Wednesday, December 23, 2020

USS Ford.

This is coolbert:

USS Ford American super-carrier deficient. And in a big way? Cannot combat deploy as envisioned. Disaster!!

As seen at the Internet web site Anti-Empire and thanks to same.

"America’s New Ford Carrier Class Is Flawed Junk That Will Be Impossible to Rely On"

"The design [EMALS and AAG] is fundamentally and irrevocably flawed from a maintenance perspective.  The entire carrier must be powered down to work on any single component"

As has been noted by a variety of experts the launch and recovery apparatus aboard the USS Ford state-of-the-art but seemingly unreliable way beyond expectations.

As to the EMALS [Electromagnetic Aircraft Launch System] launch system:

"The launch system is over 50 times less reliable than the target failure rate."

And as to the AAG [Advanced Arresting Gear] recovery system:

"The landing system . . . is over 200 times less reliable than planned." 

Dig this crazy stuff too. USS Ford the AAG system considered to be so unreliable that the ship unable to sail far from land when conducting take-off and landing exercise of combat warplanes:

“Meaning that the ship has to stay within reach of land divert bases so as not to lose aircraft when EMALS and AAG failures occur”

Consider also the case of the troublesome elvators. Bring weaponry from inside the ship to the flight deck:

"With the seventh of 11 weapons elevators slated for certification before the end of this calendar year, … the remaining four will be completed by the end of April 2021."

OH glory! Anything else.


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