Thursday, December 2, 2021


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From the Internet web site Bayou Renaissance Man and thanks to same.

This could be big? Very big?

"Are the US military's actions against unvaccinated personnel illegal?"

 "They may well be, if the ruling of a judge in a Florida federal court is allowed to stand.  He makes the important point that EUA-authorized (Emergency Use Authorization) vaccines are legally NOT the same as licensed, approved, vaccines.  I'm going to quote at length from the report, because if the judge is correct, the way that the US armed forces are treating unvaccinated service personnel at present appears to violate Federal law."


American military personnel to the best of my understanding cannot refuse medical treatment. Medical treatment so broadly defined as to include ANY SORT of prophylactic medicine. INOCULATIONS OF A VACCINE  EVEN NOT APPROVED in the ordinary manner can be administered!!

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Wednesday, December 1, 2021


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"designed to replace four different shells; the current multipurpose (bunkers and light armored vehicles) M830A1 (and its improved version M908), the HEAT (shaped charge anti-tank) shell, and the M1028 ('shotgun' shell) rounds."

From the Internet web site Strategy Page and thanks to same.

"Armor: One Shell Will Replace Them All, Eventually"

"November 26, 2021: After 15 years of development, the U.S. Army’s new XM-AMP (Advanced Multi-Purpose) 120mm tank round was considered stable enough in 2020 to be test fired by troops."

One multi-purpose tank round to replace the multiplicity of dedicated purpose types of rounds as might be carried in a modern battle tank. Project five YEARS behind schedule and not yet ready to become part of the standard inventory.

THE U.S. military tank [current version] main gun to be replace by a much more advanced 120 mm caliber gun?

Normally [?] an Abrams tank would carry a mix of rounds to include HEAT, sabot, HEP, anti-personnel.


A worthy concept but I hope this is not going to be an instance of "trying to do it all but not being able to do any of it."


Monday, November 29, 2021


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Here with more on the refusal of the OKARNG [Oklahoma Army National Guard] commander refusing to enforce a mandated vaccination order [Covid-19] from the Pentagon.

Courtesy the Internet web site The Expose'.

"US Pentagon Threatens to “Decertify” Oklahoma National Guard if Commander Doesn’t Reverse Ban on Covid Vaccine Mandate"

"The US Defense Department is allegedly threatening to ‘decertify’ the Oklahoma National Guard after its commander, on approval of the state commander-in-chief, Governor Kenny Stitt, issued an order instructing his troops that they will not be required to comply with Biden’s Covid-19 vaccine mandate."

"On November 12th, The Oklahoman posted some background on the situation. They wrote that the head of the Oklahoma National Guard, new Adjutant General Thomas Mancino, updated the guard’s Covid-19 vaccine policy, stating that no members would be required to get the jab. This information was shared in a memo which was obtained by The Oklahoman, noting that 'no negative administrative or legal action will be taken' against troops who refuse the vaccine."

Decertify? Unprecedented? Never heard of such a thing. Troops doing their monthly weekend drill will not be paid?

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Sunday, November 28, 2021


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NATO code name Bison. Myasishchev M-4.

"The Bomber Gap was the Cold War belief that the Soviet Union's Long Range Aviation department had gained an advantage in deploying jet-powered strategic bombers. Widely accepted for several years, the gap was used as a political talking point in the United States to justify a great increase in defense spending."

"On February 15, 1954, Aviation Week published an article describing new Soviet jet bombers capable of carrying a nuclear bomb from their bases to the US. The aircraft was the Myasishchev M-4 Bison. Over the next year and a half, the rumors were debated publicly in the press and soon in Congress."

Bison in flight. Four-engine long-range strategic bomber analogous to the American B-52 Stratofortress. Could deliver atomic munitions of the continental United States from bases in the Soviet Union so it was thought. Refueling would be necessary en route? Hundreds of these bombers [estimated about eight-hundred] were going to be rolling off the assembly line in a few years. American intelligence terribly wrong in this regard. Less than one-hundred finally built, their role as a long-range strategic bomber not the real deal. The threat as thought to be major never materialized, threat much less than thought.

Now for the rest of the story and thanks to the tip from the Internet web site English/Russian.

A number of Bison converted to a civilian version, with rather little modification so it seems. This is the VM-T transport aircraft. From apparently a Soviet era poster a VM-T with Aeroflot markings transports the Soviet Space Shuttle piggy-back.

Yet an additional civilian application of VM-T as a special purpose transport aircraft. Long-range bomber Aeroflot conversion with an enormous pod. A container for space booster rockets to be used in the Soviet space program. I guess you have to see the image to believe it. Appears ungainly and not really worthy of flight but obviously the plane can take to the air and operate normally.

Bison finally performing yeoman duty but not as originally envisioned. Long-range strategic missiles rendering the mission of Bison as not  necessary.

The much vaunted and found-to-be-erroneous Bomber Gap subsequently followed by the also found-to-be-erroneous Missile Gap. American intelligence falling face down twice and at a most critical period of the Cold War!!


Thursday, November 25, 2021


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"RAF F-35 Med crash was SEVENTH time £100m jets have malfunctioned in seven years"

A rain cover? A rain cover?

"£100m F-35 fighter jet crashed into the Med while taking off from HMS Queen Elizabeth because the cheap rain cover hadn't been taken off properly, investigators fear"

 £100m  equal about $133 million USD!! As originally touted a F-35 was supposed to sell for about thirty to forty million $ USD?

"* £100m F-35 jet may have crashed because a cheap rain cover was not removed * Sailors said they saw the cover floating in the Mediterranean after the accident * A race underway to recover the aircraft's sunken wreckage after Sunday's crash"

"My kingdom for a horse". Or is it one "cheap rain cover" for $130 million USD!

An effort is on right now to recover the plane? The electronic suites and sensors must be safeguarded from prying eyes.

Thanks you Daily Mail and great graphics.


Tuesday, November 23, 2021


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Consider this to be a war warning? From Commander Salamander headlines and an article most disturbing.

"Some Damn Fool Thing in Ukraine"

Bir Red on the move? Ukraine style. Hope not!

"The U.S. has shared intelligence including maps with European allies that shows a buildup of Russian troops and artillery to prepare for a rapid, large-scale push into Ukraine from multiple locations if President Vladimir Putin decided to invade, according to people familiar with the conversations."

Read the entire Salamander article. Pay paritucular attention to the:

1. The "Five Planning Assumptions".

'2. "Red Most Likely COA".

Red in war games the aggressor. CoA =  Course of Action.


And how exactly will NATO, the USA and the world community respond to Russian aggression? And can the Ukrainian military  hold the line and repel an invasion? Doubt in all cases we are going to find a positive!



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From the Internet web site and thanks to same.

Space! The final frontier?

"Physics would constrain space-to-space engagements. These five key concepts help explain how"

 * Satellites move quickly.. * Satellites move predictably. * Space is big.  * Timing is everything.. * Satellites maneuver slowly. "

"Warfighting on Earth typically involves competitors fighting to dominate a physical location:"

"Opposing military forces fight to control the land, sea, and air over a certain part of Earth to expand influence over people or resources. Space warfare does not follow this paradigm; satellites in orbit do not occupy or dominate a single location over time. Instead, satellites provide capabilities, such as communications, navigation, and intelligence gathering, to Earth-based militaries. Therefore, to “control space” is not necessarily to physically conquer sectors of space but rather to reduce or eliminate adversary satellite capabilities while ensuring one retains the ability to freely operate their own space capabilities"

In a nutshell you command the high ground, destroying the enemy satellites while protecting your own satellites.

See an impressive listing those nations currently able to employ anti-satellite weaponry [ASAT]. Keep in mind no X fighters or Y fighters. Star Wars it will not be.