Thursday, December 31, 2020


This is coolbert:

One more Iranian "arsenal ship" on the way.

Commercial merchant vessel converted into a warship.

Capable of deep-water [pelagic] military operations. Multi-role.

Entry courtesy  the Internet web site of H.I. Sutton "Covert Shores".

"Iranian Navy's largest Ship, I.R.I.N.S Makran, Observed On Sea Trials"

"The Iranian Navy is joining the IRGC in converting large merchant ships to function as Forward Base Ships. The Iranian Navy's version, the I.R.I.N.S. Makran (441), is by far the largest. As previously reported it was floated in November. From at least December 9-14 it was on sea trials in the general vicinity of the Straits of Hormuz."

Can deploy and use missiles, helicopters, UAV, fast-attack boats, mines [?] and naval special operations troops [?].

See again courtesy the "Covert Shores" web site further discussion the I.R.I N S Makran.

Also refer to my previous blog entry the IRGC forward -base-ship as termed by H.I. Sutton.

Iran wants a deep water naval capability and now has it?


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