Monday, May 5, 2014

False Flag?

This is coolbert:

Thanks to Harry and Sharkhunters HOT MAIL we have this item.

"RUSSIAN BEAR -  MARCONI keeps us up to date on radio transmissions around the world.  Here is something just received from MARCONI of interest about Ukraine."

According to MARCONI clandestine radio transmissions as monitored indicative of a false flag operation?

"The following stations have been monitored. They were monitored since the Ukraine situation developed, and can therefore be said with some degree of certainty to be related to the situation in that area."

"3.        Voice station. Uses English language, which is no guide to the sender or end user's nationality. As one of my old sergeants once said to me: 'Just because the message is sent in German just proves that the sender and receiver speak German!' [and nothing more than that] Traffic consists of a 3 figure call sign, followed by groups of 5 digit cipher groups. Sending ends with Zero. Zero. Zero. Zero. Zero. Zero. This is identical to stations long identified as being of Russian/ Slavic origin . . . Voice traffic consist of 5 figure cipher groups.

We have to be clear about this. Radio stations "long identified as being of Russian/Slavic origin" for some reason all at once broadcasting in the ENGLISH LANGUAGE!

"Indicative of a false flag operation?" Blame it all on the Americans. After all, we heard English secret radio transmissions in the area! Don't you know!


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