Thursday, December 24, 2020


This is coolbert:

Keenie-Meenie? English? Keenie Meenie?

From the Iranian Internet media outlet PressTV and thanks to same.

"British ‘mercenaries’ accused of war crimes in Sri Lankan Civil War"

British 'mercenaries' who fought in the Sri Lankan Civil War are currently under investigation for suspected was crimes by the Metropolitan Police.

Formerly CONFIDENTIAL document now declassified. Keenie-Meenie active in the Sri Lankan civil war and of concern to the British Foreign office. Click on image to see and enlarged view.

. . . . 

"The KMS [Keenie-Meenie] has been accused of training an elite unit of the Sri Lankan police called the Special Task Force (STF), which has been implicated in many human rights abuses against the Tamil minority in the north and east of the island nation."

Sandline I had heard of. Executive Outcomes I had heard of. Blackwater I have heard of. But not Keenie-Meenie. Private Military Contractors [PMC]

I might think too the British mercenary private military contractors [PMC] not actively involved in counter-terrorist or counter-insurgency action per se. Rather trained Sri Lanka STF who perpetrated the alleged atrocities.

The wheels of  justice grind slow but they grind  exceedingly fine?


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