Tuesday, February 27, 2024


This is coolbert:

"Asymmetric warfare (or asymmetric engagement) is a type of war between belligerents whose relative military power, strategy, or tactics differ significantly."

Land, ground, air.

See a You Tube Short a video the topic naval asymmetric warfare:

Think in the current context the confrontation the American navy versus the Yemeni Hootie Tootie insurgents the Red Sea/Gulf of Aden.

As extracted from an Internet web site an intimation modern asymmetric naval warfare as an actualization and attainment of  the French 19th Century naval concept Jeune École.        

"If commentators today agree that the Jeune École was a failed attempt at a revolution in military affairs, they disagree over what caused that failure and what lessons, if any, it holds for contemporary military planners. Two schools of thought can be seen in the literature. The first, and predominant, view holds that Aube and his followers were misguided in their overemphasis on technology; it sees the movement as an anomaly, with nothing positive to teach today’s military. The second school of thought is that the Jeune École offered truly valuable and innovative ideas but that for technical, tactical, and strategic reasons they could not be implemented—"




This is coolbert:

See this You Tube Short the sinking of the Russian naval warship Caesar Kunikov.

Asymmetric naval warfare the epitome. An expensive and very valuable large naval vessel sent to the bottom by a small and relatively inexpensive putt-putt type unmanned surface vessel [U
SV] Ukrainian MAGURA V5. 

To reiterate from the prior blog entry: "This is Jeune École in action. Young School. French Nineteenth Century naval asymmetric naval warfare concept never coming to full attainment until now!"

"The Jeune École ('Young School') was a strategic naval concept developed during the 19th century. It advocated the use of small, heavily armed vessels to combat larger battleships"

I must admit this Ukrainian MAGURA V5 does have some impressive operational characteristics. A range [on a one-way kamikaze mission] 800 km. [about 500 miles] and carries good amount of war-making bang-stuff explosive. Has a variety of navigational methods to include video transmission AND cheap [about $250,000 per copy]. Not just an expedient means of attack but a well thought design production USV with good combat potential.


Monday, February 26, 2024


This is coolbert:

"All war is based on deception"

Fakebook and not Facebook! U.S. Army deception and intrigue!

"An unusual twist during US Army training had noncombatants posting photos and videos to Fakebook [sic] for the enemy to see: report"

From https://www.msn.com | Story by jepstein@businessinsider.com (Jake Epstein) •

* "Western militaries are studying and learning a lot from watching the war in Ukraine."

* "One area of interest is the way that cellphones play a role on the battlefield."

* "Recent training included an usual drill where civilians posted photos to fake social media for the 'enemy' to see, according to a new report."

BOGUS images of American troops in the field posted to FAKE social media accounts.

Practitioners of Open-Source-Intelligence [OSINT] and geo-positioning/geo-location from Internet images beware?

It is not so much you are looking at the adversary but that the adversary is looking at you using some sort of cyber/malware techniques or methods?



This is coolbert:

Alternative to the Global Positioning System [GPS] has been found?

Jamming of wartime GPS signals no longer going to be a problem?

Never heard of this before. A "demonstration" at this point and that alone?

"MagNav project successfully demonstrates real-time magnetic navigation"

"February 23, 2024: After nearly a decade of effort the U.S. Air Force has finally developed a MagNav (Magnetic Navigation) system that works reliably enough to supplement or replace GPS for navigation. MagNav takes advantage of the universal presence of magnetic activity worldwide. MagNav uses an AI (Artificial Intelligence) neural network running on a laptop, or any other small computer, to compare the known location of the aircraft and magnetic activity generated by the aircraft to a worldwide map of background magnetic activity. Once this calibration is done the aircraft can takeoff and fly as far as it has to using MagNav as well as GPS to keep track of where it is. MagNav will supplement GPS and also act as a backup if GPS is being jammed or encountering some other form of interference. MagNav also does not rely on a network of space satellites to make it work."

See further:

"MagNav project successfully demonstrates real-time magnetic navigation"

"C-17 Tests Magnetic Navigation System That Works When GPS Doesn’t"

Again, MagNav at this juncture just a "demonstration"? A lot more needs to be done before a viable alternative to GPS is do-able? Someone is thinking hard about this, you can be sure.



This is coolbert:

"ghoul: noun - one who shows morbid interest in things considered shocking or repulsive"

Unseemly behavior the Israeli citizen? 

"Ghoulish ‘war safaris’ force Israeli kibbutzim to close doors to visitors"

"Residents of communities attacked in Hamas atrocities of Oct 7 horrified as sightseers on organized tours take souvenirs from homes"

From https://www.telegraph.co.uk | Melanie Swan | 25 February 2024 • 

"Kibbutzim in southern Israel have been forced to close their doors to visitors after busloads of souvenir-hunting tourists turned the sites of the Oct 7 attacks into a 'safari'."

"Hundreds of people now arrive daily for 'war tours' of the devastated communities to take selfies with the burnt-out homes and blood-stained walls left after the Hamas atrocities, in which 1,200 people died."

"Some tourists even enter abandoned homes without permission and steal 'souvenirs' such as spent bullet casings."

See prior blog entry the topic war tourism:




This is coolbert:

Citizens of India recruited as menial laborers the Ukrainian Conflict flimflammed and conned by the Russian!

"conned: adjective - relating to, or being the victim of, a swindle, scam, or trick"

"The Center acknowledged media reports that some Indians are entangled in Russia's ongoing war with Ukraine. MEA spokesperson Randhir Jaiswal said, 'We are aware that a few Indian nationals have signed up for support jobs with the Russian army.' He added that the Indian Embassy is in touch with relevant Russian authorities for their early discharge. Meanwhile, family members of the trapped Indians alleged that they were conned by agents, and some were injured"

I would imagine these Indian recruits hired by the Russian expected to do coolie-type labor. Dig graves. Load and unload trucks. Police human remains and weapons from the battlefield. Remove debris and do reconstruction in Russian-occupied areas of Ukraine.

Press-gang the Russian military. You sign a contract to do work as a non-combatant laborer but instead are found at some point being given a rifle and told to move forward on the battlefield. A situation that you did not expect if not totally and woefully prepared for much to your detriment.

See the previous blog entry Nepalese also contract workers the Ukraine Conflict and their plight:


Sunday, February 25, 2024


This is coolbert:

To war by rodent. Rodents of the Eurasian steppe-land.

Eco-friendly backfires in an unanticipated way.

"Rodents incapacitate millions in eco-friendly military equipment in Ukraine: the unforeseen problem"

https://www.msn.com | Story by PJU •

"Weaponry systems in Ukraine, many of which were supplied by European countries, have been rendered unworkable, not due to Russian interference, but because of damage caused by mice and other rodents. Seemingly, these creatures have developed a preference for cable insulation made of corn fiber over synthetic materials. This predilection leads to malfunctioning electrical installations, rendering the expensive equipment essentially worthless, and requiring rapid overhauling."

We have to be 100 % clear about this matter. Wiring insulation made of corn fiber and edible. Becoming a food source for gnawing rodentia of all sorts. Eco-friendly wiring with the intention of doing-good for the environment but developing problems in an unanticipated way.

German troops the Eastern Front WW2 also encountering the same problem:

"The German tank men would well be forgiven if they thought every living creature in Russia was against them, particularly in view of the telex message message from Army Operations Section of OKH and sent to all Army Groups. This read: 'A panzer division on the Eastern Front which had placed its vehicles under cover and in a warm place, in accordance with standing orders, found that when an alarm call was received only 30 per cent of its vehicles were ready for action. Mice had gnawed through the electrical heads on the engines of the tanks.'" - Lucas.

As it was for the German in /Russia during WW2 as it is now for NATO the Ukraine Conflict.