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Katz WMD.

This is coolbert:

"If we understand that there is an existential danger here, and that Iran, Yemen, Syria, Iraq and all the countries of the Middle East decide that it is time to settle against us, I understand that we have the capabilities to use doomsday weapons," - Katz.

Opacity with ambiguity! Israel the atomic bomb but perhaps much more?

"'We have capabilities to use doomsday weapons,' says expert concerning regional war"

"Yair Katz revealed Israel's capability to combat Iran with doomsday weapons, highlighting international intelligence support and successful defense against an Iranian attack."

From | By ANNA BARSKY  |  JUNE 29, 2024. 

"Yair Katz, Chairman of the Israel Aerospace Industries Workers' Council, revealed at an event in the city of Yehud-Monosson on Saturday that Israel has a weapon that could combat Iran, Maariv reported."


To what extent the Israeli also has their disposal and are also ready to use chemical/biological/radiological munitions I cannot say.

Let me suggest also the American graphite bomb. Can destroy an electric grid system. Without electricity a modern society will quickly revert to a more primitive existence as was lived 1,000 years ago.



This is coolbert:

More grand strategy the Gazan War.

Options being considered. Soup to nuts type stuff. None of it palatable at this stage.

"From civilian ‘bubbles’ to Arab coalitions, Israel said weighing Gaza post-war schemes"

"WSJ reports Netanyahu entertaining plan that would see Palestinian civilians kept in humanitarian safe zones while IDF continues fight against Hamas"

From https://www.timesofisrael | By TOI STAFF 6/29/24.

"Israeli and American officials are weighing competing proposals for a post-war plan for the Gaza Strip, The Wall Street Journal reported Saturday, though progress on the plans is being held up by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s refusal to seriously consider the issue until the offensive against Hamas ends."

Plans, programs, projects, propositions, recommendations, schemes.

What is to be done in Gaza in the aftermath of the war?

At this exact juncture five options having already being suggested or proposed.

As to what the five options are the devoted reader to the blog will have to peruse the entire article.

An impediment, PM Netanyahu his unwillingness to consider grand strategy until Hamas totally defeated?

George Marshal during WW2 3 1/2 years in advance having begun the planning of grand strategy with regard to the outcome of the war and consequences as anticipated.


Saturday, June 29, 2024


This is coolbert:

"The Central Military Commission of the DPRK has officially announced a military alliance with Russia, and next month North Korean [military] engineers will arrive in Donetsk"

North Korean army troops the Ukraine Conflict? Finally the Norks arrive?

"Western media are pumping up information about the possible dispatch of North Korean troops to the North Military District zone"

From | 26 June 2024. 

"A week has passed since Vladimir Putin’s visit to Pyongyang and the signing of the Comprehensive Strategic Partnership Agreement between the Russian Federation and the DPRK, and Western media continue to speculate about the consequences of this agreement."

"In particular, the Western press began to disperse the narrative about the imminent arrival of a contingent from North Korea in the zone of a special military operation. A number of military analysts are confident that in the near future Pyongyang will send its troops to Ukraine to 'fight side by side with Russia.'"


"pumped: adjective - filled with energetic excitement and enthusiasm"

Pumped until the time they [NK] start coming home in body bags.

See previous blog entries the North Korean involvement Ukraine Conflict:


Friday, June 28, 2024


This is coolbert:

"Reloading VLS silos at sea has become an increasingly discussed subject since coalition warships have been engaged against missile and drone attacks in the Red Sea. The limited stocks held in each ship of anti-air missiles have required ships to take lengthy journeys to and from allied ports to resupply, as currently they are unable to reload these missiles while at sea."

Hitherto impossible while-at-sea-and-underway replenishment of naval vertical launch system [VLS]  missiles of the surface-to-air variety solution now found! The French lead the way?

"French Navy Trials Ship to Ship Vertical Launch Missile Resupply"

June 27, 2024 | by KAI GREET

"The French Navy has revealed the testing of a new capability to resupply and reload vertical launch system (VLS) missiles on warships from its newest generation of fleet logistics vessels."

"Photos released by the French Navy, or Marine Nationale, on its X social media account have demonstrated a new development that would allow greater flexibility in the force’s ability to restock missile payloads on its surface ships."

Warships needing a refill of VLS silos now not required to return to home port for ordnance restock. Can be accomplished while at sea and underway! This gives considerable advantage.

Think the naval task forces vicinity Yemen repeatedly bombarded with drone/cruise missile attack. Expenditure of VLS missiles extraordinary.

See previous blog entries as apropos:


AI Military.

This is coolbert:

Instances of AI the military dimension.

1. "Ukraine Develops Drones That Can Recognize, Shoot ‘Based on Uniforms’"

From | by JOE SABALLA | JUNE 27, 2024.

"A Ukrainian tech startup has developed artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled drones that can be programmed to recognize and shoot based on uniforms."

Separate the wheat [friendly troops] from the chaff [the bad guys] and target the latter!

"The unmanned platforms are reportedly capable of communicating with one another, making quick decisions on where to attack, and approaching targets as a 'swarm.'"

As Palmer should be well aware the future of AI military applications is not tomorrow, it is now!

2. "US Firm Develops AI-Enabled, Anti-GPS Jamming Navigation System"

 JOE SABALLA | JUNE 27, 2024.

"American tech startup SandboxAQ has launched a new artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled navigation system it said can address persistent GPS jamming."

"Called the AQNav, the technology leverages powerful quantum sensors to gather data from the Earth’s crustal magnetic field."

This is MagNav. The topic of a prior blog entry:

"This allows the system to provide real-time navigation in areas where GPS signals are denied or unavailable."

AI-enabled MagNav also not the future. Is now. Total reliance on satellite outer-space based navigation systems GPS or GLONASS not an absolute.

"In every war they invent a new way of killing you!"



This is coolbert:

Often I have wondered about this! The Russian since the start of the Ukraine Conflict have avoided the use of lethal chemical agents. Not just white phosphorous [WP] or riot agent but poison gases that can be deadly.

Apparently however the Russian HAS been using mortally dangerous chemical munitions and repeatedly!

"NBC Weapons: Chemical Warfare in Ukraine"

From an extract:

Chemical warfare the Ukraine Conflict. Lethal agents!

"June 26, 2024: Russia has used lethal poison gas against Ukraine for the entire 2022 war, sometimes including the Novichok nerve gas. It started out with one use early on, during the siege of Mariupol, became sporadic for most of the war and suddenly became constant (100+ per month) starting in April 2024. The use of nerve agents increased too, but how much is not clear. The only consistent items in every use are that all were delivered by UAVs and drones on Ukrainian forward areas, and all involved the forbidden agent Chloropicrin, which is principally an irritant that is lethal in higher doses. Chloropicrin is used by itself or in conjunction with more lethal agents."

And from the wiki:

"In World War I, German forces used concentrated chloropicrin against Allied forces as a tear gas. While not as lethal as other chemical weapons, it induced vomiting and forced Allied soldiers to remove their masks to vomit, exposing them to more toxic gases used as weapons during the war."


* This chloropicrin an old-fashioned choking agent. But can be lethal in high-dosage.

* Quite clever [?] to use chloropicrin to "break mask" all the while under attack from much more lethal poison gases.

 * Presumably the use of nerve agent would [?] requires a mandatory release order direct from Putin?

* Even more widespread usage of deadly chemical agents only going to further complicate reconstruction in the aftermath of the war. That bad stuff is like a forever chemical.


Thursday, June 27, 2024


This is coolbert:

“Software will change how war is waged. The battlefield of the future will teem with artificially intelligent, unmanned systems, which fight, gather reconnaissance data, and communicate at breathtaking speeds.” - Palmer Luckey.

Palmer old fellow the future is now! Herewith an extract from an article!

"Philosopher Kings or New-Age Militarists?"

From | by William Hartung and Tom Engelhardt | June 26, 2024.

"Philosopher Kings or New-Age Militarists?"

"Silicon Valley and the Rush Toward Automated Warfare"

"Venture capital and military startup firms in Silicon Valley have begun aggressively selling a version of automated warfare that will deeply incorporate artificial intelligence (AI). Those companies and their CEOs are now pressing full speed ahead with that emerging technology, largely dismissing the risk of malfunctions that could lead to the future slaughter of civilians, not to speak of the possibility of dangerous scenarios of escalation between major military powers. The reasons for this headlong rush include a misplaced faith in 'miracle weapons,' but above all else, this surge of support for emerging military technologies is driven by the ultimate rationale of the military-industrial complex: vast sums of money to be made."


See previous blog entries the Israeli LAVENDER AI targeting software:



This is coolbert:

“Those who are cruel to animals and abuse them are displaying patterns of behavior that will eventually lead them to harm humans as well. Causing suffering of animals is not about animals alone, but rather an expression of human dignity, consideration of the feelings of others, protection of animals, and the sanctity of life in general."

Israeli military man behaving badly? Frog cooked alive in a microwave oven!

"Comm. service and demotion: punishment for soldier who heated frog to death in microwave"

From |  Jun 26, 2024.

"Military court judges determined that ‘the defendant inflicted unnecessary suffering on the animal,’ and sentenced him to community service, payment of a fine of NIS 1,500 [about $ 400 USD] and demotion to the rank of private."

Event occurring in March 2023. Community service in lieu of four months in prison + fine! Sounds like a fair punishment to me!

If all you have to worry about from your military personnel is the rare odd type that kills a frog in a microwave over you really don't have much to worry about. I guess that would be the positive perspective.


Wednesday, June 26, 2024

ITS Cavour.

This is coolbert:

Power projection and global reach the Italian navy? The Italians?

"Italian Carrier Strike Group Arrives In Singapore As Part Of Indo-Pacific Operational Campaign"

From | June 24, 2024 | STEFANO D'URSO.

"The ITS Cavour left its port earlier this month for a five-month cruise that will allow the aircraft carrier to work with multiple regional partners in the Indo-Pacific region."

"The Italian Navy quietly deployed, without much fanfare, its Carrier Strike Group (CSG) to the Indo-Pacific region earlier this month. Today, the service announced the arrival in Singapore for a logistic stop of the 31st Naval Group, as the core of the CSG made of the ITS Cavour and the ITS Alpino FREMM frigate has been called."

ITS Cavour carrying a dozen or so F-35B Lightning warplanes now certified for combat operations.

Think too this not the first time Italian warships have ventured into the waters east of Singapore.

British/Canadian/Italian/German/Indian naval vessels the last few years surprisingly found far from home waters. Patrols and missions now to include the Indo-Pacific region.

See previous blog entries as applicable to topic:


Tuesday, June 25, 2024


This is coolbert:

"present and actively engaging or being engaged by the enemy and performing satisfactorily in accordance with prescribed rules of engagement"

CIB = Combat Infantryman Badge. 

Not stolen valor. A mere paperwork error and nothing more?

"Troy Nehls ineligible for military badge, Army confirms"

From | By Cami Mondeaux | June 24, 2024.

"Rep. Troy Nehls (R-TX) has not qualified for the military pin that he proudly wears on his suit jacket despite repeatedly claiming the Army was mistaken for rescinding the badge, according to the congressman’s service record."

"Nehls has received backlash from some other House members for wearing a Combat Infantryman Badge despite an investigation from CBS News that found the pin was revoked from his military record in 2023. Nehls has repeatedly claimed the Army 'got it wrong' and that he did qualify for the distinction — but the Army confirmed to NOTUS that he was not eligible."

"Nehls was given the award after serving as a civil affairs officer in Afghanistan with the 101st Airborne Division in 2008, which later awarded him the infantryman badge. But that designation was a mistake, according to Army standards."

This fellow indeed eligible for the Combat Action Badge but NOT the CIB. Perfectly clear.

Award of the CIB due to clerical error? Congressman Nehls might reasonably have believed his decoration of the CIB was 100 % warranted. No shame on his account.



This is coolbert:

The American military man [ex-military I presume] acting badly. Very badly to say the least.

 Rogue American soldier [a mercenary] using his military training and skills. A bomber-maker for the Mexican drug cartels.

Innocent of charges until found guilty in a court of law I must remind!

"EXCLUSIVE: U.S. Soldier Charged with Building Bombs for the Gulf Cartel in Mexico"  


"Mexican authorities arrested a former U.S. soldier who had allegedly been building explosives for the Gulf Cartel just south of the Texas border. The arrest had been kept largely under wraps as federal authorities built up the case against him, as he stands accused of manufacturing land mines and other explosives."

"Breitbart Texas confirmed with sources from Mexico’s Attorney General’s Office that in May, a group of federal officers arrested William Louis Anhert in Rio Bravo, Tamaulipas. The arrest came during a raid at a camp used by the Escorpiones faction of the Gulf Cartel. During that raid, authorities arrested several Gulf Cartel gunmen and seized various explosive devices and components."

Details about the villain [assuming he is one] not made public. I can almost guarantee this individual some sort of Special Operations troop or EOD operator. EOD = Explosive Ordnance Disposal. 

If found guilty after fair trial this man deservedly will receive harsh punishment. He made a hard bed and will have to sleep on it.


This is coolbert:

From a very heavily edited [Military Thoughts] blog entry as originally posted on 2005 but still pertinent.

The American WW2 flag raising Iwo Jima several less than flattering knockoff with an extreme political slant.

This world-famous image of the U.S. Marines in action has been put to other uses lately. Versions of the Suribachi flag raising have been used recently as part of a cartoon "reprisal"

Carried out by the Iranian government. A retaliation in response to the "Muhammad" cartoons published by the Danish newspaper. A contest to poke fun and biting satire at the U.S., Israel, and Jews in general. 

These cartoon versions of the Suribachi flag raising are meant to be biting, spiteful, and yet, insightful, as seen by the cartoonist. Making a point.

You judge for yourself!

The Americans are in this cartoon raising the flag of 'freedom', but are doing so atop a mountain of HUMAN SKULLS!

Here the British/ American military raising their flags. An Israeli troop in solidarity running to also plant his flag on the same spot. ALL done atop another mountain of HUMAN SKULLS!

The Iranian cartoon contest has some really well done cartoons as part of the "exhibit". I highly recommend you look at them without reservation or qualification. They do make you think, whether you agree or disagree! But that is the purpose.


Monday, June 24, 2024


This is coolbert:

More knockoff of the famous image of American Marines and the WW2 flag raising Iwo Jima. FoOF = Flags of Our Fathers.

"knockoff: noun - broadly : a copy or imitation of someone or something popular"

To the images:

Ukrainian troops the Ukraine Conflict.

Gay men the Gay Revolution.

Palestinians [presumably Hamas] the Gazan War.

See previous blog entry as relevant.

Image of the flag raising Iwo Jima going to be eternal.



This is coolbert:

Already it has begun? Hamas reconstitutes itself. 

See previous blog entry Hamas has planned this all from the start in anticipation of massive Israeli attack following events of 7 October. Remaining and still alive Hamas surviving cadres probably having more potential recruits than they can possibly ever accommodate.

 "Hamas to recruit Gazan youths in Khan Yunis comeback"

"Hamas is now holding new training camps for its new recruits to replace the 14,000-16,000 of its fighters who the IDF has killed, The Post confirmed." | By YONAH JEREMY BOB | JUNE 23, 2024. 

"Hamas is making a comeback to regain control of Khan Yunis as well as recruiting new fighters from young adolescents in the 18-year-old range both in southern and northern Gaza."

"The trend has continued since the IDF withdrew from Khan Yunis on April 7. Still, Army Radio reported on Sunday, and the Jerusalem Post confirmed with multiple sources that the Hamas comeback trend in Khan Yunis could be crossing crucial thresholds."

Gonna a long time before Hamas replaces their combat units with well trained and proficient personnel. Numbers of recruits not going to be a problem. Having a credible force able to confront the Israeli on the battlefield a different matter altogether.




This is coolbert:

Yair Netanyahu son of Benjamin the Israeli Prime Minister now out of favor? Security detail to be down-graded, but not so excessively so?

 "Shin Bet recommends replacing security detail for Yair Netanyahu - report"

"The Shin Bet recommended replacing its security detail for Yair Netanyahu with personnel from the Prime Minister's Office due to higher threat levels faced by other ministers." | By JERUSALEM POST STAFF | JUNE 23, 2024. 

"The Shin Bet (Israel Security Agency) has recommended replacing its security detail for Yair Netanyahu, son of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, with security personnel from the Prime Minister’s Office."

"This recommendation was disclosed during a meeting of the Advisory Committee for the Protection of State Symbols held on June 9, as reported by KAN on Sunday."

Yair his relatively comfortable exile living in Miami, FLA, USA continues. Security detail personnel needed for higher-ranking Israel governmental personalities. But suitable replacement has been found!

Yair his living in "comfortable exile" a source of irritation to many in Israel I gather.

See all previous blog entries the topic Yair:


Sunday, June 23, 2024


This is coolbert:

Everyone making ready! Northern Israel and Lebanon under alert!

Something big brewing!

 1. "Israel prepares for 'mass burials' in the north ahead of Lebanon operation" |  By MEE staff | 20 June 2024.

"As tensions escalate with Lebanon, an Israeli minister confirms that mass casualties are anticipated ahead of the conflict"

Even as we speak graves being dug? Blood donations drive - cadavers being skinned- hospital beds being prepared? All a sign of further and escalating war.

2. "US signals to Hezbollah it will back Israeli offensive, as frustration with Gaza ceasefire grows" | By Sean Mathews | 19 June 2024. 

"Amos Hochstein's 'blunt' message to Lebanese mediators may be a move to get Hezbollah to sway Hamas on Gaza ceasefire"

3. "Thousands of citizens leave Lebanon: How Israel's attack will take place and how Hezbollah will react - The US commitment"

https://warnews247 | Alexandros Boufesis | 22.06.2024. 

"Americans warned of imminent war within three weeks"

"Thousands of citizens leave Lebanon: How Israel's attack will take place and how Hezbollah will react - The US commitment"

"On June 20, Republican Senator Marco Rubio, who is also Vice-Chair for the Senate Intelligence Committee, sounded the alarm, saying that 'a very dangerous war is simmering in Middle East, between Israel and Hezbollah' with Iran's involvement on the horizon."

4. "Report: Canada preparing to evacuate 45,000 citizens from Lebanon as war fears grow" | By TOI STAFF |  22 June 2024.

"Canada’s FM [Joly] said to tell Israeli FM [Katz] in tense conversation that Ottawa making plans for unprecedented operation; Katz urges Ottawa to pressure Iran into reining in proxy Hezbollah"

Hezbollah best light infantry in the world! Possessing more firepower than medium-sized powers such France or Great Britain! No where in Israel will be safe! Dimona included?

Beware everyone!


Saturday, June 22, 2024

XM914 50 mm.

This is coolbert:


See the previous blog entry and herewith the answer.

"NG [Northrup Grumman] manufactures a range of shells, usually fired by chain gun cannon, in the calibers 25mm, 30mm, 40mm, & 50mm.

25/30/40 mm rounds all I have heard of. 50 mm I have not ever heard of."

As to the 50 mm medium caliber round:

"AUSA 2019: Debut of XM913 50mm Bushmaster Chain Gun for U.S. Army's [NGCV] Next Generation Combat Vehicle"

See the You Tube video:

See also the wiki entry the U.S. Army NGCV vehicle. 

Chain gun a proven winner. Combat tested very successfully. Not a new technology to be frank? But in this instance with considerable more lethality.


NG 50 mm.

This is coolbert:

As will be perceived by the Kremlin, a direct challenge!

American munitions maker going to build a factory Ukraine.

Medium caliber ammunition at this point, heavier variety later!

"US Arms Giant Northrop Grumman [NG] to Produce Medium Caliber Ammo in Ukraine"

From | by Stefan Korshak | June 19, 2024 |  

"US Arms Giant Northrop Grumman to Produce Medium Caliber Ammo in Ukraine"

"This is the first major American corporation to announce plans to manufacture arms in Ukraine."

"Medium caliber ammunition produced by the US arms giant Northrop Grumman. According to recent reports, the corporation plans to start up production of this type of ammunition in Ukraine."


"NG [Northrup Grumman] manufactures a range of shells, usually fired by chain gun cannon, in the calibers 25mm, 30mm, 40mm, & 50mm."

25/30/40 mm rounds all I have heard of. 50 mm I have not ever heard of.

Expect the anger Vlad in the Kremlin to be great! Wise at this point to build a munitions factory in Ukraine? I think not. Too close to the action and too susceptible to attack. My opinion.

More to follow!



This is coolbert:

To war with e-scooter?

"Ukrainian units want more sneaky battlefield e-scooters, Latvian firm says"

"A letter from a Ukrainian unit says the scooters have received 'very positive feedback' from soldiers who are using them for 'combat tasks,' according to Latvian scooter-maker Mosphera." | By  LEE FERRAN | June 20, 2024 |  

"EUROSATORY 2024 — Ukrainian soldiers have an open request for a few dozen more e-scooters made by a Latvian firm and used for stealthy reconnaissance and supply missions, the company’s founder told Breaking Defense."

"Latvia initially donated a handful of the camouflaged, ruggedized electric scooters made by Mosphera to Ukrainian forces in early 2023, and after their apparent usefulness in the conflict, two Ukrainian army units have since requested more than two dozen more, according to documents provided by the company and dated late 2023. A charity has also requested more than 30 of the systems on behalf of Ukrainian forces, bringing the total order to nearly 70, the company said."

These scooters under certain circumstances have usefulness and worth. Units engaged in a  scouting/reconnaissance/screening/security mission might very well find these scooters versatile and functional. More than anything else, troops can move rapidly considerable distance with a minimum of noise.


* Recharging the battery will not be a problem in a combat zone?

* Cold weather will discharge that battery pretty quickly.

* For the Ukraine have extra-wide tires to deal with the rasputitsa!

See the Mosphera Internet web site devoted to military applications.


Friday, June 21, 2024


This is coolbert:

 Accusation - blame - fault-finding

See previous blog entry Unit 8200.

1. "High Court orders state comptroller to suspend October 7 probe into IDF, Shin Bet"

"Justice Gila Canfy-Steinitz says ruling based on classified opinions written by security agencies"

From |  By JEREMY SHARON | 16 June 2024

"The High Court of Justice issued an interim order on Sunday instructing State Comptroller Matanyahu Englman to suspend any aspects of his investigation into the failings relating to the October 7 Hamas attacks that deal with the IDF and the Shin Bet domestic intelligence agency."

2. "Assailing military, Yair Netanyahu claims ‘treason’ in leadup to October 7 attack"

“What are they trying to hide? If there was no treason, why are they so afraid for external and independent parties to check what happened?” - Yair Netanyahu

From By TOI STAFF | 17 June 2024  |

"Reacting to High Court order to suspend probe into IDF, PM’s son cites reports of warnings and consultations before Hamas attack, says father was kept in the dark"

"Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s son Yair tore into the military on Monday, citing the High Court of Justice’s interim order instructing the state comptroller to suspend any aspects of his probe into the failings relating to October 7 that deal with the Israel Defense Forces and Shin Bet."

Prime Minister Benjamin N. afraid his career and reputation forever going to be sullied by events of 7 October. Yair the son too not have access to the very top going to be a big impediment in his future life.

See all previous blog entries the topic Yair:


Thursday, June 20, 2024


This is coolbert: 

From the rubble will rise the Phoenix? Hamas will survive and thrive?

"The concept of the Phoenix . . . is inspired by the mythical bird that rises from its own ashes, symbolizing renewal and rebirth." [AI generated]

"Two Hamas battalions not participating in fighting"

"Report: Two Hamas battalions not participating in fighting"

From Israel National News | Jun 18, 2024 |

"Hamas assigned a significant force that is not participating in the war, with the intention of creating a governing force in Gaza after the war."

"Sources in Gaza say that Hamas was prepared for the Israeli plan to disband all battalions of its military arm and therefore prepared its own plan, which is based on two battalions that will be a governing force in Gaza after the war, Kan News reported."

"According to the report, one battalion in Deir al-Balah and one in Khan Yunis were instructed not to participate in the fighting, as much as possible, to maintain their abilities to be a reserve force for future security control over Gaza."

Cadre elements as the nucleus of a renewed and re-energized Hamas biding their time. I can conceive that a whole lot of Gazan residents will rally to the cause too!

"It isn't over until it is over."


Paratroopers III.

This is coolbert:

“Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me"

Even best of the best Israeli soldiers caught napping literally.

During Roman times a soldier found sleeping while on guard duty would be punished by death.

First before 7 October:

1. "Unusual incident at IDF base: Arabs steal machine gun while soldiers are sleeping"

From |  Sep 1, 2023 |

"IDF investigating incident in which a MAG-type machine gun was stolen while soldiers who were supposed to be guarding it fell asleep."

"Bedouin Arabs stole a MAG-type machine gun from soldiers who were sleeping during training at the IDF base in Tze'elim, located in southern Israel."

"A preliminary investigation of the incident found that the soldiers were supposed to be guarding a vehicle on which the machine gun was mounted but fell asleep, and a number of Bedouin thieves who were waiting for the appropriate time, took the weapon and fled the scene with it."

Second after 7 October:

2. "Serious security breach at IDF base in southern Israel"

From |   Jun 19, 2024 |

"Two Arabs, one of whom was in Israel illegally, worked at an IDF base in southern Israel - and stole a weapon from the staff living quarters."

"The State Prosecutor has filed an indictment with the Be'er Sheva District Court against two Arabs suspected of stealing weapons from a military base."

"According to the indictment, Yousef Abu Arar of Ar'ara and Amar Mohammed Miata worked in a military base, and stole weapons from it. Abu Arar served as a secondary contractor in a sealing company which provides services to the IDF. About a month ago, Abu Arar and Mohammed - who is in pre-1967 Israel illegally - worked at a Paratroopers Brigade base in southern Israel."

You would have thought that discipline and awareness among all Israeli units would have been brought to the highest level of readiness subsequently to events as transpired on 7 October. But evidently not. And among elite units no better than before!


Wednesday, June 19, 2024


This is coolbert:

Meteoric! The generalship of Napoleon.

Have you ever done it ze French way?

Warp-speed, whirlwind, rapid! To say the least! And it all began with Italy!

"The Italian campaign of 1796-1797, waged by a young Napoleon Bonaparte, was a decisive campaign in the French Revolutionary Wars (1792-1802). It led to the defeat of Austria, the beginning of French control of northern Italy, and the end of the war, but most importantly, it launched Bonaparte himself to new heights of fame and power."

Herewith an extract of an extract. Napoleon the Italian Campaign.

"We have them now"

Courtesy |  June 16th, 2024 |

"Since the campaign had begun a year earlier, Napoleon had crossed the Apennines and the Alps, defeated a Sardinian army and no fewer than six Austrian armies, and killed, wounded or captured 120,000 Austrian soldiers. All this he had done before his twenty-eighth birthday. Eighteen months earlier he had been an unknown, moody soldier writing essays on suicide; now he was famous across Europe, having defeated mighty Austria, wrung peace treaties from the Pope and the kings of Piedmont and Naples, abolished the medieval dukedom of Modena, and defeated in every conceivable set of military circumstances most of Austria’s most celebrated generals — Beaulieu, Wurmser, Provera, Quasdanovich, Alvinczi, Davidovich — and outwitted the Archduke Charles."

"Napoleon had fought against Austrian forces that were invariably superior in number, but which he had often outnumbered on the field of battle thanks to his repeated strategy of the central position. A profound study of the history and geography of Italy before he ever set foot there had proved extremely helpful, as had his willingness to experiment with others’ ideas, most notably the bataillon carré and the , and his minute calculations of logistics, for which his prodigious memory was invaluable. Because he kept his divisions within one day’s march of each other, he was able to concentrate them for battle and, once joined, he showed great calmness under pressure." 

Regarding the bataillon carré:

"The Bataillon Carré was a tactical formation used by Napoleon Bonaparte’s armies during the Napoleonic Wars. It was a flexible and powerful formation that allowed for concentration of strength and rapid maneuverability on the battlefield.

A bataillon carré was typically formed by several corps marching separately but close enough to support each other."

See further the ordre mixte:

See also a previous blog entry that historical rating of Napoleon as a general officer and commander based upon fame/ability/achievement.



This is coolbert:

“It’s taken two-and-a-half months to build the pier and deliver the claimed 1,000 metric tons of aid, which is a drop in the ocean compared to what’s needed in Gaza. Every day that passes pushes more families closer to starvation and puts more lives at risk,” -  Michael Selby-Green.

As I had feared JLOTS pier Gaza has become yet one more American humiliation! JLOTS kaput! No more JLOTS!

"US To Remove Aid Pier From Gaza Coast"

"The structure has only been operational for about 10 days since it was built off Gaza’s coastline last month."

From | by Will Porter June 18, 2024 |

"The US military could end a mission to facilitate aid shipments into Gaza using a temporary pier as early as next month, the New York Times reported, citing Pentagon officials. The pier has faced constant problems since it was first established in May, including rough weather that has resulted in damage and shutdowns."

"While the Joe Biden administration expected the pier to last into September, when choppy seas would make it inoperable, unnamed officials told NYT the mission could come to and end much sooner, warning aid groups that it could close down by July."

"Last Friday, the Pentagon announced that the structure would be towed to Ashdod, Israel to avoid inclement weather, the second time it was withdrawn to the city due to high seas."

Even at peak capacity [if that was ever achieved] the pier would allow for the delivery of food aid to the residents of Gaza to the extent of providing one meal per person per day! Pier understood [?] to be a mere stop-gap measure, an American for the media production. 

"A stop gap is a temporary solution or a makeshift arrangement that fills a gap or a need until a more permanent solution is found."

See previous blog entry this all anticipated:


Tuesday, June 18, 2024


This is coolbert:

Vaunted and highly touted Russian submarine [Kazan] of the latest and most stealthy design over-rated? 

Cuba si, Kazan no?

"A Russian submarine [Kazan] that just left Cuba appears to be 'falling apart' with its soundproofing panels falling off, analyst says"

Thanks to Business Insider via Yahoo ^ | June 18th, 2024 | Thibault Spirlet | the tip from Freeper

"One of Russia's newest and most advanced submarines, which just left Cuba, appears to be 'falling apart' and to have damage to its hull, an open-source-intelligence analyst said. Marijn Markus, a managing consultant at Capgemini, shared four photos of the nuclear-powered Kazan in a LinkedIn post on Monday. Markus said it appeared the sub's soundproofing panels were 'falling off' the front part of the submarine's hull. He said that would make the vessel 'very' loud underwater and compromise its stealth capabilities"

See from Newsweek an article the Kazan and the anechoic tile problems. Rather common to the submarine force of many nations it seems.


Monday, June 17, 2024


This is coolbert:

Perpetual Russian boasting unmasked? Straight from the horses mouth it seems. Anton the Russian soldier speaks.

"The idiom 'straight from the horse’s mouth' means to hear information directly from the person who has the most knowledge or authority about a particular topic. This phrase is often used to convey that the information is reliable, trustworthy, and comes from a credible source."

"Russian soldier says army suffering heavy losses in Kharkiv offensive"

From  |  Pjotr Sauer | 16 Jun 2024 |

Anton Andreev says only 12 out of 100 soldiers remained alive after unit came under Ukrainian fire and drones in Vovchansk"

"Anton Andreev, a Russian soldier from the fifth company of the 1009th regiment, painted a bleak picture of Russia’s offensive in the Ukrainian northern region of Kharkiv."

Vaunted Russian offensive the Kharkiv region the gains too small for the loss. Steamroller tactics wasteful of personnel when the bottom of the barrel already being scrapped?

"The military use of a 'steamroller attack' is much the same: every defended position is attacked and captured (i.e. crushed), and no one is bypassed or isolated. It is also a slow, methodical attack using large amounts of ammunition, tanks and troops." Brutish and overwhelming force used in a brutish and overwhelming manner.

Also see the inset to the map. Area of the combat Kharkiv very small compared to the rest of Ukraine. Ukrainian units have now stabilized the front, a great Russian breakthrough offensive averted? Gains as displayed on a map not the real story?

See additionally the map as accompanying a much previous blog entry from over a year ago. Gains of the Russian throughout the Ukraine Conflict too small as compared to the loss?


Unit 8200.

This is coolbert:

If true, going to be recriminations about this forever in Israel.

"3 weeks before Oct. 7, IDF Gaza Division warned of Hamas plan to attack, take 250 hostages"

From Times of Israel ^ | 6/17/24 | TOI Staff | the tip from Freeper |

"A document put together within the IDF’s Gaza Division less than three weeks before October 7 warned that Hamas was training for a large-scale invasion of Israel during which hostages would be taken en masse, according to an Israeli television report Monday. The document by Military Intelligence’s Unit 8200 was circulated on September 19 and was reportedly brought to the attention of at least some senior intelligence officials, but ignored."


See reputedly the Israeli appreciation of Hamas intent as determined best as be by Unit 8200.


Sunday, June 16, 2024


 This is coolbert:

"DACT is a type of training that simulates combat scenarios between aircraft of different types, allowing pilots to develop skills in engaging and defeating enemy aircraft. This training is crucial for pilots to prepare for real-world combat situations, where they may encounter aircraft with different capabilities and tactics."

If you can fly a Mirage F1 into combat you can fly a Mirage 2000 into combat?

Mercenary DACT PMC pilots respond to the call? PMC = Private military contractor.

Often for going on three years now since the start of the Ukraine Conflict I have often wondered why this has not occurred?

"Mercenaries could pilot Mirage jets provided to Ukraine, says French analyst"

From TASS ] 11 June.

"If it is a Ukrainian pilot with limited flight experience, it will be their weak point," Cyril de Lattre noted

"MOSCOW, June 11. /TASS/. Mercenaries might be the ones flying the Mirage 2000-5 fighter jets France is going to provide Kiev with, as training Ukrainian pilots will not get the job done, French aviation expert Cyril de Lattre told TASS."

"'Nothing will change if Ukrainians pilot [the fighter jets], but skilled foreign pilots on board may complicate things. <…> I absolutely do not rule out that mercenaries may pilot [Mirage fighters] as it might have been the case with F-16s,' said de Lattre, who also specializes in geopolitics and strategy."

DACT PMC combat aviation of the Red Flag/TOPGUN variety; pilots rallying to the Ukrainian cause, hired guns, mercenaries of the skies. PMC pilots perhaps the most adept and highly trained combat aviators ready-to-go in the world?

French Mirage F1 quite often the warplane of choice as flown by PMC companies.

See previous blog entries DACT PMC:


Saturday, June 15, 2024


This is coolbert:

Take a step but with great care!

None of this gonna be easy and done quickly. But must be done sooner or later.

"Women deminers step in to clear up Ukrainian land"

From | BY LÉA DAUPLE | AFP-JIJI | Jun 12, 2024 |

"SNIGURIVKA, UKRAINE – Deminer Tetiana Shpak crouched down in a once tranquil poppy-strewn field in southern Ukraine, now littered with Russian mines."

"Just a few years ago this scene would have been impossible — until 2018 women were banned from becoming deminers, a profession long considered too dangerous for them."

[. . . .]

"More women like her are joining mine-clearance teams, where they now account for 30 percent of personnel, according to official data."

"A similar trend has unfolded in other professions once dominated by men that have been drained of labor by mobilization and emigration."

Another area where women are superior to men? More patient, more observant, more attention to detail. Perhaps more cautious also? Less prone to take unnecessary risks.

Too dangerous for the women? Hell, too dangerous for the men!

Women deminers not removing the mines or disarming but marking and that alone it seems. Scarcely a mission without danger nonetheless!

The image accompanying this blog entry of a lady Afghan deminer. Ukraine has them, the Afghan has them too!

Bully for these lady deminers. I have great admiration and respect for them. And should.

See the definition of bully as an archaic term of endearment: "'Bully' was also an exclamation of admiration or approval, as in 'bully for him [her]!'"



This is coolbert:

"As soon as Kyiv says it is ready to do this and begins really withdrawing troops and officially renounces plans to join NATO, we will immediately — literally that very minute — cease-fire and begin talks," -  Putin.

"Putin Names Two Conditions For Ending The War 'This Very Minute'"

From | BY TYLER DURDEN | JUN 14, 2024

"Russian President Vladimir Putin in a Friday speech addressed the West's efforts to host a major Ukraine peace summit in Switzerland this weekend. Though scores of world leaders will be there, Russia has not been invited, and China has snubbed the event citing that it's pointless without Moscow's representation given it is a party to one side of the war."

"Putin outlined his 'conditions' for peace. He said for the military operation to be halted Ukrainian forces would have to withdraw from the four regions annexed by the Russian Federation. 'Ukrainian troops must be completely withdrawn from the Donetsk People's Republic, the Luhansk People's Republic, Kherson and Zaporizhzhia regions,' Putin said in a televised address."

[. . . .]

"Putin also stipulated a second main condition for ending the war: Ukraine must reject ambitions to join the NATO alliance."

Light at the end of the tunnel? A negotiated settlement with an end to the Ukraine Conflict?


Putin too with his announcement of "conditions" is tacitly saying that the war cannot be won on the battlefield with final and complete Ukrainian surrender? I hardly think Vlad and those closest to him EVER thought the Conflict would have lasted this long with all the travail it has posed for the participants, Ukrainian and Russian both.


Friday, June 14, 2024


This is coolbert:

Good enough to go but consider this to be extreme? Mainly this is for graphics and foreign consumption? Attention getting?

"Israeli Troops Mocked After Exhausted IDF Turns To Trebuchet To Stop Hezbollah Attacks | Watch"

Thanks the You Tube post courtesy Times Of India |  Jun 13, 2024 |

"A video has gone viral showing Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) using a medieval trebuchet to launch fireballs at Hezbollah positions along the Lebanon border. This unexpected tactic, reminiscent of ancient warfare, has sparked both amusement and criticism online. Watch for the full story and reactions."

The trebuchet in the form as recognized only a weapon used from the time of the Crusades?

"In 2024, the IDF used a trebuchet to hurl flaming projectiles into Lebanon. The goal was to burn down the thicket that grew alongside the border wall between Israel and Lebanon, so it couldn't be used as cover by Hezbollah troops"



This is coolbert:

The right intention but in the wrong place?

"German military giant to build ammunition plant in Baltic state" |

"The facility will boost Lithuania’s defense sector, according to Rheinmetall"


"German arms manufacturer Rheinmetall has struck an agreement with Lithuania’s government to build a new ammunition factory in the Baltic state, according to a statement the company released on Monday.

"Lithuania has touted the deal as another step towards strengthening its defense sector, adding that the project is of importance to the state."


See these comments to the article:

* Alec Happy:

"Paint a Bulls Eye, not on the Plant but on that stupid pretend Nation of Losers. It is so small Russia could eat it, Burp and ask, Sir, May I have some more. I just shake my head at the hubris of idiot Politicians"

* Zorro The Fox:

"Nutty as a fruitcake. If the Germans want ammunition for themselves or others to attack Russia, the Baltic States are the last places to put a factory."

Not necessarily the same but close to my exact sentiments. Especially building an absolutely essential ammunition plant so close to the border with Russia. A more worse location could not have been chosen. What exactly is Rheinmetall thinking?


Thursday, June 13, 2024

BTS Jin.

This is coolbert:

Elvis lives and he is Korean!

Jin of Korean band BTS completes his required. Man is not a shirker or malingerer. 

"First Member of South Korean Boy Band BTS Completes Military Service" | FRANCES MARTEL | 12 Jun 2024 |

"Fans of the superstar boy band BTS celebrated on Wednesday, as the group’s oldest member, Jin, was honorably discharged from the South Korean military, having completed his 18 months of mandatory" service.

"Jin, whose full name is Kim Seok-jin, is the first of the band’s seven members to complete his military service, which South Korea requires for all able-bodied men. Most have until age 28 to enlist in the military. BTS members availed themselves of an extension to push that deadline to age 30, but Jin formally applied to begin his service in late 2022, right before his thirtieth birthday."

See as relevant previous blog entries the Korean K-Pop band BTS:

Again, before there was Jin there was Elvis. Elvis Presley. Elvis also having done honorable military service during the era of the Cold War. Elvis at the time probably the best known and most popular entertainer in the world.



This is coolbert:

"All along the watchtower

Princes kept the view

While all the women came and went

Barefoot servants too

Outside, in the distance

A wildcat did growl

Two riders were approaching

The wind began to howl" - B. Dylan. 

"Israel building watchtowers and outposts in Gaza in sign of post-war ambitions"


To a degree already being implemented even while hostilities continue.

"Israel says it is building 'temporary' structures in Gaza. Palestinians believe they are here to stay"

From | By Kieron Monks | June 5, 2024 |

"Satellite imagery shows that as the Israeli military has reduced much of Gaza to ruins, it is also building watchtowers, outposts and roads across the occupied territory, offering possible clues over its post-war vision."

"The army’s engineers have been constructing extensive infrastructure, while razing Palestinian land and property to clear space for the development, and creating a 'buffer zone' that stretches around the enclave’s perimeter."

"The most significant new landmark is the Netzarim Corridor, a highway cutting through the center of the Strip, from Israeli territory to the coast, which has been under development throughout the war."

Grand strategy defined rather loosely but normally includes: * Harnessing the entire resources of a nation for a war effort. * Bringing allied forces into the fray on your side. * Planning for the end/aftermath of the war.


Wednesday, June 12, 2024


This is coolbert:

The Dutch navy in action the East China Sea? The Dutch? Nothing like this has occurred since the Dutch Golden Age and the trade monopoly the Hollander had with Japan?

"China Intercepts Dutch Chopper Near Shanghai, Lambasts Netherlands for Provocation" | 8 June 2024 |

"People’s Liberation Army fighter jets escorted a Dutch helicopter that violated Chinese airspace under the auspice of a UN mission. Beijing warned the Netherlands to avoid such incidents in the future."

"The Dutch military has created a dangerous situation in the East China Sea after using a UN mission as a cover-up, Chinese Ministry of Defense representative Zhang Xiaogang has said."

Strange that you would find a Dutch naval vessel on active mission the East China Sea? Not hard to understand if the warship helping to enforce United Nations mandated blockade of North Korea. And this is exactly the case.

UN resolution North Korea blockade:

"The United Nations has imposed several resolutions on North Korea in response to its nuclear and ballistic missile tests, as well as its human rights violations. These resolutions have resulted in a blockade-like situation/"

See further the Dutch Golden Age:



This is coolbert:

Μήνυμα προς τον ελληνικό λαό από τον Βλαντιμίρ της Μόσχας.

"Russian President Vladimir Putin's message to the Greek people: 'Do not get involved further in Ukraine - The consequences will be tragic'"

"B. Putin warns in Greek..."

IN GREEK. [capitals for emphasis]

From https://warnews247-gr | Evangelos L. 10.06.2024 |

"Russian President Vladimir Putin's message to the Greek people: 'Do not get involved further in Ukraine - The consequences will be tragic'"

"A message from Russian President Vladimir Putin to the Greek people, which is actually broadcast in... Greek (!), was posted by the Russian embassy in Athens both on the X platform and on Facebook, a fact that shows the criticism of the situation in terms of military involvement of Greece in Ukraine along with the rest of the NATO forces."

Others have noticed. Broadcast in Greek! Exclamation mark!

"The Russian president informs the Greeks of the 'tragic consequences' that a deepening of Greece's military involvement [in the Ukraine Conflict] would have."

Obviously [?] this is a response to the recent graphic purportedly showing invasion routes and "corridors" as deemed to be use by American NATO reinforcements if and when general war begins in Europe. Port facilities in Greece, USA military contingents land and move northeast into the Balkans. 

See previous blog entry as applicable:


Tuesday, June 11, 2024


 This is coolbert:

Outrage and anger Gaza. 

As you well can anticipate residents of Gaza not so sanguine about the Israeli ranger/commando raiders repatriating hostages as held by Hamas.

Many Gazan residents purportedly civilians perishing during the Israeli raid. Hamas claiming some hostages as well killed.

1. "War on Gaza: Hamas alleges Israeli forces killed captives during Nuseirat 'massacre'"

From | By MEE staff  | 8 June 2024 |

"While four Israeli captives were recovered alive during the attack, several others were killed, says Hamas military spokesman Abu Obeida"

"Hamas's military spokesman has alleged that Israeli captives were killed during an Israeli rescue operation in central Gaza on Saturday that also saw hundreds of Palestinians, mainly women and children, also killed."

2. "Hamas says three hostages died during Israel’s operation in Nuseirat"

From | 9 JUN 2024.

"Abu Ubaida, spokesman for Hamas’ armed wing, the Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades, said several hostages held in the Gaza Strip had died during Israel’s operation"

"CAIRO, June 9. /TASS/. Hamas has said that three Israeli hostages died as a result of Israel’s operation in the Nuseirat refugee camp in the central Gaza Strip, when four kidnapped Israelis were released."

3. "Outrage over ‘massacre’ in Gaza as Israel rescued four hostages"

From | Emma Graham-Harrison in Tel Aviv and Bethan McKernan in Jerusalem |  9 Jun 2024 |

"Top EU diplomat says ‘bloodbath must end’ after Israeli attacks killed at least 274, according to Gaza ministry"

"Israeli attacks in central Gaza killed scores of Palestinians, many of them civilians, amid a special forces operation to free four hostages held there, a death toll that has caused international outrage."

"At least 274 Palestinians were killed and 698 wounded in Israeli strikes on the Nuseirat refugee camp in central Gaza, Gaza’s health ministry said on Sunday."

Israeli covering fire the evacuation must have massive and overwhelming. Israel their methods no-holds-barred I can well imagine. Such raids normally only a 50 % chance of success?

"no-holds-barred: adjective - Having no limits, regulations, or restraints."



This is coolbert:

The rescue of some Israeli hostages as in captivity since 7 October now an accomplished fact. 

Not everyone so happy with the rescue operation however. Herewith fallout from the Israeli raid. 

Numbers of Gaza residents killed numbering in the hundreds. Many wounded besides almost totally lacking any sort of conventional medical care.

Liberation of the hostages accomplished but not without great loss of civilian life?

1. "NSA Sullivan: ‘Innocent People Were Killed’ During Israel’s Hostage Rescue"

From | PAM KEY | 9 Jun 2024 |

"National Security Advisor [NSA] Jake Sullivan said Sunday on CNN’s 'State of the Union' that it was tragic that innocent people were killed during the Israeli military operation that rescued four hostages who were kidnapped during the October 7, 2023 Hamas terror attack."

2. "Actor Guy Pearce Says Israel Could Have Saved All Hostages ‘Months Ago,’ Suggests Deliberate ‘Murder of Innocent Palestinian Children’"

From | SIMON KENT | 9 Jun 2024 |

"Australian actor Guy Pearce has responded to Israel’s successful rescue of four hostages from Hamas terrorists by declaring all of those taken prisoner on October 7 last year could have been rescued 'months ago.'”

Anybody heard of this Pearce fellow before? The man is a blank to me. A gadfly if there ever was one? Seems almost everybody can be an expert on any subject nowadays. 

3. "‘Failure of the negotiations’: Israel’s hostage rescue leads to one of the bloodiest days in the war"

From | By Freddie Clayton | June 9, 2024 |

"Joy in Israel was fading on Sunday and giving way to the realities of a war that has dragged on for nine months."

4. "CAIR Condemns Israeli Hostage Rescue: ‘Horrific Massacre’"

From | JOEL B. POLLAK | 8 Jun 2024 |

"The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) condemned an Israeli raid Saturday in Gaza that led to the rescue of four Israeli hostages held by Hamas terrorists, saying that Israeli forces had committed a 'horrific massacre.'”

American diplomats involved in negotiations the release of hostages and a cease-fire their attitude toward the Israeli raid very negative. Upset the entire apple cart so to speak! Elation however in Israel!



This is coolbert:

To war with liquid stimulant!

"Ukrainian soldiers hooked on energy drinks – NYT" | 9 Jun, 2024

"Some service members are unable to cope with the workload on the front line without a liquid jolt, the paper reports"

Older individuals I well suspect!

"Energy drinks have become the beverage of choice for many Ukrainian soldiers in the conflict with Russia despite health concerns, the New York Times reported on Saturday."

"According to numerous Ukrainian troops interviewed by the paper, the sugar- and caffeine-loaded drinks are often the only way for them to overcome extreme exhaustion and endure the harsh realities of the front line."

War is a game for young men!

"Energy drinks have become increasingly popular among individuals seeking a quick energy boost. However, these drinks can pose serious health risks, especially for certain groups"

Particular dangerous for older men with undiagnosed heart condition. Too much "boost" and you can die!

See previous blog entries that topic of stimulant the Ukraine Conflict: