Saturday, December 12, 2020



This is coolbert:

Highbrow military style?

"highbrow - - noun : a person who possesses or has pretensions to superior learning or culture"

Links as shown for You Tube video: Drama/plays/opera/martial theme.

Courtesy the article as seen in "The Reader's companion to MILITARY HISTORY" edited by Robert Cowley and Geoffrey Parker.

"Representation of War in Drama" by David Culbert.

* "Agamemnon"

* "Peace and Lysistrata"

* "The Second Shepherd's Play"

* "Tamburlaine" Part 1.

* "Tamburlaine" Part 2.

* "Richard III"

* "Arms and the Man"

* "Wozzeck"

* "Mathis der Maler"

* "Shachiapang"

Consider these drama/plays/opera only a smidgen of the whole. Much more exists.



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