Sunday, December 6, 2020


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Flying high Tu-160M2. Higher, faster, further.

From the Internet web site The Aviationist courtesy DAVID CENCIOTTI with further contributions from Deagel and Strategy Page.

1. "Russia’s Upgraded Tu-160M2 Makes First Flight With New NK-32-02 Engines"

"The newly upgraded Tu-160 “White Swan” made its first flight with the new version of the NK-32, the largest and most powerful engine ever fitted on a military aircraft."

"The new Tu-160M2 version, includes a glass cockpit, weapons upgrades, new engines and the removal of obsolete equipment no longer relevant to the Tu-160’s mission"

2. NK-32.02. As reported by Deagel and thanks to same. 

"The state-of-the-art NK-32.02 engine is being developed to power the Tu-160M2 bomber beginning in 2023. The new engine will provide at least more than a thousand kilometers range increase than its predecessor. The main blocks and components of the NK-32 have been replaced making it more efficient providing better endurance characteristics."

3. "Warplanes: Russian Bomber Engine Blues"

From Strategy Page an analysis of the entire Tu-160M2 program and less than sanguine. Goal to have a fleet of seventeen White Swan not possible given monetary and talent constraints? 

Dollars. Always the dollars.


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