Tuesday, May 12, 2020


This is coolbert:

Boys beware. Barbie wants to meet you. Sure she does.

"Meet 'Combat Barbie', The Sexy Marine Who's Firing Up Instagram"


"The badass beauty's all-American feed is riddled with smoldering bikini pics and selfies. It's no wonder she's become a full-blown internet celebrity with over 140,000 followers."

Download these images or become of "follower" and you run the risk of downloading malware to your smart phone? You can become an unknowing target and asset of a foreign intelligence agency [or perhaps even the asset of a friendly intelligence agency] in the process! Even as an old man however I have to admit not-too-bad.

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Indeed, as a patriotic and loyal American, ex-military, I do have some hesitancy and trepidation about this post. But there it is. 


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