Sunday, May 24, 2020


This is coolbert:

Der Dicke! The fat one. As with Goering the same with Comrade Kim?

World War Two armored train Asien [Asia] of Hermann Goering. Again, as with Goering the same with Kim? Both Hermann [WW2] and Kim [today] fond of their armored trains for secure travel and and enjoying the high life at the same time.

From the Mark Felton You Tube video the armored train of Hermann Goering. Hardly just a secure means of travel. Conspicuous and overly extravagant luxury way over the top. That armored train of Comrade Kim more or less the same way? Do it large or don't do it at all is the motto? No expense spared. And thank you Mark Felton.

Goering an excessively greedy, gluttonous and overly-consumptive individual. Comrade Kim also! I would say like father like son but that would be inappropriate.


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