Saturday, May 23, 2020


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“'As a weapon system to equip an airplane with the lasers we think necessary in terms of their power level …and get them to altitudes where atmospheric turbulence can be mitigated appropriately, that combination of things can’t go on one platform,' . . . 'I’m extremely skeptical that we can put a large laser on an aircraft and use it to shoot down an adversary missile even from very close.'” - - Mike Griffin Pentagon’s top R and D chief.

6th generation warplanes equipped with directed energy weaponry the idea kaput?

"Pentagon’s top R&D chief hints that lasers may never work on aircraft"

From the War is Boring Internet web site a feature article.

"The Undersecretary of Defense for Research and Engineering [R and D] claims that it may not be feasible for an aircraft to be able to shoot down a missile with a laser- at least for now."

Lasers as envisioned for 6th generation warplanes and used as direct energy weapons need A LOT of power. A power plant as currently is available [or as best can be seen in the foreseen future] TOO HEAVY to be carried aloft by an air superiority fighter plane. The weapon will work but the plane will not be able to take-off or get high enough into the atmosphere for the laser to work with effectiveness? Combat range of a warplane severely limited by take-off weight.

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