Saturday, December 26, 2020

Sir Victor.

This is coolbert:

"It's one thing for an anonymous caller to join a late night radio show, and claim that he is a time traveler. It is another thing altogether, for a respected military flyer, to speak of his flight into the future and his subsequent return."

Paranormal with authenticity? When Sir Victor speaks we should all listen?

Sir Victor Goddard. KCB, CBE, DL 

Thanks to You Tube for this video which I recommend highly without qualification or reservation.

From authority I have been assured that it has been deemed possible at least in the theoretical sense to see into the future but not back into the future. Just don't ask me how. Ground crews ignoring Goddard as he made low level passes over the believed abandoned airfield. That an experienced military observer and a man of impeccable credentials reports such a phenomenon makes things even more interesting.

As the narrator to the video says, you must decide this all for yourself if you can. 


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