Monday, May 3, 2021

Elizabeth II.

This is coolbert:

Found this image the initial operational deployment of the British aircraft carrier Queen Elizabeth [QE].

Not like anything else that has been in over one hundred years?

North Sea to Sea of Japan and then homeward bound. A very intensive first operational mission.

Click on image to see an expanded view. Half way around the world and then return presumably by the same route. Impressive.

To an extent the course of the QE reminds of another naval contingent at a different time in history:

Think: "Voyage of the Baltic Fleet, (1904-1905)".

As usual click on image to see an enlarged view. The Russian Baltic fleet in 1905 during the Russo-Japanese War. The main body sailing around the southern tip of Africa, a secondary contingent more or less following the same course as will be the QE. One historian referring to the Russian naval forces as the "Fleet That Had to Die". QE and attending naval vessels in a deliberate manner note avoiding the Taiwan Strait obviously for diplomatic reasons not to rile the Chinese.

Hardly do I expect the Queen Elizabeth and escorting warships to meet the same fate as the Russians at Tsushima. Hardly.


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