Wednesday, May 13, 2020


This is coolbert:

More than anything else notice and pay attention to the readiness as mentioned, percentage of warplanes actually ready for combat.

From the Russian media Internet web site Sputnik:

"US Ditches Plans to Raise Combat Readiness of Fighter Jets"

"The US Air Force is hoping to revive the plan in a different and less costly form in the future, but has no program schedule assigned at the current time."

"F-16s boosted combat readiness from 70 percent to 75 percent, F-22s gained an impressive 19 percent up to 68 percent of jets being ready to fight. The most recent addition to the aerial fleet, the troubled fifth-generation F-35 stealth fighter jet, raised combat readiness levels to 74 percent from around 55 percent"

The entire topic of combat warplane "readiness" too complicated to be covered in a single post. MORE to follow.


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