Friday, May 29, 2020


This is coolbert:

Courtesy the Chicago Sun Times reviews and ratings of war movies.


"America’s 10 best war movies since WWII"

"From ‘Apocalypse Now’ to ‘Zero Dark Thirty,’ here are the finest accounts of the chaos and the aftermath of going into battle."

By Richard Roeper [with co-host Roe Conn].

"In the 75 years since then [the end of World War Two], Hollywood has made hundreds of movies about war, with several ranking among the greatest films of all time regardless of genre. In our newest 'Best Movies' podcast, my co-host Roe Conn and I spotlight 10 of the best American post-war movies released since 1946."

As to the: "ten of the best American post-war movies released since 1946" devoted readers to the blog will just have to read the article and find out for themselves.

Devoted readers to the blog let me hear your comments. Yea or nay.


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Mark Moncrieff said...

Zero Dark Thirty is terrible, I was very disappointed.
The Best Years of Our Lives is not a war movie.
Coming Home is also not a war movie.
Platoon is fantastic.
Full Metal Jacket is as well.
The Thin Red Line needs a good editor.
Flags of Our Fathers I have mixed feelings about.
Saving Private Ryan is good, then bad and then becomes good again at the end.
The Deer Hunter I have never seen.
Apocalypse Now is iconic with some excellent scenes.

Movies that should have been on this list
Pork Chop Hill
Twelve O'Clock High
Tora Tora Tora
Hamburger Hill