Thursday, August 18, 2022


This is coolbert:

“The Navy is being sucked into an operation they should never have been involved in. This is not their terrain – this is Home Office, Coastguard, Border Force terrain,” | Tobias Ellwood.

How the might Royal Navy [RN] has fallen. The "wooden walls" defending the English channel as in the days of yore long gone.

"UK Navy Reportedly To Relinquish Migrant Crisis Charge to Border Patrol as Crossings Double"

From | Yesterday (Updated: Yesterday) Aug 16 2022.

"In mid-January, it was announced that the UK military was to be put in charge of stemming the surging numbers of migrants crossing the Channel in small boats, taking over command of the operation from Border Force."

Here is what we are talking about. Stopping these putt-putt rubber dinghy water craft from crossing the English channel. Hardly the Spanish Armada.

"The Royal Navy will be handing operational control of the Channel migrant crisis back to UK Border Force officers"


"Operation Isotrope - a British military operation to assist the Border Force in responding to the rise in English Channel migrant crossings was first announced in January 2021. On 16 January 2022, it was reported that plans were being drawn up to place the Royal Navy in operational command of counter-migration operations, with the plans implemented in March . . . Royal Navy vessels designated for the role were some of the Batch 1 River class offshore patrol vessels and some smaller Archer class patrol vessels."

A law enforcement matter and not a national defense matter. Not what the RN designed to do and should not do. But nonetheless an indication of how far the RN has declined in the last one-hundred years!



This is coolbert:

Yet more from the Internet webzine "Coffee or Die". 

Russian advanced military technology on display. Not so fast comrade!


M-81 Robotic complex Russian.

Story by Matt White August 16, 2022.

"A robot 'dog' carrying a rocket-propelled-grenade launcher was a breakout star of the first day of the Russian ARMY 2022 trade show in Moscow, which is often a showcase for new Russian technology and weapons. But internet sleuths soon found that the 'dog' was a Chinese toy-like model with a battery life of about one hour."

"The star of this year’s show — known as the Military-Technical Forum ARMY 2022 — looked like it might be a combat-ready robot 'dog,' which appeared to share design and mobility with Boston Dynamics robots in use with the New York City Police Department and Air Force security forces."

"The robot, cloaked in black, was filmed walking around the trade floor, looking perhaps a bit more adorable than fearsome, but with a Russian-made RPG-26 rocket-propelled-grenade launcher mounted on its back."

This robot as a fighting machine can easily be entrapped by snares? Any sort of movement forward denied by the simplest of devices. The robot is designed to be remotely controlled or is autonomous Perhaps a combination of both. Possibly the Russian intends only to show what can be done? Off-the-shelf technology and such?



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May this man lead the rest of his life hiding his face from humanity!

The muscle man and his woman both probably need to do the same!

From the Internet webzine "Coffee or Die and thanks to same.


Story by Carl Prine | August 16, 2022. 

"Zachary Ryan Barton, 35, was sentenced on Friday, Aug. 12, 2022, to a year behind bars and three years of supervised release when he exits a federal penitentiary. He pleaded guilty to defrauding the US Department of Veterans Affairs by faking or exaggerating injuries."

"A Florida veteran who faked a limp, wore an adult diaper to his VA appointments, and lied about getting PTSD from combat is going to prison." PTSD = Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.


Zack must also: "reimburse taxpayers $245,932.52 for the benefits he received from the US Department of Veterans Affairs for his bogus maladies."

Zack did serve in the U.S Army and did see duty in Iraq but DID NOT participate in combat and was not entitled to any payments of PTSD. Zack also faking numerous injuries even all the while engaging in body-building gym work-outs!

Zack his prison sentence rather lenient? The man could have gotten ten years incarceration!


Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Dark Angels.

This is coolbert:

Grumble Russian surface-to-air missile [SAM] once again being used in the ballistic missile ground attack role!

Target an American aid group? Target possibly too Ukrainian grain tycoon?

"EXCLUSIVE: Video shows blast of Russian S-300 missile that hit Mykolaiv home, killing Ukrainian grain tycoon Oleksiy Vadatursky and his wife in a 'targeted assassination'"

FOR MAILONLINE ^ | 16 August 2022 | JOSH BOSWELL the tip from Freeper. Thank you MAIL.

"EXCLUSIVE: Video shows blast of Russian S-300 missile that hit Mykolaiv home, killing Ukrainian grain tycoon Oleksiy Vadatursky and his wife in a 'targeted assassination' and injuring British volunteer fighters at sanatorium 'base' next door Ukrainian grain tycoon Oleksiy Vadatursky, 74, and his wife Rayisa were killed on July 31 after a Russian S-300 missile blasted into their bedroom at their riverside mansion in the south Ukraine town of Mykolaiv Members of foreign military volunteer group, the Dark Angels, who were camped out in an old sanatorium next door, were also injured during the attack" 

Grumble a SAM that can be used in the surface to surface ballistic missile role. This attack I can reasonably infer was aimed at the American Dark Angel foreign group allied with the Ukrainian cause. Dark Angel see their web site the stated mission two-fold. A quasi-military and humanitarian. The death of the Ukrainian grain "tycoon" was incidental to the attack? Collateral damage as they say but probably pleasing to the Russian nonetheless.


Minuteman III.

This is coolbert:

OH, thank GOD! The bird finally flew! Postponed flight of an American Minuteman III missile UNARMED finally taking place. Precautions intended to show good will and not to alarm the Chinese I guess successful.

"Air Force tests ICBM after delay over tensions with China"

From "The Hill" via msn ^ | 8/16/2022 | Ellen Mitchell tip from Freeper.

"The Air Force on Tuesday said it had successfully tested an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) nearly two weeks after postponing the launch amid increased tensions with China over Taiwan. The unarmed Minuteman III, which is capable of holding a nuclear payload, was launched at 12:49 a.m. Pacific Time from Vandenberg Air Force Base, Calif., with its reentry vehicle landing roughly 4,200 miles away near the Marshall Islands"

I hardly think for a moment the Chinese on this occasion or the Russians in the previous instance were all that worried by a routine missile test announced [?] in advance. Routine as having been the case three-hundred times previously. Quality assurance tests of the missiles and launch crews.

Anyhow, test was completed and successful. Tensions were alleviated with prudence?


Tuesday, August 16, 2022


This is coolbert:

Even as we speak this is occurring?

Crimea once more RED! An attack of stupendous proportions another Russian ammunition depot goes sky-high literally so.

More Russian humiliation and shame?

From Ukrainian controlled [?] media and thanks to same.

"Russian military unit, ammo depot on fire after blasts in occupied Crimea"

16 August.

"A Russian military unit is on fire in the village of Azovske outside the town of Dzhankoy in Ukraine’s Russian-occupied Crimea, Chairman of the Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar People, Refat Chubarov, said in a Facebook post on Aug. 16."

“It is reported from the temporarily occupied Crimea: accurate firepower (was directed) on the military unit of the orcs (Russians) in the village of Qalay (now Azovske) of the Dzhankoy district,” [Chubarov]

"Chubarov added that an ammunition depot had been hit, and 'the sounds of the explosions are spreading far across the steppe.'”

ORCS as how the Ukrainian refers to the Russian. Orc = a fictional humanoid monster like a goblin.

As with the recent attack on the Russian naval aviation airfield Crimea a lot of speculation is going to be made who/what/where/when/why/how this attack transpired and with what means.



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“You have let down our country and our Red Army. You have the nerve not to manufacture Il-2s until now. Our Red Army now needs Il-2 aircraft like the air it breathes, like the bread it eats. (This plant) now produces one Il-2 a day….It is a mockery of the Red Army….I ask you not to try the government’s patience, and demand that you manufacture more Il-2s. This is my final warning. Stalin.” 

As it is in 2022 so it was during the days of Joseph Stalin and World War Two?

From the Internet web site Strategy Page and thanks to same.

"Russia: Cornered And Coerced"

First paragraph of article as copied in entirety without alteration: [underlines courtesy your friendly blogger.]

"August 16, 2022: President-for-Life Vladimir Putin is trying to enforce a law he had had enacted a month ago that allows the government to impose wartime conditions on military suppliers who are not fulfilling their contracts. Sanctions on Russia from its invasion of Ukraine have cut off supplies of key components. The new law is vague on what the government can do other than order changes to working conditions and how managers operate. These are Soviet-era rules. Putin is thinking World War II while the rest of the world sees the 1980s."

Final warning as during WW2 meaning the Gulag or downright immediate execution!

Vlad between the rock and hard spot in not being willing to declare a general mobilization. Those suppliers and managers they also!