Tuesday, December 8, 2020


This is coolbert:

USA has one. The British want one. Everyone wants one. The Loyal Wingman.

From Business Insider and the article by Alex Hollings.

"Russia is testing its own 'loyal wingman' drone for its Su-57 stealth fighter"

"Russian state-owned media says the S-70 Okhotnik uncrewed combat aerial vehicle recently completed its first "fighter-interceptor" exercise, in which it carried simulated air-to-air missiles."

"There's reason to be skeptical of Russian state media, but this effort sounds a great deal like a number of programs that the US and its allies already have in progress."

My comments:

* Loyal wingman Hunter-B as called to accompany the Su-57 air superiority warplane. Hunter-B the mission more aerial combat using air-to-air missiles as an adjunct to the manned warplane? Valkyrie American loyal wingman unmanned aircraft the mission as I understand it SEAD. Suppression-Enemy-Air-Defense. American Valkyrie expendable. Hunter-B not so?

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