From | By David Brennan | Mar 21, 2024. 

"French President Emmanuel Macron's push to deploy troops to Ukraine could yet prove the first domino of an official NATO military presence in the war-torn country, even while Russia's grinding frontline assaults and nationwide bombing campaign continue."

French contingent NATO aligned but NOT a NATO agreed upon mission!

"The French leader said in late February that 'nothing was excluded' with regard to officially putting NATO boots on the ground in Ukraine, though his American and German allies were quick to explicitly, and repeatedly, exclude that possibility."

"Macron has subsequently maintained his position, even garnering backing from eastern NATO states. This week, the commander of the French ground forces said his troops were 'ready' for any deployment, suggesting that 20,000 soldiers could be prepared within 30 days. Paris, General Pierre Schill said, could even command a combined allied force of 60,000."

Macron mon ami, this is a very bad idea. Do not even contemplate or even attempt your foolish idea. You are playing with fire and from my perspective trying to be a big man on the world stage and will do so with the lives of a lot of Frenchmen.

Notice too those positions as possible for French army units either along the border with Belarus or Transnistria. With regard to the latter, see that most recent blog entry.

"Macron. N’essayez pas d’invoquer l’article cinq de la charte de l’OTAN. Vous serez dénoncé et repoussé pour vos actions stupides et votre impétuosité."


Thursday, March 21, 2024


This is coolbert:

 "Karma - is a concept of action, work, or deed, and its effect or consequences"

“Without hunger and thirst among the Gaza population... we won't be able to bribe" - MK Tally Gotliv.

Not necessarily the best way to make friends and influence people!

"In October, Tally Gotliv, Member of the Israeli Knesset, urged the government to not break the siege on Gaza because it gave them leverage to bribe and recruit collaborators. Speaking in the Knesset she said 'Without hunger and thirst among the Gaza population, we will not be able to recruit collaborators, we will not be able to recruit intelligence, we will not be able to bribe people with food, with drink, with medicine, in order to achieve intelligence.'"

Go see the You Tube video:

Recruit/induce/tempt Gaza residents to cooperate with the Israeli military. Withhold food, water and medicine. Gaza residents willing "to work" with the Israeli get food/water/medicine. Collaboration has benefits.

And there ARE some Gaza residents willing to become turncoats! Aid and abet the Israeli military. Provide intelligence in exchange for food/water/medicine. Where are the tunnels? Who is Hamas? Where are the hostages? Etc.
Understand full well the danger of collaboration!

Within context see an extract from an article as seen at the Internet web site

"Iran Update, March 14, 2024"

"Hamas reportedly killed the head of a local clan in Gaza City on March 13 likely as part of Hamas’ effort to reassert its authority in the northern Gaza Strip. Hamas targeted the head and other members of the armed Dughmush clan amid local accusations that the clan stole humanitarian aid and cooperated with Israel. The clan responded to the killing by vowing to retaliate and declaring Hamas members and positions as 'legitimate target[s].' Hamas denied reports that its forces killed the clan members."

"Hamas has sought to reconstitute militarily and rebuild its governing authority in the northern Gaza Strip since Israeli forces reduced their presence there in December 2023 . . . The killing of the members of the Dughmush clan further demonstrates that Hamas fighters remain present in at least some areas of the northern strip."

YES indeed! Collaboration can be hazardous for your health. And understand this full well from the start!


Wednesday, March 20, 2024


This is coolbert:

Russian armor main-battle tank T-80 modified to become the T-100?

"‘T-100’ Incoming: Russia Confirmed to Be Preparing a New Tank Class For Production" | Military Watch Magazine Editorial Staff | March-19th-2024.

"In September 2023 Russian state media reported that the Omsktransmash tank factory was to restart production of the T-80 main battle tank, with reports indicating that the class’ combat capabilities had made a strong impression on both personnel operating them and on the Defense Ministry more broadly. The T-80 was by far the most costly and most capable tank class in the Soviet Army, and despite being over to three times as expensive as the T-72"

Russian unbeatable and unstoppable tank T-14 Armata the project discontinued. Too expensive. Replacement has been found? A modified [heavily modified perhaps] already in service T-80 now the new item.

T-80 found to be insufficient on the battlefield? The culprit the gas turbine engine. An inadequate finicky model lacking? Perhaps the Russian has an improved replacement.

See the Forbes article by David Axe the proposal to restart the T-80 factory with new models. Difficulties to get a new assembly line up and working in short-order highlighted.

Hey! Did anyone ever say any of this was going to be easy!



This is coolbert:

Final test the American air-launched hypersonic missile!

And planning for a facility to test submarine-launched hypersonic missile!

1. "US Air Force conducts final test of Lockheed’s hypersonic missile"

From| By Stephen Losey |  Mar 19 [2024].

"The U.S. Air Force on Sunday carried out what is expected to be the final test of the hypersonic AGM-183A Air-launched Rapid Response Weapon".

"The service did not say whether the test was successful."

2. "US racing to deploy sub-launched hypersonic missiles" | By GABRIEL HONRADA | MARCH 19, 2024.

"New underwater testing facility a key step but the plan still hobbled by budget cuts, reduced shipbuilding orders and unclear mission objectives"

"The US plans to construct an underwater hypersonic weapons testing facility, paving the way for its submarine-launched hypersonic weapons against potential adversaries China and Russia."

American military planners to their dismay seem to have totally missed the development of hypersonic weaponry? It would seem the USA behind the curve with regard to this NEW and OMINOUS technology?

From this point forward USA in a catch-up mode. Back-burner R & D no longer adequate!

"back burner: noun - the condition of being out of active consideration or development"


Tuesday, March 19, 2024


This is coolbert:

Holland a world power with naval global reach? Holland? Global reach?

To an extent it is so. 

"We All Live in an Orange Submarine"

A paragraph as extracted from the web site of our good friend the Finnish MILBLOGGER Corporal Frisk and thanks to same with my comment.

From | March 19, 2024.

Global reach naval mission the Royal Dutch navy potentially to include the Dutch Caribbean. Mission to be accomplished by submarine!

The Dutch Caribbean the last remnant [?] of what used to be a sea-going world straddling empire. Orange referring to the Dutch Royal family and The Order of Orange.

"One of the key factors influencing the design is the Dutch Caribbean. The Netherlands still includes half a dozen islands in two distinct groups in the Lesser Antilles. These are home to almost 340,000 inhabitants in a part of the world that hold a number of potential flashpoints as well as issues caused by non-state actors. The ability to project power in the defense of these calls for a submarine able to make a cross-Atlantic transit and then operate in a reasonable manner when on station. This is in no way beyond the scope of reality – the Germans and Italians tried this in practice during WWII"

As has been announced the French Shortfin Barracuda to replace the present Walrus class [four boat Dutch naval submarine complement. New boats to be deemed the Orka class.

See also the Axis submarine World War Two naval offensive the Caribbean. German and Italian U-boat acting in concert with some success! 

Walrus gone! Barracuda on the way!

Nederland regeert de reddingen!


Monday, March 18, 2024

MRE Gaza.

This is coolbert:

When you are drowning and someone throws you a lifeline, don't ask if the lifeline is clean or dirty?

Palestinian activist Ahmed Kouta evaluates the meal-ready-to-eat [MRE] as being air-dropped to the residents of Gaza.

Quds News Network


* "Palestinian activist Ahmed Kouta exposes the contents of US airdrops to the starving population of Gaza."

"Food is so scarce that storing and protecting whatever food you have has become dangerous. The lack of proper nutrition is now causing new illnesses to develop among the formerly healthy and is making every pre-existing illness and ailment so much worse. That’s why we are aiming to provide hot and nutritious meals all over Gaza throughout Ramadan this year."

Ahmed appraises the MRE. Rates the ration as exceedingly poor!

See the twitter post of Ahmed Kouta. That topic the edibility of the MRE ration.


* Ahmed is a medical professional [a Canadian national]? Now working in Gaza.

* Ahmed to buy his ration? Free food aid you have to pay for?

From a comment to the post more true than false:

 Posted: Yesterday 11:36:34 PM EDT[#44]

"We're not sending them to help him. We're sending them to prop up Biden's collapsing support from his base."

Ahmed has his own charitable web site the mission of which to procure food for the people of Gaza.

See previous blog entry the topic also the MRE.



This is coolbert:

"Today a fire occurred on the territory of a military base in Tiraspol as a result of an explosion,"

Russian intrigue and chicanery Trannistria?

"Rare Drone Attack On Military Base In Breakaway Pro-Russian Republic Of Transnistria"

From Zero Hedge | BY TYLER DURDEN | MAR 17, 2024. 

"An unprecedented or at least extremely rare attack has just targeted a military base in the pro-Russian breakaway Moldovan republic of Transnistria on Sunday."

"A kamikaze drone hit a military base in Tiraspol, the capital of unrecognized Transnistria, local officials have told RIA Novosti. The attack reportedly resulted in fire and damage to military assets at the airfield, but there were no casualties."

This is not the Cobasna Soviet/Russian arms depot under attack. Cobasna the largest arms depot in Europe. Enough armaments to equip a Soviet style combined arms army!

"Russian state media said a helicopter stationed at the airfield was destroyed in the UAV attack. Presumably the helicopter belonged to either Transnistria separatists or to the Russian military."

"'It was preliminarily established that the explosion was caused by a kamikaze drone attack,' they added, and alleged the drone launched from the Odesa region. They are blaming Ukraine forces for the rare cross-border attack."

"The incident was not immediately confirmed either by the Russian or Ukraine governments. 'Grainy footage distributed by separatist authorities showed a projectile slamming into a military helicopter standing at an airbase surrounded by fields,'" 

See previous blog entry [with additional embedded links] Cobasna and Transnistria:


Sunday, March 17, 2024


This is coolbert:

"The investigation drew extensive media attention for spotlighting a history of loose prescribing practices and poor controls of powerful drugs including opioids in the White House Medical Unit, a military outfit that attends to the president, vice president, and others in the White House compound."

Call me Ishmael!

Jump the line!

"jump the line: English - Verb - (US) To skip to the head of a queue without waiting for one's turn."

"Washington elite received free healthcare from the military by using aliases"

FEATURED | WIB | POLITICS | March 15, 2024 | Staff Writer.

"Top U.S. officials in the Washington area have received preferential treatment from a little-known health care program run by the military, potentially jeopardizing care for other patients including active-duty service members, according to Pentagon investigators."

"White House officials, senior military and other national security leaders, retired military officers, and family members have all benefited. The Washington elite could jump the line when filling prescriptions, book appointments through special call centers, and receive choice parking spots and escorts at military hospitals and other facilities, including Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland, according to the Pentagon’s inspector general."

"Through a unit at the White House, government personnel were routinely allowed to receive treatment under aliases, providing no home address or insurance information. For some of them, the care was free, as Walter Reed had no way to bill for it or waived charges."

From my perspective line-jumping here not the most egregious offense.

Consider drugs to include OPIOIDS obtained by persons in high-ranking governmental positions [to include military officials] gotten by persons using an ALIAS to be a more severe violation?

Think also the recent hospitalization of the American SECEF Austin. Done under circumstances warranting a degree of suspicion.



This is coolbert:

If nothing else a grave violation of diplomatic protocol!

An effort at meaconing? False navigation signals.

 Deliberate and malicious. Downright dangerous!

"Russia ‘jams signals’ on RAF plane carrying Grant Shapps"

"The electronic attack happened when the defense secretary, who has accused Putin of ‘saber-rattling’, was flying back from Poland, where he had watched a Nato exercise"

From the Telegraph | Larisa Brown | March 14 2024. 

"Russia is believed to have jammed the satellite signal on an RAF aircraft carrying Grant Shapps back from Poland, in a 'wildly irresponsible' act of electronic warfare."

"The GPS signal was interfered with for about 30 minutes while the jet flew close to the Russian territory of Kaliningrad on the Baltic Sea. Mobile phones could no longer connect to the Internet and the aircraft was forced to use alternative methods to determine its location."

"Meaconing: Meaconing is the interception and rebroadcast of navigation signals. These signals are rebroadcast on the received frequency, typically with power higher than the original signal, to confuse . . . navigation. Consequently, aircraft or ground stations are given inaccurate bearings."

I am not absolutely sure about this but at the exact moment Grant Shapps would have been traveling with diplomatic status. Even an indirect effort to obstruct the movement of Shapps would constitute a contravention of diplomat protocol.



Saturday, March 16, 2024


This is coolbert:

“'These are the stories of 40 students, who never had a chance to complete their studies and their diplomas will never be issued to them, because of the Russian invasion of Ukraine' . . . 'This exhibition is to commemorate those students, to raise awareness about the ongoing war, and to show the brutality and destruction the war brings.'” 

WARNING: If you are easily offended by material that can be of an intense and emotional nature hit ESCAPE now.

'Unissued diplomas': an exhibition in Tromsø highlights Ukrainian students who died in the war."

"Photos of 40 students who died during the war in Ukraine are displayed on the walls at the campus of The Arctic University of Norway (UiT) in Tromsø."

From | March 12, 2024.

"When I walk along the campus building, I stumble upon a line of photos with the young, smiling faces of those who just started on their life’s path. Reading their stories and about how they died, the general word 'war' rapidly transforms into countless personal tragedies."

Students the Norwegian Arctic University having been mobilized for the war effort the Ukraine Conflict having perished, their education and lives cut short!

See from the web site the slide show with captions. Very sad indeed!



 This is coolbert:

Big shake-up the Russian navy? The new man takes command. How often have we heard this in the context of the Ukraine Conflict.

"shake-up noun: an act or instance of shaking up - specifically : an extensive and often drastic reorganization"

"Izvestia: Admiral Moiseev takes over as Commander-in-Chief of the Russian Navy"

"Russia's new Navy commander has decades of experience from the north, including onboard ballistic missile submarines sailing the Barents Sea."

From | By Thomas Nilsen | March 10, 2024.

"Rumors started in social media on Sunday that the top brass in the Russian Navy, Admiral Nikolai Evmenov had been dismissed."

"A few hours later, Kremlin mouthpiece Izvestia reported about Evmenov’s ‘resignation’ and Admiral Aleksandr Moiseev taking over the position."

"No official explanation is given. However, it is well-known that the Russian navy has lost many of its key warships in the Black Sea after drone attacks by Ukraine."

That perception [unwarranted or otherwise] that the performance of the Russian high military command during the Ukrainian Conflict has been at best ham-handed with a relatively speaking ineptness puzzling and surprising to many.

"ham-handed: adjective - Lacking dexterity or skill; clumsy."


Friday, March 15, 2024

NK & Ru.

This is coolbert:

Tongue-in-cheek good natured humor directed at the military forces of North Korea [DPRK and Russia.

"Tongue-in-cheek: Tongue-in-cheek is an idiom that describes a humorous or sarcastic statement expressed in a serious manner."

Thanks to You Tube Shorts in both cases.

First the North Korean [DPRK]:

And for Ivan the Russian:

Comrade Kim in the DPRK. I know you do not accept that there is a North Korea or a South Korea. There is only a Korea. Any  미국 사람 American violating such a fastidious convention do so at your own peril. MILBLOGGERS in particular.


Trans Law..

This is coolbert:

I say I am, therefore I am?

"Spanish soldiers changing gender to female for added benefits, higher pay: ‘On the inside, I am a lesbian’"

From |By Social Links for | Nicholas McEntyre | March 6, 2024. Thanks to the tip from T. E. Lawrence.

"Spanish soldiers are changing their gender from male to female to earn certain benefits only available to females, including higher pay and better sleeping quarters, due to a self-identification law aimed at helping transgender people."

"Forty-one men in Spain’s north-Africa autonomous city Ceuta have made the drastic decision to change their gender on official documents from male to female since the so-called 'Ley-de-Trans' or 'Trans Law' was implemented in March 2023."

"Of the men in Ceuta who’ve changed their identity, only four have also legally changed their name."

"A majority of the now-female soldiers have kept every other aspect of life, including male genitalia, sexuality, and even facial hair.

* First, how exactly are women soldiers entitled to better pay and sleeping quarters?

* Additionally, the man to woman transition usually involves entirely removing the pudenda [testicles + penis] and receiving female hormonal shots for a minimum of two years!

Digo existo luego existo! 


Wednesday, March 13, 2024

Caio Duilio.

This is coolbert:

"Congratulations to the crew of the destroyer #CaioDuilio who shot down two drones in the Red Sea as part of the EU Aspides mission. @ItalianNavy guarantees free navigation and protects our merchant ships. Proud of our sailors!"

Once more the Italian navy combat action the Red Sea.

"Italian Navy Destroyer Caio Duilio Shoots Down Two More Drones In Red Sea"

From | DAVID CENCIOTTI | March 12, 2024.  

"The Anti-Air Warfare Destroyer [ Caio Duilio\ of the Marina Militare engaged and shot down two more aerial drones in the Red Sea."

Caio Duilio and not Nave Duilio!

"According to EUNAVFOR, on Mar. 12, 2024 at between 02.00AM and 05.45AM Djibouti time, the Italian destroyed repelled the attack from UAVs coming from Houthis-controlled territories in Yemen and posing a direct and imminent threat to the freedom of navigation."


"Although it’s not been confirmed yet, it is quite likely that 76mm cannons were again used to shoot down the drones: these Super-Rapid guns are extremely effective and much cheaper than low and medum-range Aster missiles, therefore the weapon of choice against relatively low-cost targets."

Indeed. Those 76 mm naval guns perhaps the best weapon to engage and destroy those one-way quadracopter kamikaze drone.

Italian navy standing tall the Red Sea mission. 


Tuesday, March 12, 2024


 This is coolbert:

Mene, mene, tekel, parsin.

Way too little and way too late?

"Poland Calls on NATO Allies to Raise Defense Spending to Three Per Cent of GDP"

From Breitbart ^ | 03/11/2024 | BREITBART LONDON | the tip from Freeper.

"WARSAW, Poland (AP) – Poland’s president on Monday called on other members of the NATO alliance to raise their spending on defense to 3% of their gross domestic product as Russia puts its economy on a war footing and pushes forward with its invasion of Ukraine"

Even that pledged amount of 2 % of GDP as all NATO members to be dedicated to defense spending too little now? 3 % the MINIMUM demanded by the Poles. That 2 % figure agreed upon [2014] not even met by many of the NATO member states.

Frenzied worry the commanders of the various NATO military contingents greatly worried by the prospect of the Russian bear knocking on the door - NATO.

As it was with Belshazzar the King of Babylon so it is with NATO today?

Myself I am highly skeptical the NATO nations will heed the Polish admonition! Maybe lip service but nothing more.

See recent blog entry [with many additional links] as germane: 



This is coolbert:

Russian A-50 AWACS warplane [MAINSTAY] back in the news again and not in a good way.

Another A-50 bites the dust? The anger of Vlad will be kindled exceedingly hot!

"Russian Advanced A-50 Spy Plane Hit in Strike on Aircraft Factory: Kyiv"

From Newsweek ^ | 10 March 2024 | Ellie Cook | the tip from Freeper.

"Ukrainian forces 'destroyed or heavily damaged' one of Russia's prized but scarce A-50 spy planes, according to a Ukrainian official, after Kyiv targeted an aviation plant in southern Russia. Russia's Defense Ministry said on Saturday that its air defenses had intercepted 47 Ukrainian drones over Russian territory overnight, including 41 over the southwestern Rostov region."

Massive Ukrainian drone attack the Russian Federation territory, an aircraft factory under siege by many incoming combat kamikaze drones.

A-50 again a casualty of war. Plane when gone, few in the inventory and now even less. Not cheap, rather expensive. Definitely a negative of some consequences from the Russian perspective! At least I might think so.

See all recent blog entries the A-50 within context the Ukraine Conflict:



This is coolbert:

 “We will continue to prevent navigation to the ports of occupied Palestine until the end of the aggression and the siege of Gaza,”- Yahya Saree.

"Houthis Vow to Ramp Up Attacks Over Ramadan as Red Sea Blockade Triples Costs of EU Emissions Scheme"

From Sputnik News ^ | 3/12/24 | Ilya Tsyukanov | the tip from Freeper.

"The Yemeni militia’s three-and-a-half month long campaign of ship seizures, missile and drone strikes has added billions of dollars to global commercial shipping costs, with the fighters vowing to continue their partial blockade of the Red Sea until Israel halts the war in Gaza. The Houthis will continue their operations against Israel-affiliated commercial vessels and Western warships in the Red Sea throughout the holy month of Ramadan, militia spokesman  [Saree] has announced."

Various Islamic interpretations exist the waging of war during the Holy Month of Ramadan? The consensus [?] is that war can be fought but NO NEW WARS initiated?


Monday, March 11, 2024


This is coolbert:

“'These worms live everywhere, and they live quickly, so they go through dozens of generations of evolution while a typical vertebrate is still putting on its shoes,'” - Rockman.

Super-worms as resistant to nuclear radiation.

The super-soldier via nematode?

"Scientists discover Chernobyl ‘super worms’"

"Nematodes found in the highly radioactive zone showed no signs of DNA damage" | 8 Mar, 2024.

"A team of American researchers has found that the DNA of a common worm species appears to be immune to damage from chronic radiation in the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone. The area has been off-limits to humans since the 1986 nuclear power plant meltdown."

See previous blog entry the Chinese experimentation the water bear microscopic life form also highly resistant to nuclear radiation. 

With the nematodes scientists can observe in real-time the Darwinian Selection process at work? Nematodes having evolved into a species that can live and thrive in a highly contaminated nuclear environment.

Genetic splicing of worm and water bear DNA into humans can result in a super-soldier not susceptible to high-levels of atomic radiation as would be the result of a nuclear war?

Stuff of scientific-fiction perhaps with the advent of modern technology a possible?



This is coolbert

SSN-764 American nuclear submarine the trials and travails.

From the Internet web site Strategy Page.

Submarine not deemed dive worthy since 2015 [?] and awaiting repairs a long and arduous process.

"SUBMARINES: Stumbling Through Submarine Repairs"

"March 9, 2024: The U.S. Navy has finally started repair work on an SSN (nuclear attack submarine) that returned damaged from its last time at sea nine years ago. The Newport News Shipbuilding firm is to carry out a $1.24 billion overhaul of [the] Los Angeles-class submarine USS Boise at a shipyard in Virginia. The work will be completed by 2029."

DAMAGE as sustained nine years ago not made CLEAR. Boat has been in dock since 2017 anticipating repair/refurbishment/retrofit.

Devoted readers to the blog will want to read the entire article.

"The work includes maintenance and restoration of hull structure, tanks, propulsion systems, electric plant, auxiliary systems, armament, and furnishings in addition to many useful alterations."

FOURTEEN years the entire procedure will take until the submarine will be seaworthy and mission ready again? Seems to be way too much time and way too much money spent on a vessel the class of which is slowly being retired?


Sunday, March 10, 2024


This is coolbert:

Some extracts the proposed floating pier Gaza. 

JLOTS = Joint Logistics Over-the-Shore.

1. "Gaza Pier Will Take Around 60 Days and 1,000 Troops to Complete"

From |  Mary Chastain |  March 8, 2024.

"The Pentagon released more details about the Gaza pier President Joe Biden wants to build to send in humanitarian aid"

A smattering of key-points and takeaway:

– "Over 1,000 U.S. military personnel"

– "Weeks to plan & execute (~60 days)"

– U.S. Army 7th Transportation Brigade (Expeditionary) from VA tasked

– “'Maintains the ability to provide unique capabilities from offshore without a U.S. military presence within Gaza'”

– "U.S. Navy will not play a role because it doesn’t require 'combat capability'”

– "Provide up to 2 million meals/day"

2. "How the US military plans to build a floating dock for urgently needed aid to Gaza" | By AGENCIES and TOI STAFF | 9 March 2024.

"Some 1,000 US troops involved in operation, with massive pieces of steel locking together like a huge LEGO system to form pier and causeway up to 550 meters long [about six-hundred yards] and two lanes wide"




This is coolbert:

"Construction battalions will build out a large floating dock . . . Most likely in the port of Ashdod Israel. Only if Israel supports the security guarantees will that dock be floated down to Gaza under protection of the Israeli Navy. Working closely with the Engineers it will be attached to land at Port of Gaza or the beach south of Zikim. If you think this is not a US – Israel military project you are going to be very disappointed. But I will tell you one thing that absolutely will happen here. Hamas will attack that bridge at every chance and most likely try to destroy it and kill American sailors, who are putting it in place." - Malcolm Nance

Bridge over troubled waters the Gazan Conflict. Danger yes. 

One if by air [airdrop of humanitarian aid Gaza] and two if by sea [the floating pier].

"Biden’s Pier In Gaza Portends Disaster"

 From  | Courtesy the image by Mohamed Salam -Reuters.

"President Biden, during his State of the Union address, announced an effort to create an aid corridor to Gaza that will include a U.S.–constructed pier for shipments of food and other supplies to reach Palestinians. This 'temporary' construction would be a significant expansion of the Biden administration’s aid measures and no longer done at arm’s length, whatever promises of “no American boots on the ground” the President might make. As with all else, there are only tradeoffs. In this case, it’s almost all bad. The president’s design will create a locus of aid transfer that endangers American servicemen while failing to ensure the aid cannot be appropriated by Hamas."

Devoted readers to the blog will want to read the entire article!


* Going to take 1,000 personnel [U.S. Army Transport] to build the floating pier.

* Going to take two months to build the floating pier.

* When up and going the entire enterprise will be able to provide two-million rations daily? That amounts to one ration per person per day Gaza.

And YES, I fear a number of bad actors will want to frustrate the entire process. U.S. military troops Gaza might take casualties, no matter what the President and SECDEF say.

Given the conditions as exist in Gaza now, hard to see how an equitable distribution of needed food and other supplies going to be accomplished.



This is coolbert:

Testing EMALS the video.

"Newport News Shipbuilding recently began topside testing of the electromagnetic aircraft launch system (EMALS) on aircraft carrier John F. Kennedy (CVN 79)."

See the You Tube video:

"Following successful 'no-load' testing on catapults one and two, known as the ‘bow cats,’ the NNS team, alongside the John F. Kennedy crew, has now started 'dead-load' testing. In this phase, large, wheeled, car-like structures of graduated weights up to 80,000 pounds to simulate the weight of actual aircraft are launched off the carrier’s bow into the James River. They are then retrieved and relaunched until the conclusion of the test program to ensure the catapults are ready for their primary intended purpose: to launch all carrier-based fixed wing aircraft flown by the U.S. Navy."

EMALS not strictly confined to launching aircraft? Also for recovery too? I am not sure. More clearly it can be surmised that EMALS rather than not working at all just not meeting standards as set by specification.

See previous blog entries all mention of EMALS [with many additional links] problems as encountered:


Saturday, March 9, 2024

An tAerchór.

This is coolbert:

The Irish air force An tAerchór to the rescue.

Air drop humanitarian supplies to the population of Gaza.

"Irish military aircraft set to help get aid into Gaza"

"Republic of Ireland marshalling significant quantities of emergency humanitarian supplies for relief missions to war-torn area"

From | Conor Gallagher | Mar 8 2024.

"Irish military aircraft are to be dispatched to the Middle East to help get vital humanitarian aid into Gaza, under plans being considered by the Government."

"Under the proposals, Ireland will work with Jordan to air drop emergency humanitarian supplies into the region which is at risk of widespread famine due to the ongoing Israeli assault."

"The move follows similar operations carried out by the United States and Jordan last weekend."

"Under the plans being considered by Government, the Department of Foreign Affairs will work with military officials to transport aid into Jordan which will then be parachuted into Gaza."

Let me 100 % abundantly clear here! Irish AF will not directly drop aid pallets into Gaza. CASA C-295 maritime patrol aircraft will TRANSPORT the aid to Jordan. The actual dropping of the humanitarian aid to be air dropped by the Jordanian air force.



This is coolbert:

UAV Russian impervious to jamming.

Fiber optic link!

"Russians have started using drones with fiber optic cables"

From Army Recognition ^ | 3/8/24 | the tip from Freeper.

According to a Telegram channel (@serhii_flash), the Russian military has begun deploying FPV (First Person View) drones equipped with coils of fiber optic cables, marking a significant advancement in drone communication technologies. The Ukrainian military has encountered one of these unusual drones, which had a 10-kilometer [about six miles] length of fiber optic cable unspooled during flight. 

Drone relying on on a fiber optic wire connecting the operator to the drone. Radio-frequency [RF] command link eschewed! Too susceptible to RF jamming that solution fiber optics.


Friday, March 8, 2024


This is coolbert:

One by air and two by sea! Humanitarian did Gaza as delivered by the military USA and allied contingents a difficult process, fraught with danger even to those most needy on the ground.


1. "5 children killed in humanitarian aid airdrop, Hamas-run Gaza Ministry of Health says"

"The country involved in Friday's airdrop was not identified."

From | By Nasser Atta, Meredith Deliso, and Samy Zayara | March 8, 2024.

"UN calls US airdrops into Gaza dangerous and inefficient"

"Sources say that the airdrops will only be effective if a cease-fire is reached."


Weight of those pallets dropped about 1,000 pounds [about 450 Kg.] A ponderous weight falling with some rapidity even when at the end of a parachute. Dangerous to those on the ground as has occurred to these five children.

And further an effort to alleviate the situation on the ground Gaza:

2. "Biden announces 'emergency' US military mission to build pier off Gaza coast to deliver aid"

"It will receive 'large ships carrying food, water, medicine,' an official said."

Floating pier Gaza to accommodate large cargo vessels allowing for larger quantities of ration packages and foodstuffs to be unloaded in the most expeditious manner. Far more efficient that air drops without question.

Problem here the chaotic situation on the ground. Helter-skelter mob scene of hungry folks grabbing everything they can lay their hands on. Not a fair and equitable distribution of the relief supplies in an organized manner.



Thursday, March 7, 2024

Dollars $.

This is coolbert:

Yet more, war is bad for the economy. How to pay for the war? The Gazan War! Israel needs cash!

"Israel Goes on First Billions-Worth Bond Sale Spree Since Hamas War"

"Numerous woes have been plaguing Israel’s economy in the wake of Hamas’ attack last October that triggered a new spiral of the Palestine-Israel conflict. The GDP shrank by over 19 percent in annualized terms in the final quarter of 2023, and Moody's Investors Service lowered Israel's credit rating from A1 to A2 in February."

"Israel has sold its first batch of international dollar bonds in the public market since it unleashed its war on Hamas."

"In a bid to shore up badly needed funds, Israel issued $8 billion worth of bonds. The transaction featured $2 billion in notes maturing in five years, $3 billion in bonds due in 10 years, and $3 billion in notes due in 30 years, according to sources cited by Bloomberg. The size of the bond issuance makes it Israel’s biggest sale of dollar notes on record."

See a discussion of the international dollar bond $. A concept that until just now was totally alien to me.

Vital currency and reserves removed from the financial markets bad for the capitalist system. A tightened money supply bad for business!

See previous blog entry with additional embedded link financial aspects the Gazan War the Israeli experience:



This is coolbert:

"‘Go to Israel, earn more, and die once’"

War is generally bad for the economy. With the Gazan War a very significant portion of the able-bodied manpower that makes the country go in peaceful times mobilized for the war effort.

Precious manpower not producing wealth but rather only consuming!

"‘Go to Israel, earn more, and die once’: Indian laborers willing to risk war and death to escape debt back home"

From | 7 Mar, 2024.

"Despite news of the first Indian being killed in a missile strike, desperate construction workers are applying for jobs via Israeli recruitment agencies as opportunities at home are scarce"

"Aman Kumar, 27, stands at the gate of a state-run industrial training institute, wearing an orange-colored paper wristband, waiting to hear the results of the test he completed to be recruited into Israel’s construction industry."

"Israel, which has been at war with Hamas since October 7, is set to revoke the work permits of 90,000 Palestinians and replace them with Indian labor. In May 2023, India and Israel signed a memorandum of understanding which covered civil engineering."

Construction workers badly needed Israeli society. Permits allowing Palestinians work in the Israeli construction trades gone and revoked more or less in perpetuity. Skilled workers now in demand.

Replacements needed NOW and have been found!

The Chinese involvement in World War One very scant. Primarily hundreds of thousands of menial laborers under contract with the Western allied powers.

As with the Chinese in 1918 so with now the Indian 2024!


Wednesday, March 6, 2024

Nave Duilio

This is coolbert:

Italian warship the Red Sea Nave Duilio engages the enemy.

Rapid fire 76 mm gun organic successful!

"Italian Anti-Air Warfare Destroyer Shoots Down Houthi Drone In Red Sea"

From | DAVID CENCIOTTI | March 2, 2024.

Nave Duilio, a destroyer of the Marina Militare, shot down a drone for self-defense.

"On Mar. 2, 2024, Nave Duilio, an Anti-Air Warfare destroyer of the Italian Navy . . . shot down a drone in the Red Sea. According to the Italian Ministry of Defense, the drone, similar to those already used in previous attacks by the Houthi rebels, was about 6 kilometers [about 3 1/2 miles] from the Italian warship, flying towards it."

"It was shot down using one of the ship’s three OTO 76mm cannons."

"Nave Duilio has been operating in the Red Sea to guarantee the freedom of navigation and the security of trade routes, to safeguard international law and national interests."

Nave Duilio part of the European naval contingent, defense of commercial shipping, the Red Sea. A military operation independent of the American sponsored and commanded Prosperity Guardian.

Incoming enemy drone directed at the Italian naval vessel brought down by naval gun fire. That OTO Melara 76 mm gun rapid fire indeed the preferred means of combating threats the Red Sea.

Far CHEAPER than using missiles too expensive and available only in LIMITED numbers.

Air-burst and DART guided rounds both effective in the anti-air role of Nave Duilio.

Drone attack again thwarted at a range of 6 kilometers [about 3 1/2 miles]. The American tactic Red Sea mission to encounter and give battle to airborne threat at long-range with missiles, far beyond the range of naval gunfire.

Bravi Italiani. Buon lavoro.


Tuesday, March 5, 2024


This is coolbert:

"The Su-34 tactical bomber fleet [NATO code name Fullback] may be equipped with UKR-RT electronic intelligence (ELINT) pods in the future, according to the Izvestia daily. The Su-34s will get ELINT pods enabling them to both acquire and attack enemy headquarters, communications and data transmission systems and unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) control centers in real time. The UKR-RT system is carried in a special pod under the fuselage."

See item # 2 from a previous blog entry as applicable. Russian Su-34 FULLBACK military aviation easy target for Ukrainian air defense?

"Downing a Su-34 is easy, Patriot’s struggle is against the Su-35"

From | By Boyko Nikolov On Mar 3, 2024.

"Reports have emerged from the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense saying that on March 2, their aerial defense systems were operational, targeting two Russian aircraft. These activities involved the use of anti-aircraft missiles. The Ukrainians assert that they successfully neutralized one of the two aircraft, a Su-34, to be precise. However, they were unsuccessful in intercepting the other one, a Su-35, as their Patriot system failed to engage it."

Ukrainian claims of about a dozen Russian F-35 FULLBACK warplanes shot down in as many days apparently valid!

My instantaneous and intuitive response was that FULLBACK being placed in inordinate danger and much more susceptible to intercept by American Patriot air defense missiles. Those organic ELINT pods allowing for the FULLBACK crew a real-time location for suppression enemy air defense [SEAD] mission placing the plane in markedly increased danger.

SEAD as accomplished by Russian anti-radiation missiles of the Kh-58 and Kh-31 variety but not always going according to plan.

Rather the reaction time and maneuverability of the Su-34 comparatively too slow to engage in successful evasive action when targeted by an incoming Ukrainian fired American Patriot missile! Russian fighter plane Su-35 FLANKER-E much more responsive and agile. Harder to shoot down!

Hey, you did say you wanted to fly airplanes, didn't you!