Saturday, May 31, 2014

Charles Fryatt.

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Here with a new one on me. Thanks to Larry for the tip.

Outrage and indignity. From that era of the Great War [WW1] the controversial case of Charles Fryatt.

A merchant vessel captain deemed as a franc tireur and executed by the German. AND all for obeying orders considered to be legal.

"Charles Algernon Fryatt . . . was a British mariner who was executed by the Germans for attempting to ram a U-boat in 1915. When his ship, the SS Brussels, was captured off the Netherlands in 1916, he was court-martialled and sentenced to death although he was a civilian non-combatant."

Charles categorized by the German military as an irregular and unlawful enemy combatant. NOT in the manner of the single partisan/guerrilla fighter, the sniper engaging individual soldiers at land, but the captain of a British merchant ship attempting to ram and sink a German U-Boat.

That attack [ram and sink] unsuccessful nonetheless the German military considering this action of Charles Fryatt as an unlawful crime worthy of the death penalty. A sentence carried out.

"Seeing the U-boat had surfaced in order to torpedo his ship, Fryatt ordered full steam ahead and proceeded to try to ram U-33, which was forced to crash dive. This action was in compliance with orders issued by Winston Churchill to captains of merchant ships."

The execution by firing squad. A form of the death penalty as normally reserved for the military man and not for the civilian.

Some application of Admiralty Law applies here? The niceties and formalities of war as fought at sea for centuries were violated during this incident? I do not know.


Monday, May 26, 2014

David Irving.

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With regard to Mr. David Irving please read this severe critique as originally written over thrity years ago now:


"David Irving is an amateur historian, and an indefatigable collector of documents. There is nothing wrong in this: Many of the best historians are not, and have not been, professionals. However, Mr. Irving is one of the worst contemporary historians."


2. "Critical responses to David Irving".

"Critical responses to David Irving have changed dramatically as David Irving, a writer on the subject of World War II and Nazism, changes his own public political views, further there are doubts as to how far Irving applies the historical method. This article documents some of these critical responses over the course of his writing career."


"As a military historian, Irving has much to commend him. For his works of military history Irving has undertaken thorough and painstaking research into the archives. He has discovered and disclosed to historians and others many documents which, but for his efforts, might have remained unnoticed for years. It was plain from the way in which he conducted his case and dealt with a sustained and penetrating cross-examination that his knowledge of World War 2 is unparalleled. His mastery of the detail of the historical documents is remarkable. He is beyond question able and intelligent. He was invariably quick to spot the significance of documents which he had not previously seen. Moreover he writes his military history in a clear and vivid style. I accept the favourable assessment by Professor Watt and Sir John Keegan of the calibre of Irving's military history ..." - - Justice Gray

Justice Gray of course presiding at the libel trial that was LOST by David Irving.

Irving more correctly considered to be a biographer rather than a historian. And the difference is exactly?


Philby & Sikorski.

This is coolbert:

The fatal airplane crash with the death of General Sikorski ruled by inquiry as an accident due to some sort of mechanical error that exact cause never fully determined with 100 % certainty.

And doubts lingering even to the present time [2003], WAS SABOTAGE INVOLVED AND IF SO, WHO WAS RESPONSIBLE!

From an entry to a previous blog post:

"As has been noted by various other authorities, Kim Philby in his capacity during the Second World War as a serving counter-intelligence officer of the British Secret Intelligence Service [MI6] had a responsibility for what was termed the Iberian section. To include that English territory of GIBRALTAR."

Stalin and his secret police conspiring to kill Sikorski? If that was the case, you would never find a more perfect example of having the right man in the right place to "facilitate" the dirty deed!

Joseph Stalin noted for his visceral and extreme hatred of all things Polish. Sikorski was asking too many questions of too delicate a nature. Kill Sikorski and in addition make it appear the English were to blame!!

Furthermore, from the comment of an acknowledged aviation authority:

"One must not overload a plane, but it is possible to do so, resulting in a failed takeoff and subsequent crash.  Cargo must always be secured for two main reasons: safety of people and structure in the plane (such as cargo bouncing through the fuselage walls made of very thin aluminum) and for the weight and balance of the plane (if a plane is out of balance, it will not be able to maintain level flight and/or will go out of control during maneuvering).  Weight and balance computations have to be done by the crew before every flight, whether for cargo planes, fighter planes, passenger planes or bombers.  Even little Cessna single engine recreational planes have to have weight and balance figured out properly before takeoff or bad things happen."

NOT ONLY a plane must not be overloaded [as is intuitive] but the cargo must be secured and the load balanced in a manner conducive for balance and airworthiness.

Instability and fatal crash a result of too much cargo and/or cargo not properly secured and balanced!!

As was noted by Anthony Quayle, just from appearances that cargo as loaded on the airplane in which Sikorski was flying "not proper":

"Quayle . . . saw the aircraft's interior as the passengers climbed in [and in conversation with David Irving, 1967] . . . that in all the scores of Liberators he had to see off at North Front, he had never seen one so heavily and untidily laden as this one before."

Overloaded, unsecured, not balanced.


Sunday, May 25, 2014

Radio Gladio.

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Came across this quite by accident. As pertains to that radio equipment used by Gladio stay-behind units associated with the NATO mission.

First there was SP-15 and then there was Harpoon. A level of technology rather remarkable, these radio sets greatly resembling the type of communications that would have been  used by the British Special Operations Executive [SOE] during the Second World War [WW2]!

"Stay-behind Organisations in Europe"

"The Cold War started immediately at the end of WWII and would last until the fall of the Iron Curtain in 1989. During this period of great tension between East and West, most European countries developed an underground army of secretly trained agents that would stay-behind in the event of an invasion by the Russians. The task of the stay-behind organisations was to pass important information to the government(s) in exile and to carry out sabotage activities."

1. SP-15.

The SP-15 is a complete radio station that was developed in Germany in the early 1960s by Wandel & Goltermann for the Bundes Nachrichtendienst (BND). It was intended for agents, special forces (SF) and stay-behind organisations (Gladio).

"Spy radio set"

Referred to as a "spy set". More like a CLANDESTINE RADIO SET WHEN USED BY STAY-BEHIND UNITS. Guerrilla/insurgents/partisans and not spies as that term spy generally, commonly and ordinarily understood.

"The SP-15 is a complete spy radio station that was developed in Germany in the early 1960s by Wandel & Goltermann and H. Pfitzner for the German Intelligence Agency Bundes Nachrichten­dienst (BND). It was intended for special forces (SF) and stay-behind organisations (Gladio). Certain parts of the SP-15 radio station were also used by the organizations of other countries. 

2. RT-3 Burst Encoder.

Allowing for a rapid transmission of a message. AND hand cranked!

"The RT-3 is an electro-mechanical burst encoder, developed by Wandel & Goltermann in Germany around 1958 for the Bundes Nachrichten Dienst (BND), the German Intelligence Agency. It was used in combination with the SP-15 spy set but also with the SP-20. It allows a series of 25 pre-recorded numbers to be transmitted at high speed in Morse code. The abbreviation 'RT' probably stands for Rapid Transmitter. The RT3 was also used by NATO and for Stay Behind." 

3. FS-5000 (Harpoon) .  

Harpoon a MUCH MORE sophisticated and highly developed level of technology!

"Stay-behind radio field station"

"The FS-5000 was a fully digital radio set, capable of sending and receiving secure messages. It was developed in 1985 by AEG Telefunken in Ulm (Germany) and was part of a pan-European communication system used by various stay-behind organisations (Gladio)."

Gladio and the various stay-behind units evidently having recruited radio amateurs [hams] to function as communicators in time of war that Soviet invasion and conquest of western Europe.

The life expectancy of a amateur radio operator in a Soviet occupied nation could be expected to be short and brutish.



This is coolbert:

From Strategy Page we have the story of the mini-gunship.

The CN-235. Best described as a two-engine version of the American AC-130.

"Warplanes: Jordan Gets First Mini Gunship"

 "May 23, 2014: In late April 2014 Jordan received the first of two CN-235 gunships. In 2011 Jordan hired the American firm ATK to modify two Jordanian CN-235 transports modified to serve as gunships. These two engine transports had sensors (day/night cameras) added, along with laser designators and a defensive system against heat-seeking missiles. Armament consists of a M230 30mm autocannon, Hellfire missiles and 70mm rockets. The 16 ton CN-235 can carry four tons of equipment and stay in the air for about eight hours per sortie. Think of this aircraft as a twin engine C-130."

Very impressive looking warplane. Enormous range and loiter time over a target. All officers and non-commissioned officers should be able to employ supporting fires from the CN-235 if the mission requires. A must!

Those 30 mm cannon firing an EXPLOSIVE ROUND! 70 mm rockets laser-guided to target.

And of course able to carry the ubiquitous Hellfire missile. Hellfire now legendary as a weapons system, successful in the extreme and having a usefulness way beyond what originally intended.

This CN-235 can fly beyond the range of a MANPAD [man portable air defense] and still be operational effective? Death from above in a variety of combat environments.

From that era of the Vietnam War the gunship still going strong. Allowing for conventional firepower able to achieve the same amount of damage on the battlefield as a tactical nuclear weapon.

I want one too!!


Saturday, May 24, 2014

Hot Gates.

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Here with extracts and comment from the History Channel broadcast:

"The Last Stand of the 300 Spartans"

"Last Stand of the 300 - The Legendary Battle at Thermopylae. It is almost impossible to understand how 300 Spartans managed to hold off the million-man Persian army for even a moment, much less seven days. To a man they paid with their lives but their stunning Last Stand assured that their sacrifice would resonate throughout history. Relying on brilliant tactics, lifelong training, and unshakable allegiance, the doomed Spartans achieved the impossible."

"The Battle of Thermopylae is literally a textbook case, required reading even to this day at military colleges and officer training around the world. Now, The History Channel offers a definitive perspective on the epic conflict with this instructive and thrilling feature-length presentation."

"Transporting dramatizations and incisive graphics put you in the heat of the battle and show the lay of the land. The complications and strategies of the conflict are revealed through careful analysis, and critical moments are reconstructed to show exactly what happened. Discover what the Spartans were fighting for, what made them capable of such heroics acts."



* That area of Thermopylae [Hot Gates] between the ocean and the mountains at most about two hundred yards [two hundred meters] wide. That actual point where the Spartans manned their defensive position about ten yards [ten meters] wide. Constricting terrain!! NO room for Persian flanking maneuver.

* The Greek force at Thermopylae as the battle began about 7,000 strong, to include of course the Spartans who were at the forefront of the action.

* The role of the Athenian navy most crucial. Blocking the access route by which the Persian fleet could bypass Thermopylae.

* Leonidas keenly aware of the "secret trail" through the mountains. A force of 1,000 Phocians tasked with guarding the path having taken off and fled at the approach of the Persians. Betrayal!!

* Greek troops to include the Spartans during the final climactic battle of Thermopylae slightly over one thousand! Leonidas and his men not alone!

In addition we have to be careful when we speak of Greek and especially Athenian democracy. NOT democracy as we understand the term today. About 80 % of those persons residing in Athens SLAVES, unable to vote of course. ONLY about 5 % of the free populace enjoying the franchise.



This is coolbert:

From about a month ago now, those pronouncements between President Obama and Prime Minister Abe of Japan not mincing any words, not a single equivocation regarding the impasse between Japan and China that territorial dispute and dominion of the Senkaku/Diaoyu Islands a major issue.

The U.S. considers those islands to be integral Japanese sovereign territory and subject to the bi-lateral defense treaty as exists between the two nations [United States & Japan]

1. "Amid Chinese Aggression, Obama Affirms U.S. Defense of Japan’s Senkaku Islands"

"During his trip to Japan, President Obama publicly affirmed long-standing U.S. policy that the bilateral security treaty applies to the Japanese-controlled Senkaku Islands."
. . . .

"During a joint press conference with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, Obama declared, 'let me reiterate that our treaty commitment to Japan’s security is absolute, and Article 5 [of the bilateral security treaty] covers all territories under Japan’s administration, including the Senkaku Islands.'”

2. "Obama, the Senkaku/Diaoyu Islands, and the US-Japan Security Treaty"

"The main talking point of President Barack Obama's visit to Japan on April 23-24 has been his declaration that the Senkaku/Diaoyu Islands are subject to Article 5 of the Japan-US Security Treaty. Article 5 of the treaty declares the two states would act against an attack on 'territories under the administration of Japan.'"

3. "Obama: Senkakus Covered Under US-Japan Security Treaty"

"U.S. President Barack Obama, for the first time, took a side on the Senkaku/Diaoyu dispute, backing Japan."



The islands also an integral geological continuum of the Ryukyu Islands? Someone an expert on the issue can respond?

Surely there can be an amicable and negotiated settlement to the entire subject of the Spratly Islands, the Paracels, Senkaku/Diaoyu? I fear otherwise however!


Thursday, May 22, 2014

Jet II.

This is coolbert:


Jets and experten!

Those German jet combat aircraft of the Second World War [WW2] having a definite speed advantage of somewhat greater than one hundred miles per hour [one hundred sixty kilometers per hour] beyond that of most allied warplanes.

Speed in aerial combat a definite positive asset:

* When attacking, the pilot is more readily able to assume a positional advantage.
* When defending, the pilot is more readily able to escape from a positional disadvantage.

This is all INTUITIVE?

Secret [or merely new] weapons such as a jet combat warplane according to Wilhelm F. Flicke:

"It is an elementary observation that the employment of a new weapon can only be successful if:
1. "It comes as a surprise."
2. "It is used in great quantities."

German jet combat aircraft of WW2 not fulfilling either criteria. Allied intelligence able from a variety of sources to follow jet development. Numbers too not sufficient, too little and too late.

Galland having organized a jet-equipped squadron piloted by experten [those German pilots of the best ability and combat experience] ABLE TO TAKE FULL ADVANTAGE OF THOSE POSITIVE FEATURES OF THE Me-262!

Jet aircraft of the period NOT for the novice or inexperienced pilot! Much less for those not having combat hours!

AND the first combat by the Galland experten squadron those results not so absolutely overwhelming.

A formation of 1,300 American heavy bombers attacked by experten piloted jets, thirteen planes shot down. Three jets also lost to the American massed bomber organic defensive firepower!


German experten during those latter months of the war too according to an acknowledged aviation expert:

"encouraged his [not necessarily so Galland] experten to stay out of battle so those survivors of the past four to six years of steady warfare could survive the last two or three months--knowing that the end was coming very soon. They engaged, but did not press when things did not look good."

AND even if the allied strategic bomber offensive had been thwarted by significant numbers of German jet warplanes taking to the air sooner the final outcome of the war would not have been much different? Allied war planners as a consequence rather concentrating on massed tactical aviation much in the manner of the Soviet air forces!


Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Jet I.

This is coolbert:

From that era of the Second World War [WW2] this combat warplane of which I was only vaguely familiar.

Single-engine German jet combat warplane seen as an alternative to the more complicated and sophisticated dual-engine jet Me-262.

I had thought this aircraft ONLY in the R & D stage of development but NO! Was a production model and employed for a very brief and illustrious period in combat.

The Heinkel He-162. Additionally referred to by a variety of names. "Salamander", "Sparrow", Type 162, "People's Fighter", 1-TL.

Intuitively and instantaneously my reaction is that the He-162 is not an airworthy warplane! That jet engine mounted above the fuselage seems too ponderous in relation to the size of the fuselage. That power of the jet engine producing stresses that would shake the "Salamander" apart?

A quick and dirty solution to the problem of the allied strategic bomber offensive. Daylight raids [American] of massed thousand bomber formations wreaking havoc for which the jet warplane provided a possible counter. Luftwaffe again ascendant, those American heavy bomber combat boxe formations vulnerable to attack by the superior technology as offered by the He-162.

The He-162 also considered by military planners to be a warplane pilots of whom were relative novices could fly effectively into combat. A plane thought to be almost disposable in manner. Such as was the rocket plane from the same period, the "Natter".

"Salamander" that type of warplane as a concept favored by Nazi fanatics! 

"[The] unrealistic notion that this plane [The He 162] should be a 'people's fighter,' in which the Hitler Youth, after a short training regimen . . . could fly for the defense of Germany, displayed the unbalanced fanaticism of those days." - - Heinkel.

Brown the English test pilot however having flown the He-162 and deemed the plane as too difficult for an inexperienced pilot.

"delightful to fly, although the very light controls made it suitable only for experienced pilots"

Rather the He-162 in addition should be understood as another instance of German dissipated and unfocused war effort. A concentration of resources to produce a combat jet lacking, numbers of such aircraft not available until the absolute very end of the war, the proverbial too little too late.


Monday, May 19, 2014


This is coolbert:

That untimely death of the Polish General officer Sikorski during the Second World War [WW2] a subject of controversy never resolved. The proverbial foul play suspected but never established with certitude. Indeed, the cause of the airplane crash deemed as an unresolved matter.

From that comment to the blog by Steiner:   "Communists, almost certainly, who were operating with impunity in the UK at the time and who didn't wish to see a traditionalist like De Gaulle emerge as the leader of post-war France."

Some persons who identity is unknown indeed making a determined effort to kill Charles De Gaulle. An assassination attempt does seem to have occurred.

And my reply:  "Steiner correct in his appreciation. English secret agents beholden to the Soviet Union in high positions of importance within the British Secret Service MI-6 [Kim Philby] and Counter-Intelligence MI-5 [Anthony Blunt] more than able to facilitate an assassination."

Sikorski asking too many questions in a blunt and forthright manner, irritating to the British and Soviets both.

Concerns of Sikorski to include [1] the post-war boundaries and independence of Poland and also [2] the status of the disappeared Polish army officers, priests, intellectuals that had whisked off to the Soviet Union in the aftermath of Polish partition and occupation [1939].

As has been noted by various other authorities, Kim Philby in his capacity during the Second World War as a serving counter-intelligence officer of the British Secret Intelligence Service [MI6] had a responsibility for what was termed the Iberian section. To include that English territory of GIBRALTAR.

According to the high-ranking Romanian defector Pacepa Sikorski NOT mentioned as one of those foreign leaders the Soviets having either killed or tried to kill!

The death of Sikorski more correctly attributed to an airplane either overloaded or improperly loaded or a combination of both!

Read from the David Irving web site a free download of:  "Accident. The Death of General Sikorski".

Accident? You the reader to the blog decide if you can!


Saturday, May 17, 2014


This is coolbert:

From the  "Weapons and Warfare Military History and Hardware" web site we have an excellent description of the Battle of Riga, 1917.

The German army during the Great War [WW1] for the first time at Riga using in an institutionalized manner all aspects of the blitzkrieg offensive.

"The Orchestration of Destruction: The Battle of Riga"

Blitzkrieg warfare as characterized by:

* Infiltration [Hutier] tactics.

* Poison gas as delivered by artillery shell.

* Ground strafing aircraft.

Artillery as used by the German massed in prodigious numbers, an overwhelming and highly effective bombardment for which the Russian had no answer.

"The creeping barrage surged forwards after 5 hours and 10 minutes of pounding . . . the main barrage had delivered 10, 500 tons of high explosive on to the Russian defensive system – the equivalent of 500 B-52 bomber payloads. The devastation was made more horrific by the densest utilisation of gas shells since the technology was introduced and by the relative accuracy of the fire."

NOT ONLY the use of poison gas but the accurate delivery of poison gas!

Artillery fire intense and ACCURATE!

Blitzkrieg also incorporating pursuit for which the ground strafing aircraft played an important role. Get the enemy on the run and keep him on the run in a relentless manner, no mercy shown.


Friday, May 16, 2014

FlaK 40 Zwilling.

This is coolbert:

Until just the other day this German weapons system from the era of the Second World War [WW2] totally unknown to me.

Big-bore dual barrel anti-aircraft-artillery [AAA] with a formidable capability. As mounted on German flak towers, a danger to allied strategic bomber aircraft and THE FLAK TOWERS THEMSELVES.

FlaK 40 Zwilling!

"12.8 cm FlaK 40 Zwilling Twin mounted anti-aircraft, capable of firing 20 rounds per minute. Used mainly on flak towers. Production started in 1942 with 10 twin sets produced, another eight in 1943, and in February 1945 a total of 34 were available."

This FlaK 40 Zwilling mounted on a wheeled carriage I believe for display purposes only. In action would be bolted very securely to the concrete roof of a flak tower, stationary and not mobile.

"The gun fired a 27.9 kg (57.2-pound) shell at 880 m/s (2,890 ft/s) to a maximum ceiling of 14,800 m (48,556 ft). Compared with the 88mm FlaK 18 & 36, the 128 used a powder charge four times as great which resulted in a shell flight time only one-third as long. This made aim against fast-moving targets much easier."

It is reputed about 16,000 rounds of conventional German AAA required to bring down one allied bomber aircraft. Only about 3,000 rounds needed to be fired from a FlaK 40 Zwilling however to achieve the same result!

A round as fired from the FlaK 40 Zwilling producing an enormous recoil, the prodigious forces as generated DIRECTED PREDOMINANTLY DOWNWARD INTO THE INTERIOR AND OUTER WALLS OF THE FLAK TOWER!


German engineers and architects having incorporated into some level of the flak tower layers of sand of some depth to absorb the force of the downward recoil. German military engineering and military architecture during WW2 very competent, novel and imaginative approaches to problems quite remarkable!

Also from the Gustave Roosen web site that problem of quality control of munitions and weapons systems as produced by impressed and forced labor during that WW2 period addressed:

"the 128mm caliber ammunition which we were firing came out of a munitions factory which employed 'forced labour', and probably also prisoners, who were busy carrying out sabotage. They sabotaged the shell by drilling into it so that the propellant and the explosive material of the actual shell were ignited when firing took place. The result in the most favourable case was a ruptured barrel, and in the most unfavourable case, an exploding barrel"

In the case of the former, damage to the gun and rendering same ineffective. In the case of the latter, death and injury to the gun crew.



This is coolbert:

From a comment to the blog:

"Benjamin said...
This reminds me of Gladio in Italy. I wonder whether Allied forces knew about it at some level, and tacitly supported it by doing nothing."

Referring to the German secret army as clandestinely organized by German war veterans in the aftermath of the Second World War.

Indeed, that German secret army bearing a similarity to Gladio.

Gladio that clandestine and in "cold storage" organization of anti-communist European elements that would have become the nucleus of a partisan/guerrilla insurgency if the worst case scenario of NATO military planners became a reality, BIG RED the Soviet army moving west.

"Operation Gladio . . . is the codename for a clandestine NATO 'stay-behind' operation in Europe during the Cold War. Its purpose was to continue anti-communist actions in the event of a Soviet invasion and conquest. . . ."Operation Gladio" is used as an informal name for all stay-behind organizations.

"Operating in many NATO and even some neutral countries"

"Stay-behind" operations, military equipment pre-positioned and hidden, those personnel organic to the Gladio trained and again in "cold-storage", units activated ONLY IN CASE OF SOVIET INVASION AND OCCUPATION!


Thursday, May 15, 2014

Secret Army!

This is coolbert:

This news item as reported by Der Spiegel causing a mild stir in Germany. Thanks to the tip from Jungle Trader.


German and not Nazi but still controversial.

"Files Uncovered: Nazi Veterans Created Illegal Army"

"Newly discovered documents show that in the years after World War II, former members of the Nazi Wehrmacht and Waffen-SS formed a secret army to protect the country from the Soviets. The illegal project could have sparked a major scandal at the time."
. . . .

"The previously secret documents reveal the existence of a coalition of approximately 2,000 former officers -- veterans of the Nazi-era Wehrmacht and the Waffen-SS -- who decided to put together an army in postwar Germany in 1949. They made their preparations without a mandate from the German government, without the knowledge of the parliament and, the documents show, by circumventing Allied occupation forces."

"The new discovery was brought about by a coincidence. Historian Agilolf Kesselring found the documents"

"Kesselring, the historian, has a special connection to military history: His grandfather Albert was a general field marshal and southern supreme commander in the Third Reich"

This action of these German war veterans impermissible at the time, Germany under allied military control and governance. That situation lasting until 1955!!

This sounds to me like an army with leaders but no troops. Cadre level personnel, officers and staff without enlisted troops, also no heavy equipment, tanks, artillery, naval or air force assets. Hollow!


Tuesday, May 13, 2014


This is coolbert:

Originally reported only as speculation!

And now has been done. Tit-for-tat retaliation.

NO more Russian rocket motors for those missiles that launch American military satellites into space.

"Breaking: Moscow to ban US from using Russian rocket engines for military launches"

"Moscow is banning Washington from using Russian-made rocket engines, which the US has used to deliver its military satellites into orbit, said Russia’s Deputy PM, Dmitry Rogozin, who is in charge of space and defense industries."

"According to Rogozin, Russia is also halting the operation of all American GPS stations on its territory from June 1."


America still possessing the Delta IV "indigenous" launch vehicle.

And there is always the Ariane Euro launch vehicle.

Maybe the Japanese too can be availed upon if necessary. Tora, tora, tora!

Has it come to this?


Blood Moon!

This is coolbert:

"If he (the Prophet) is really a prophet, ask him to cause the Sun to stand still or the Moon to alter its course, the rivers to cease to flow or the dead to rise from their graves". - - William Henry Harrison.

We have this extract from the "First Things" courtesy Dermott J. Mullan.

Celestial phenomenon of an unusual nature, purportedly a precursor to WAR or events of a most significant nature?

"Goodnight, Blood Moon Fact Checking John Hagee’s Blood Moon Prophecy

"Prominent pastor [evangelic Protestant] John Hagee’s 'blood moon prophecy,' the claim that eclipses track with significant events in the history of Israel, has gained coverage if not much credence in USA Today, the New York Daily News, and other outlets. There are political and religious responses that could be offered to his prophecy, but as an astronomer I had one question in mind: Do Hagee’s factual claims hold? The answer is no."

"Hagee’s prophecy claims that 'tetrads' (the occurrence of four total lunar eclipses over two years) which occur on Passover and Succot (P&S) coincide with significant events in the history of the Jewish people."

"To support this claim, Hagee says that P & tetrads in 1493-94, 1949-50, and 1967-68 can be associated (within a year or two) with expulsion of Spanish Jews (1492), establishment of the state of Israel (1948), and Israel’s six-day war (1967)."

[. . . .]

"Hagee uses his claim to make predictions that significant events may occur in the near future in Israel. The timeliness of Hagee’s book is heightened by the fact that a P & S tetrad started recently (on April 14, 2014)."

"Significant events in the history of the Jewish people" in this instance presumably a war between Israel and a foreign power perhaps to include the use of nuclear weaponry?

Mr. Mullan and astronomer in a rational and reasoned manner able to demonstrate that "significant events" in Jewish history not always associated with a tetrad cycle. Indeed, more "significant events" NOT associated with a tetrad cycle than ARE!

However, also undeniably so, unusual celestial phenomenon of a solar and lunar variety associated with major wars and military conflicts of ancient and modern times having occurred!

To include but not necessarily limited to:

* The Battle of Delhi, 1300 B.C. As described in the Hindu epic poem Mahabhrata, a total eclipse of the sun followed six days later by a total eclipse of the moon. And such events as actually having occurred.

* Gaugamela, 331 B.C. Macedonians of Alexander the Great versus Persians. A total eclipse of the moon on that evening prior to the battle. A sign of wonder as observed by all, the portent most unmistakable.

* Siege of Constantinople, 1453. The rising of a total eclipsed moon not observable, an omen correctly interpreted as EVIL!

* Prophetstown, 1806. Tenskwatawa "The Prophet" and brother of the famous American Indian war chief Tecumseh having answered the challenge of William Henry Harrison. The sun did stand still in the heavens! That War of 1812 also foretold by the New Madrid Earthquake. The rivers not necessarily "ceasing to flow" but indeed for the time the Mississippi river having reversed course and run backwards!!

* Battle of Isandhlwana, 1879. Zulu versus British. Annular eclipse of the sun during that the path of totality passing directly over the combatants as the battle in progress.

* Tannenberg, 1914. An awesome spectacle the total eclipse of the sun having been observed by the Russian peasant soldiers with proper conclusion reached! Something of a majestic, grand and terrible nature was going to occur, and DID!

Paranormal phenomenon of this type and as associated with war merely a coincidence! Isn't it?

"There will be signs in the sun, moon and stars. Luke 21:25.

You the devoted reader to the blog decide for yourself.


Monday, May 12, 2014


This is coolbert:

Here with a schematic of the Iranian midget submarine class Ghadir.

Described as a littoral water submarine. Green waters close to shore. I doubt even that.

That length in meters about sixty feet [29 meters]. And the displacement about 150 tons.

Compare with a conventional diesel/electic submersible of the German Dolphin class.

Dolphin about twice as long but having a displacement about ten times greater than Ghadir!!

Ghadir having only two torpedoes and no possibility of reload?

It seems no quarters, galley or even a head for that matter. Crew members during a mission not able to sleep, eat, use the toilet?

Well, Ghadir is a vessel the crew of which might even be considered to be fanatics heedless of discomfort or sacrifice.

At the end of the Second World War the Japanese building midget submarines in profusion, the utility of such warships of dubious value I might thing, overwhelming numbers alone NOT sufficing.


Saturday, May 10, 2014


This is coolbert:

That binding bi-lateral defense treaty between the Philippines and the United States further clarified during the most recent Asian good-will visit by the American President, contingencies anticipated and ACCESS to Filipino military bases by American military forces under discussion.

From Strategy Page and as copied almost in entirety:

1. "Philippines: America Will Sort-Of Help Against China"

"The U.S. signed the EDCA (Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement) with the Philippines, at the same time that the U.S. made it clear that the 1951 mutual defense treaty between the United States and Philippines applied if China used force to assert claims over Filipino territory. The details of EDCA are still being worked out, especially which Filipino military bases the U.S. can share and to what extent. The U.S. was, however, vague about what kind of support if would provide if China managed to continue driving Filipino ships out of areas claimed by China (most of the South China Sea including Filipino coastal waters) without using armed force."

Clarification not so absolutely clear as to what exactly is meant by those terms: "Filipino territory" and "armed force".

AND as noted by the English language Vietnamese web site Thanh Nien News.

2. "Philippines to give US forces access to up to five military bases"

* "from three to five Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) bases"

* "the army's jungle training base in Fort Magsaysay"

 *  "three former U.S. bases -- Clark airfield, Subic bay, Poro Point -- and Camp Aguinaldo, the military general headquarters in Manila."

 * "The United States is also considering whether to seek access to four civil airports - Palawan, Cebu, General Santos, and Laoag - as well as Batanes airfield for refueling and emergency servicing, the sources said. There are also nearby bases in Cebu and Palawan."

The Vietnamese observing events closely especially within the context of the most recent confrontation with Chinese forces in the South China Sea.


Friday, May 9, 2014


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From the previous blog entry:

"Such vessels when in a swarm mode of attack destroying an American naval target, numbers alone both under the water and above sufficient! That is the scenario as envisioned by Iranian military planners?"

Iranian "military planners" at this very moment constructing an above-the-water mock-up of an American Nimitz class aircraft carrier. As reported in various media and having drawn some attention.


That swarm attack asymmetric and to be accomplished by the midget submarines but also including:

* High-speed boats.

* Ground-in-wing Bevar flying boats.

* Boghammers.

* Combat drones.

* An assortment of conventional forces operating in the suicide mode of attack.

> Aircraft.

> Surface-to-surface missiles.

> Surface vessels.

> Conventional diesel/electric submarines.

Indeed, almost all Iranian forces when targeting an American Nimitz class aircraft carrier operating in the suicide mode.

A simultaneous attack by a multiple numbers of assets of all types, an overwhelming swarm unstoppable and almost of Biblical proportions , concentrated defenses of the Nimitz. not able to fire fast enough or accurate enough or even having sufficient ammo to destroy all assailants.

An American aircraft carrier of course not operating alone but accompanied by a contingent of other surface warships and submersibles, protection not limited by organic Nimitz resources alone!



De Gaulle.

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From a comment to the blog by Steiner in reply to my original entry:

 "Steiner said...
Communists, almost certainly, who were operating with impunity in the UK at the time and who didn't wish to see a traditionalist like De Gaulle emerge as the leader of post-war France."

Charles De Gaulle while in command of the Free French during World War Two [WW2] almost certainly the subject of an assassination attempt.

Steiner correct in his appreciation. English secret agents beholden to the Soviet Union in high positions of importance within the British Secret Service MI-6 [Kim Philby] and Counter-Intelligence MI-5 [Anthony Blunt] more than able to facilitate an assassination.

And as also noted:

 "The man [de Gaulle] had MANY ENEMIES and was not held in high repute by the other allied leaders. That list of potential suspects in the apparent assassination attempt if compiled I might assume very long indeed."

American and British political leadership during the war not finding de Gaulle so compliant and malleable as they might have liked.

Within the Free French movement, both external and internal NOT ALL Frenchmen in agreement that General De Gaulle as the undisputed leader, the means and methods of the man [de Gaulle] not so appreciated by all.

Communists external and internal [French resistance] of course anticipating a large degree of political chaos in the aftermath of the war, seeking to advantage of same, de Gaulle seen obviously as an impediment to "commie" take-over!



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From DEBKAfile an update:

First there was Yugo, then there was Yono, and now there is Ghadir.

Miniature submarines one of now which has evidently gone to the bottom.

"An Iranian stealth submarine sinks before targeting a mock US carrier"

"06 May. A new Iranian Ghadir-class stealth mini-submarine, home-built with Chinese technology, recently sank near the Strait of Hormuz while preparing for a Revolutionary Guards naval exercise to practice sinking or disabling a mock-up US aircraft carrier . . . To keep the accident secret, Tehran curtailed the search for the estimated 10 crewmen."

"Ghadir . . . is a class of midget submarines built by Iran specifically for cruising within the shallow waters of the Persian Gulf . . . It is based on the North Korean Yono class submarine."

These miniature submarines as built by the Iranian allegedly in profusion about one-tenth [1/10] the size of a conventional diesel/electric submersible, carrying only two torpedoes, missions as assigned primarily of an unconventional and asymmetric nature, and then ONLY limited at that!

Such vessels when in a swarm mode of attack destroying an American naval target, numbers alone both under the water and above sufficient! That is the scenario as envisioned by Iranian military planners?


Thursday, May 8, 2014


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Movie review.

The movie being reviewed is the "Gleiwitz Case".

Originally seen as "Der Fall Gleiwitz".

From 1961 an East German [communist] production.

An attack by German pseudo-forces, a false-flag operation that justification a casus belli as cited by the Nazi regime for the attack on Poland precipitating the Second World War [WW2].

"Re-enacted true story of successful assault by Nazis, posing as Poles, on a German border radio station so that Hitler could 'justify' thereby his invasion of Poland."

This move I rate as good but no more than that! Seems to be factual and also is an excellent example of that false flag operation as conducted by pseudo-forces.

ONLY the other day I had a blog entry about this very topic. How serendipitous to find this movie I was not even aware of!


Pseudo and false flag operations require a great attention to detail. Uniforms, weapons, personnel, plausibility, etc.

As was the case at Gleiwitz.


Wednesday, May 7, 2014


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Hot update, South China Sea!!

I assume this is the Paracel Islands! Thanks to Freeper in this case!

Chinese and Vietnamese facing off over sovereignty and territorial rights!!


"Vietnam and China face off in South China Sea"

"Vietnam said on Wednesday a Chinese vessel intentionally rammed two of its ships in a part of the disputed South China Sea where Beijing has deployed a giant oil rig, sending tensions spiraling in the region."

"The foreign ministry in Hanoi said the collisions took place on Sunday and caused considerable damage to the Vietnamese ships. Six people sustained minor injuries, it said."

"'On May 4, Chinese ships intentionally rammed two Vietnamese Sea Guard vessels,' said Tran Duy Hai, a foreign ministry official and deputy head of Vietnam's national border committee."

"'Chinese ships, with air support, sought to intimidate Vietnamese vessels. Water cannon was used,' he told a news conference in Hanoi. Six other ships were also hit, other officials said, but not as badly.

"Dozens of navy and coastguard vessels from both countries are in the area where China has deployed the giant rig, Vietnamese officials have said."

"'No shots have been fired yet,' said a Vietnamese navy official"

Dozens of ships with air support and a giant drilling rig. Collisions, intentional ramming, injuries, water cannon, "tensions spiraling". Actions short of war but very close to war.

In the book SSN Vietnam is described as an ally of China! That was twenty years ago! NO LONGER AND PERHAPS NEVER AGAIN!!


Sambisa Forest.

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Intelligence preparation of the battlefield [IPB].

Devoted readers to the blog by now are well acquainted with the recent kidnappings in Nigeria. Insurgents of the Islamic Boko Haram guerrilla faction having abducted hundreds of schoolgirls and escaped apparently unscathed into their forest/mountain stronghold of the Sambisa forest.

"Inside Nigeria's Sambisa forest, the Boko Haram hideout where kidnapped school girls are believed to be held"

"Once a game reserve renowned for its wildlife, Sambisa is now a key stronghold for Islamic insurgents, and a place of fear for the people of Borno state."

That Sambisa forest at one time a colonial game preserve now that sanctuary for the insurgents, an area the terrain most forbidding, almost impenetrable. Boko Haram I might think also having had many years to prepare the environment to their advantage.

A landscape the danger of which also to include the possibility of attack from wild and dangerous animals. With regard to military operations Africa is almost unique in this regard.

That total or nearly total lack of infrastructure in the Sambisa area also making conventional military operations difficult at best, THE BIG FOOTPRINT OF MASSIVE MILITARY FORCE NOT GOING TO WORK IN THIS SITUATION!

Anyone have a good idea how to proceed with this matter which is now receiving world-wide media coverage and universal condemnation?


Tuesday, May 6, 2014


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As extracted from a previous blog entry those comments of General Eisenhower:

* "'It wearies me to be thought of as timid,' . . . 'when I've had to do things that were so risky as to be almost crazy.'"

One of those "things" as had in mind by Ike was the invasion of Pantelleria.

Ike speaking of Operation Corkscrew.

Corkscrew a military operation during World War Two [WW2] I was not familiar with.

Pantelleria that Italian occupied and fortified island located half-way between Sicily and the African continent, seen as an impediment to Operation Husky!

Those Axis radar installations and airfields considered as a risk to allied forces, capture of the island seen as essential to Husky!

"Operation Corkscrew was the Allied invasion of the Italian island of Pantelleria (between Sicily and Tunisia) on 11 June 1943."

"The radar installations and airfield on the island were seen as a real threat to the planned invasion of Sicily. The Italian garrison on the island was 12,000 strong in well-entrenched pillboxes and 21 gun batteries of a variety of calibres"

The capture intact of those airfields also deemed as a major plus within the context of Husky.

Pantelleria subjected to an intense and sustained ten-day aerial and naval bombardment, the Italian garrison as prepared as it was surrendering en masse with the only casualty to the allied invasion force being "a man bitten by a mule".

Such major, abject and absolute surrender of troops NEVER occurring in the Pacific theater, intense and sustained bombardment by air and naval assets NOT EVER resulting in mass surrender.

The Japanese with their bushido code of honor much more resolute than the Italians.

That Italian military enigma again!!



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The Other People?

Pro-Russian combat and militia elements now active in Ukraine including Spetsnaz [special purpose units] consisting of troops as referred to by the Soviet era defector Suvorov as "The Other People".

Soldiers within Spetsnaz as not having Slavic origins and distinctive in that regard.

 "Russians Importing CHECHEN Soldiers to Sew [sic] Further Chaos in Eastern Ukraine?"

"Today's combat in and near Slovyansk between Russian-backed insurgents and Ukranian military personnel resulted in 30 insurgent/terrorist dead, according to a Ukranian government statement..."

"But the interesting thing is that Chechen soldiers were amongst the 'rebels' killed in the battle for a key checkpoint north of the city- what the hell are they doing there?"

"Furthermore, local Ukrainians taped 'rebels' who just appeared manning another ('pro-Russian) checkpoint who were speaking a strange foreign language that was clearly not Slavic..."

"Earlier reports also had some Transdniestrans -from a breakaway strip of Moldova that wants to be annexed by Russia- showing up amongst pro-Russian insurgents that the Kremlin still purports to be 'locals rising up to protect themselves'"

From Surorov:

"Very rarely one comes across young Soviet Italians, too . . . and spetsnaz contains Turks, Kurds, Greeks, Koreans, Mongolians, Finns and people of other nationalities . . . . I have never heard of there being purely national formations within spetsnaz . . . It is perfectly possible that they would be created in case of necessity and perhaps there are some permanent spetsnaz groups chosen on a purely national basis"

Doing autopsies and examining the remains for circumcision too will become routine for Ukrainian authorities? Determine if persons not of Ukrainian nationality and origin involved in the insurgency? Ukrainians do not customarily circumcise their new-born?


Monday, May 5, 2014

False Flag?

This is coolbert:

Thanks to Harry and Sharkhunters HOT MAIL we have this item.

"RUSSIAN BEAR -  MARCONI keeps us up to date on radio transmissions around the world.  Here is something just received from MARCONI of interest about Ukraine."

According to MARCONI clandestine radio transmissions as monitored indicative of a false flag operation?

"The following stations have been monitored. They were monitored since the Ukraine situation developed, and can therefore be said with some degree of certainty to be related to the situation in that area."

"3.        Voice station. Uses English language, which is no guide to the sender or end user's nationality. As one of my old sergeants once said to me: 'Just because the message is sent in German just proves that the sender and receiver speak German!' [and nothing more than that] Traffic consists of a 3 figure call sign, followed by groups of 5 digit cipher groups. Sending ends with Zero. Zero. Zero. Zero. Zero. Zero. This is identical to stations long identified as being of Russian/ Slavic origin . . . Voice traffic consist of 5 figure cipher groups.

We have to be clear about this. Radio stations "long identified as being of Russian/Slavic origin" for some reason all at once broadcasting in the ENGLISH LANGUAGE!

"Indicative of a false flag operation?" Blame it all on the Americans. After all, we heard English secret radio transmissions in the area! Don't you know!


Sunday, May 4, 2014


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From the most recent DEBKAfile news letter some miscellany:

1. "Al Qaeda suicide bombings -first attack on Suez Canal bank"

"February 24, 2014. Two Al Qaeda suicide bombings Friday at A-Tor, on the bank of the Suez Canal, killed an Egyptian soldier and wounded five at an army checkpoint, and struck a bus, injuring four passengers. This was the first time the jihadists had struck in the Suez Canal region."

NO! Jihadists HAVE struck the Suez Canal and environs previously! That objective either to render the canal as inoperative or raise insurance costs to a prohibitive level!

2. "Saudis parade nuclear missiles for the first time"

"30 April. Saudi Arabia paraded its nuclear-capable missiles for the first time Tuesday, April 29, showing the liquid propellant DF-3 ballistic missile (NATO designated CSS-2), purchased from China 20 years ago. This missile has a range of 2,650 km, carries a payload of 2,150 kg and a single nuclear warhead with a 1-3 MT yield. This was Riyadh’s way of displaying its readiness to use a nuclear weapon in a potential war with Iran and its non-reliance any longer on a US nuclear shield"

The Saudi NOW HAS AN ORGANIC NUCLEAR CAPABILITY? Delivery system with previously purchased  on-call warheads available from Pakistan? This should be a wake-up call for everyone!

3. "Secret US-Hizballah talks. Washington plans to include Lebanon, Syria deals in Iran nuclear pact "

"29 April. The Obama administration has embarked on secret dialogue with Hizballah, DEBKAfile reports. The first direct encounter between the CIA and Hizballah representatives took place in early March in Cyprus. Two subsequent meetings have produced initial US-Hizballah understandings for Lebanon and Syria. The administration reckons that any difficulties cropping up in those talks can be fixed by turning to Tehran."

NO negotiations with terrorists! This is not negotiation but DIALOGUE! An exchange of viewpoints?

4. "Two Mid East intelligence chiefs wrong about Syria"

"26 April. In his three years as AMAN chief, Maj. Gen. Aviv Kochavi, just appointed OC Northern Command, was credited with enhancing the corps’ operational capabilities as a combat force. But, on the debit side, he made three major miscalculations: [1] He overrated the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood’s life expectancy, [2] underrated Bashar Assad’s chances of survival; and [3] did not recommend that Israel halt Hizballah’s military intervention in the Syrian War. Kochavi shared his second mistake with Prince Bandar, who paid for it by his replacement as Director of Saudi Intelligence on April 15."

AMAN Israeli military intelligence and not be confused with Mossad. Analysis as regard the situation in Syria an the involvement of Hezbollah incorrect. EVEN THE ISRAELI WITH THEIR VAUNTED INTELLIGENCE CAPABILITY CAN BE WRONG!

My admonition and warning as usual, the noted blogger Spengler rating DEBKAfile as unreliable under all circumstances.



This is coolbert:

Movie review.

The movie being reviewed is "Predators"

"A group of elite warriors are hunted by members of a merciless alien race known as Predators."


"The mercenary Royce; the military Isabelle; the Russian soldier Nikolai; the San Quentin criminal Stans; the Sierra Leone militia Mombasa; the drug lord Cuchillo; the Yakuza Hanzo; and the Doctor Edwin awake in free fall but they succeed to open their parachutes landing in a jungle. Soon they discover that they are on another planet and they are prey of aliens in a deadly hunting game, and they need to join forces to destroy their predators and survive."

* American [?] mmercenary, special operations type ranger/commando.

* Israeli Defense Force [IDF] woman sniper.

* Mexican drug cartel assassin.

* Yakuza Japanese gangster.

* Sierra Leone RUF enforcer.

* American condemned death row convict.

* Russian Spetsnaz troop.

* American doctor.

This movie rates ONLY good with qualification. The proverbial "action packed thriller" continuing as part of the series: "Predator I", "Predator II", "Alien versus Predator".

Human predators each and everyone whisked away to another planet [not earth], a game preserve, to be "hunted" for sport by the alien "predators". The ULTIMATE HUNT so to speak, the dangerous predator stalking the other dangerous predator.

Criminal elements among the human predators and described in the movie hardly ever contributing to team work and unity as would be needed for survival in such a situation.

That role of the doctor too not entirely clear to me, I must have missed something. Other than he had a knowledge of plant toxins I thought might have been invaluable in combating the space aliens.



This is coolbert:

Movie review.

The movie being reviewed is "Emperor (2012)"

"As the Japanese surrender at the end of WWII, Gen. Fellers is tasked with deciding if Emperor Hirohito will be hanged as a war criminal. Influencing his ruling is his quest to find Aya, an exchange student he met years earlier in the U.S."


"A story of love and understanding set amidst the tensions and uncertainties of the days immediately following the Japanese surrender at the end of World War II. On the staff of General Douglas MacArthur (Jones), the de facto ruler of Japan as Supreme Commander of the occupying forces, a leading Japanese expert, General Bonner Fellers is charged with reaching a decision of historical importance: should Emperor Hirohito be tried and hanged as a war criminal?"

"The compelling and meditative film Emperor depicts with fidelity Bonner Fellers' character and the complexities of finding the path toward justice and peace."

"As Emperor states,  it is 'inspired by true events.' Many aspects are historically accurate, but it is a creative narrative, not a documentary of Bonner Fellers' personal or professional life."

I rate this movie as good but nothing more than that.

"Historically accurate" it seems without question. There was a Japanese exchange student romantic relationship [Aya] and Fellers HAD made a number of trips to Japan PRIOR to 7 December.


ONLY those events of the war as transpiring IN THE AFTERMATH OF 7 DECEMBER TO BE CONSIDERED!

Aggressive war as waged against the Chinese prior to 7 December AND THE WIDESPREAD USE OF CHEMICAL POISON GAS BY THE JAPANESE NOT A CONSIDERATION!

The Japanese having used on over a thousand occasions poison gas against the Chinese, THE RELEASE OF SUCH WEAPONRY ONLY GIVEN ON THE COMMAND OF HIROHITO HIMSELF! So it is alleged.

Political considerations in the aftermath of the war foremost on the minds of Mac Arthur and Fellers both!


Friday, May 2, 2014


This is coolbert:

"'Nothing in war is more important than unity of command. Thus when war is waged against a single power there must be but one army, acting on one line and led by one chief…Better one bad general than two good ones.'" - - Napoleon.

Well, this says it all, doesn't it? NOTHING MORE IMPORTANT THAN UNITY OF COMMAND! And if Napoleon said it is so, generally speaking it can be assumed to be so!

Dwight David Eisenhower as overall commander of allied forces in the European theater [ETO] during the Second World War [WW2] often criticized for his alleged "timidity", not seen as an active or competent combat commander not able to act in a decisive and bold manner to bring the conflict to an expeditious close.

Good combat commanders subordinate to Ike such as Bradley, Montgomery, Patton and even Jacob Devers each and every one offering their own plan for quick, overwhelming offensive action and maneuver the result of which guaranteed to bring the war in Europe to a sudden and dramatic climactic end!

Eisenhower rather preferring and insisting on the dual axis attack [often referred to as "broad front" approach], harmonious coalition warfare that "unity of command" most important, rancor and dissension held to a minimum.

NOT to suggest that Ike a "bad general" or even correct in being described as "timid". More properly seen and understood as PRUDENT, CAUTIOUS, averse to committing a serious or calamitous mistake.

Ike also in that period prior to WW2 acknowledged as the foremost expert in the U.S. Army on the campaigns of Napoleon, Eisenhower undoubtedly familiar [?] with the adages and maxims of the Emperor!

As for the accusations of "timidity", consider the comments of Ike himself, as found in the David Irving book "War Between the Generals":

"'It wearies me to be thought of as timid,' . . . 'when I've had to do things that were so risky as to be almost crazy.'"

You the devoted reader to the blog take it from there!


Thursday, May 1, 2014


This is coolbert:

Add the name of this man to the list of those most senior combat commanders leading from the front during battle, wounded repeatedly, nonetheless continuing to enter the fray over and over leading troops forward from the front, heedless to danger and possessing and admirable physical courage and valor.

Adrian Carton de Wiart!

"Adrian Carton de Wiart was a Belgian aristocrat who survived 11 wounds across three wars, led infantry charges on three continents, survived a couple plane crashes, was shot in the face at least three times, lost an eye, a hand, and a lung, accumulated enough shrapnel in his body to set off every metal detector from here to Berlin, made friends with basically every world leader from Pope Pius to Chiang Kai-Shek, and still spent the majority of his 80s hunting ducks one-handed on a massive estate where he lived with a woman half his age."

That list of valorous and very brave senior combat commanders, wounded repeatedly to include:

* Hyazinth von Strachwitz. Wounded fourteen times.

* Adrian Carton de Wiart. Wounded eleven times.

* Oskar Dirlewanger. Wounded eleven times.

* Bernard Freyberg. Wounded nine times.

* Robert Frederick. Wounded nine times.

Behavior and comportment on the battlefield understood within the context of the Heroic Age and being the type of "stuff" of which the immortal Homer might have dedicated as an epic!

Some might disagree of my including Oskar Dirlewanger in that list of the esteemed. Oskar in command of a SS anti-partisan battalion during the Second World War and noted for habitual betrayal of flag of truce or safe conduct passage agreement.

Such battlefield heroics by senior commanders during the modern era as understood rare indeed, almost non-existent, unusual, uncommon and very rare. AND ALWAYS ADMIRABLE!