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This is coolbert:

"There is a limit to our patience."

Here is the North Korean response to almost universal condemnation of the most recent DPRK nuclear detonation!!: [Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea]

A response that includes threats from the United Nations Security Council to place additional sanctions on North Korea.

"Lick the Carrot"

"DPRK Foreign Ministry Spokesman Clarifies Its Stand on UNSC’s Increasing Threat"

"Pyongyang, May 29 (KCNA) — A spokesman for the DPRK Foreign Ministry issued a statement on Friday as regards the UNSC’s threat to put additional sanctions against the DPRK, terming its successful nuclear test a violation of the UNSC Resolution 1718"

Herewith selected excerpts highlighted [in BOLD]:

"At present, some countries were shocked at the news of the DPRK’s second nuclear test"

"The DPRK is neither a signatory to the Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty nor to the Missile Technology Control Regime or MTCR"

"The UNSC has committed such unprecedented crime as the wanton infringement upon the right of a sovereign state to explore outer space for peaceful purposes"

"The DPRK, though small in its territory and population, has self-confidence and grit that it is a politically and militarily strong country"

"if the UNSC will make further provocative actions, this will inevitably lead to the DPRK’s approach towards adopting stronger self-defensive counter-measures."

"The end of the Cold War worldwide works only between big powers, but a Cold War still persists on the Korean Peninsula"

"It would be better for the “Donkey” of the U.S. Democratic Party to lick the carrot."

"It would be better for the “Donkey” of the U.S. Democratic Party to lick the carrot."

What is one to make of that last particular item? The donkey is President Obama? An ass? Stupid? The new man on the block? A lewd, vulgar, obscene jibe deliberately intended to offend?

Be very, very careful here! A man on his way out, Kim, possessing 10,000 pieces of tube artillery, might very well want to have a last hurrah?? I am going down, but I am going to take a whole lot of you with me??!!

Let us hope not!!



This is coolbert:

"But right now, when the Japs are planting their hatchets in our skulls, it seems like a hell of a time for us to smile and warble: 'Brothers!' It is a rather flabby battle cry. If we want to win, we’ve got to kill Japs . . . We can get palsy-walsy afterward with those that are left."

—Theodor Geisel"

Here are two artists who contributed to the war effort during the Second World War [WW2], each in their own particular style. Cartoonists during the war period, BUT IN REALITY PERSONS OF VERY PROFOUND ARTISTIC TALENT!!

1. Dr Seuss.

"Theodor Seuss Geisel . . . was an American writer and cartoonist who was most widely known for his children's books written under his pen name, Dr. Seuss"

During the war period, Dr. Seuss was noted for his severe caricatures and stereotypical characterizations of the Japanese. Portrayals done in an "overtly racist way"!

"Dr. Seuss draws 'Japan' - piggish nose, coke-bottle eyeglasses, slanted eyes, brush mustache, lips parted (usually in a smile)."

[a smile usually with BIG BUCK TEETH excessively accentuated!!]

2. Arthur Szyk.

"Arthur Szyk (pronounced "Shick") . . . was a Polish-born American artist, famous for his anti-Axis political illustrations, caricatures, and cartoons during World War II"

Szyk was a refugee from Hitler, a Jew, a man whose parents were killed during the war, and a man with strong political motivation! AND WAS AN OUTSTANDING ARTIST TO BOOT!!


[please note too than when portraying "Japan", Arthur also demonstrates a marked attraction with the "overtly racist way"!!]


Friday, May 29, 2009

Misleading II. [Conclusion]

This is coolbert:

"'I’m almost ashamed to say it,' . . . 'but I’ve never had so much fun in my life. Those nights of the occupation were fantastic.'” - - Fabienne Jamet, a [French] madame.

"mad⋅am - - 3. the woman in charge of a house of prostitution."

"New book lays bare French collaboration with the Nazis"

"An unusual history of the Nazis in France has trampled on one of the country’s most painful taboos by focusing on women who slept with the enemy during the occupation."

Horizontal collaboration is the term preferred in France? Frenchwomen, willingly having sexual relations with German soldiers. Women debauching themselves with the enemy conqueror!

This particular expose', however, is misleading? These were not your average-everyday-Frenchwoman allowing the German soldier to have his way with her. These Frenchwomen performing horizontal collaboration were for the most part PROSTITUTES, plain, pure, and simple?

An occupation that saw many Frenchwomen turn to prostitution as a means to support themselves and even THRIVE in a time of war. And doing so by catering to the ENEMY!

"Brothels that had been on the verge of closure before the war, as the abolitionist league gained force, enjoyed a dramatic revival as German soldiers poured into France."

“'In less than an hour,' . . . 'a girl who sells her charms to the occupier can earn up to three times the daily allowance that was given to the wives of French prisoners of war in 1941.'”

There were only a very limited number of Frenchwomen raped by the German during the four year long occupation of France, 1940-1944. Generally, the German soldier was just too disciplined, the punishment for misbehavior would have been harsh, AND FRENCH BROTHELS AND PROSTITUTES WERE MORE THAN AMENABLE TO SATISFY THE "NEEDS" OF THE OCCUPIERS!!

Wholesale and wanton "horizontal" collaboration is a figment of the imagination. The facts must be understood in the proper context!


Misleading I.

This is coolbert:

"Having converted spies means getting hold of the enemy's spies and using them for our own purpose, by means of heavy bribes and liberal promises, detaching them from the enemy's device and inducing them to carry back false information as well as to spy in turn on their own countrymen."

"They cannot be properly managed without benevolence"

"the enemy's spies who have come to spy on us must be sought out, tempted with bribes, led away, and comfortably house."

[all the above attributed to Sun Tzu, from 2500 years ago!!]

Here with a misleading [at least to the uninitiated] article written only this month by the distinguished British pundit, Christopher Hitchens:

"Ruthless yet Humane"

"Why Obama cited Churchill on torture."

"[Churchill] told his audience that, even at a time when London was being 'bombed to smithereens' and the British government held hundreds of Nazi agents in an internment center, there was a prime-ministerial view that torture was never permissible."

Hitchens, describing the British internment and treatment of captured German agents during WW2, housed in:

"Latchmere House, an extraordinary British prison . . . which housed as many as 400 of Hitler's operatives during World War II . . . ' Violence is taboo, for not only does it produce answers to please, but it lowers the standard of information.'"

"Espionage agents were not protected by the Geneva Conventions, and the existence of the camp did not even have to be reported to the Red Cross . . . But by the same token, espionage agents were not usually responsible for 'ticking bomb' scenarios."

Hitchens is trying here to make a historical analogy? German "agents" captured during WW2 by the British were treated in a humane, just, and benevolent manner. In contrast to the alleged rough maltreatment of terrorists as "housed" at Gitmo?

This analogy is misleading? The context is most important? A context the average reader would normally not appreciate. In the British case, those "agents" were captured German spies. Treated in a just, humane and "benevolent" manner, with the intention of recruitment to the British DOUBLE-CROSS SYSTEM!!

Captured German spies, under A THREAT OF EXECUTION, "persuaded" to work for the British and feed deceptive information to the German spymaster. Spies, "converted", to use the term as favored by Sun Tzu, while not being "maltreated", were under a threat of death. A threat that in a number of cases was carried out!! WHEN THE BRITISH FELT THEY NEEDED TO BE ROUGH, THEY WERE ROUGH!!

"German spies captured in the British Isles were given a choice between execution and becoming a double agent."


* "espionage agents were not usually responsible for 'ticking bomb' scenarios" NOT ONLY "not usually responsible", but that "'ticking bomb' scenarios" WOULD NOT HAVE ENTAILED THE POSSIBLE USE OF AN ATOMIC WEAPON OR OTHER WEAPON OF MASS DESTRUCTION!!

Fool President Obama, but not fooling Bert!!



This is coolbert:

Read about nano-weaponry and the potentiality thereof. "Scenario 1: Secret Military Development". Nano-weaponry, weapons of mass destruction [WMD], the development of which is moving apace [?], as we speak? Weaponry currently only [?] within the realm of science-fiction, technology of an insidious and sinister nature.

Nano-technology - - the manipulation of materials at the sub-molecular level, moving individual atoms around to construct materials, processes, functions, devices, "factories" !

"basic definition: Nanotechnology is the engineering of functional systems at the molecular scale. This covers both current work and concepts that are more advanced."

"Nanotechnology . . . is the study of the control of matter on an atomic and molecular scale. Generally nanotechnology deals with structures of the size 100 nanometers or smaller, and involves developing materials or devices within that size."

"To put that scale in another context, the comparative size of a nanometer to a meter is the same as that of a marble to the size of the earth." [this is correct. Do the math, assuming that the diameter of the marble is about a half/inch.]

Here from the "guru" of nanotechnology, Eric Drexler:

"Eric Drexler writes that nano-weapons 'can be more potent than nuclear weapons: to devastate Earth with [nuclear] bombs would require masses of exotic hardware and rare isotopes, but to destroy all life with [nano] replicators would require only a single speck made of ordinary elements.' We also read, 'A [nuclear] bomb can only blast things, but nanomachines . . . could be used to infiltrate, seize, change, and govern a territory or a world.'”

Nanotechnology, weaponized and brought to fruition, will constitute a WMD that is the polar opposite in contrast to an atomic bomb? Macro versus the micro [nano], particularly so with regard to BEING EMPLOYED AND ACTING AS A DESTABILIZING ELEMENT!!

Four factors regarding nanoweaponry stability/instability:

1. "The most obvious is the massive destructiveness of all-out nuclear war . . Nuclear weapons cause indiscriminate destruction; nanotech weapons could be targeted."

2. "Nuclear weapons require massive research effort and industrial development, which can be tracked far more easily than nanotech weapons development;"

3. "nanotech weapons can be developed much more rapidly due to faster, cheaper prototyping."

4. "Finally, nuclear weapons cannot easily be delivered in advance of being used; the
opposite is true of nanotech."

Let us not, however, go and put the cart before the horse. Nanotechnology is still in the infancy stage of development. Weapons are still a thing of science fiction? Do not put yourself in an excessive fret fearing the micro [nano] - - at least not yet! "Materials" can be made using nanotechnology, but as for "processes, functions, devices, 'factories'" - - you are going to have to wait a while?

"August 21, 2008, the Project on Emerging Nanotechnologies estimates that over 800 manufacturer-identified nanotech products are publicly available, with new ones hitting the market at a pace of 3-4 per week."

See these various archived articles thanks to NewsMax from the distinguished author Lev Navrazov. An emigre' from the ex-Soviet Union, an author, a Russian who knows his English and history, and a man who can understand scientific matters and can speak of same with some authority, having, in his own words: "I matriculated at the giant MEI (Moscow Energy Institute"

A man who is attempting to "sound the alarm" regarding the potential [?] weaponization of nanotechnology and the threat posed to the United States and other nations of the "free world" community if the matter is not taken seriously. A threat most likely manifesting itself from China. Thanks to Lev.

"No Freedom if China Develops Nanoweapons "

"Nanoweapons Research Necessary for Survival"

"China's Ongoing Nanotechnology Threat"

"U.S. Oblivious to China’s Nanotechnology"

"Future Wars Will Be Waged With Nano-Weapons"

"'Manhattan Project' Needed for Nano Weapons"

"Nanotechnology: The Weapon of the Future"

"Media Pick up on China Nanotechnology Threat"

The alarm is being sounded! Is anyone of authority paying heed? We should hope so!



This is coolbert:

"I face 'God's justice'"

From the Chicago Tribune today:


"Iraqi family hears apology from ex-soldier"

Private Green, at his sentencing, was confronted by the family of those persons he killed in Iraq.

"LOUISVILLE - - Weeping relatives of murdered Iraqi family confronted the killer Thursday in an American courtroom and said he deserved to die."

"In a hearing that turned emotional at times, surviving members of the al-Janabi family gestured and questioned Green, convicted earlier this month of killing four people. in Iraq."

"The jury failed to agree on a sentence for Green, meaning he automatically receives life imprisonment without parole. He could have been sentenced to death."

"Five members of the Janabi family condemned Green for the slayings, calling him a dog, a coward and a criminal. Several said Green should have received a death sentence."

Green is "a dog, a coward and a criminal"? Without question! Found guilty of gang-rape and murder of a family, with malice aforethought, as they legal folks would say.

Green has been observing this teenage Iraqi girl for some time [?], instigated, and plotted the crime, and was the ringleader.


Life without parole does not seem to be adequate punishment in this case? A military jury would have recommended death? I think so!!

And it is good the al-Janabi family has been allowed to give vent to their rage? YES! I hate to think that NOT giving the death sentence will lead to further and worse consequences.


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This is coolbert:

This particular blog entry is borderline germane. Pertains more to the “black arts” [espionage/subversion/clandestine operations], etc. But is still an item worthy of consideration! Especially in light of the previous blog!

I have in mind here the assassination of Swedish Prime Minister Olof Palme. A crime, NEVER SOLVED, NEVER BROUGHT TO RESOLUTION!!

Olof Palme, the sitting Prime Minister of his nation, not having bodyguards present, gunned down in public by a person whose identity was never firmly established. An assassination, the perpetrator of which was never brought to justice!!

Indeed, the Swedish police were so unaccustomed to “handling” a crime of this nature that their investigation can AT BEST be described as INEPT!!

The firearm used in this most heinous and unprovoked crime was an AMERICAN.357 magnum revolver!! The usage of which is almost totally unheard of in Sweden!!

Regarding the usage of the AMERICAN.357 magnum caliber revolver:

1. That a Swede would even own such a weapon is highly unlikely!

2. That a Swede would even use such a weapon in a crime is even more highly unlikely!

3. That a Swede would even use such a weapon to perpetrate a crime of this stunning magnitude is even more highly unlikely yet!!

[ammunition too would be a consideration? Full-charge magnum ammo of the .357 caliber would be hard to obtain for a European? Especially for a Swede, living in a nation with strict, even draconian firearms laws. I am making the assumption that full-charge ammo was used!]

What are we to make of this?

Mind you now - - this is all speculation on my part! A very thoughtful and malevolent mentality was at work here? That this WAS NOT merely a random street killing is without question? Done with the intention of plausible deniability while pointing an accusatory finger in another direction simultaneously? Practitioners of the “black arts” as was the NKVD of 1940?


Poles vs. Russians.

This is coolbert:

“A leopard does not change it’s spots!!” - - I. Pacepa.

"a German provocation."

"The Germans destroyed them," - - General Valentin Varennikov.

Again, the Russian, revanchist, digging-in-the-heels for a fight, denying history and doing so in a purposeful, willful, venal manner.

"1940 massacre of Poles remains potent issue"


Access to archives and the unearthing of the gravesites, denied. An execution of captive Poles, 1940, reminiscent of the Katyn Massacre, only somewhat less in magnitude.

NKVD executioners, upon the order of Comrade Stalin, taking a month to shoot 6,000 Polish captives. Polish intelligentsia, military officers, priests, minor officials, professors, etc. The heart and soul of Poland destroyed, rendering that nation a hollow shell for decades thereafter!!

Russian “closet” communists now shrill in denying that events as described from the Stalinst era ACTUALLY EVEN OCCURRED!! A CLEAR AND CONSISTENT PATTERN OF DENIAL REGARDING HISTORICAL EVENTS CIRCA-WORLD WAR TWO is now commonplace within Russia. “Shrill” - - almost hysterically so!!

"This plays out against a backdrop of marked defensiveness over the Soviet role in World War II. The government has recently discussed criminalizing any criticism of Soviet tactics during the conflict, known by Russians as the Great Patriotic War."

Even the use of the word, “provocation”, is a holdover from the Red era.

The new Cold War has been in progress for some time now? U.S. statesmen, diplomats, and policy makers have a lot of catching up to do? Better hurry!

"the prisoners were executed: a single bullet to the head from a German pistol, historians here say."

[please note that in the article, it is mentioned that GERMAN PISTOLS WERE USED TO EXECUTE THE POLES!! Very shrewd NKVD officers having envisaged well in advance the time when denial might be needed? Plausible denial, as the practitioners of the “black arts” likes to phrase it? At the time the German was using the 9 mm parabellum caliber, the Soviet the 7.62 caliber pistol round!]

See these additional blog entries regarding the recent spate of Russian historical denials:


Tuesday, May 26, 2009


This is coolbert:

“[The Sri Lanka government] did everything a general dreams of. Unfettered resources and no political interference.”

Here from the Chicago Tribune, this last Sunday:

Lessons learned in Sri Lanka’s triumph

The defeat of the Tamil Tigers, the armed fighters of the Eelam insurgency now being crushed, put out of business, the order having been given to lay down their arms, is now a subject of intense scrutiny by experts the world-over.

The strategists, military commanders, governments - - themselves involved in anti-guerrilla, counter-insurgency [COIN] operations, are looking for lessons learned! The final phase of the Sri Lanka counter-insurgency [COIN] is an archetype, a model to follow? Already the experts are identifying the “reasons” and factors why the armed forces of the central government in Colombo were able to finally prevail. And factors have been identified? To include:

* “The Sri Lankan army adopted more mobile tactics, overhauled its intelligence system, promoted young commanders and steadily hemmed in one the world’s most ruthless and innovative rebel movements”

* “the most important factor [?] in ending the stalemate was the political will to do whatever it took [to win].”

* [the size of] “the army grew by 70 % to 180,000 troops.”

* [“with more soldiers”] “the army was able to hit the Tigers on several fronts simultaneously.”

And too, the Sri Lanka government adopted a policy of not allowing collateral damage or injury to civilians impede final progress to ultimate battlefield victory:

* “They were not worried about collateral damage,” . . . 'so in many regards it’s a very difficult model to adopt.'”

Heavy handed and draconian methods usually are considered by the “experts” to be counter-productive in such COIN operations! At this point in the twenty-five years-long conflict, Colombo had made the cold-blooded decision to proceed as was done, regardless of further alienating the Tamil populace.

Again, solutions to the COIN problem are generally thought and accepted to be 80 % political and 20 % military. That the Tiger fighting wing has been brought to oblivion and so decisively is a surprise to many? Defeats of this variety are exceedingly rare in the COIN environment?



This is coolbert:

“they shall beat their swords into plowshares, and their spears into pruninghooks"

From the Chicago Tribune today:


Rusty Cold War relic headed for reef duty

“KEY WEST, Fla. - - Aboard the Gen. Hoyt S. Vandenberg, . . . it’s anything but business as usual.”

“Crews are preparing the decommissioned ship for sinking Wednesday . . . The 17,000-ton, 523-foot-long ship will be sunk [on Wednesday] . . . in about 140 feet of clear water.”

A military vessel, the mission of which was:

“a missile tracker for about 20 more years [15 years prior as a transport ship] and was retired in 1983.”

Will be sunk intentionally to create an artificial reef! A reef that will ultimately become a haven for all sorts of marine life, corals, and as an attraction for scuba divers.

“The Vandenberg will become the world’s second-largest intentionally sunk artificial reef.”

Preparing the vessel for “duty” was not easy! A lot of work had to be done to remove hazardous substances [HAZMAT], potential contaminants that WOULD BE INJURIOUS TO MARINE LIFE!! Hazmat to include:

* “1 million feet of wire.”

* “dozens of watertight steel doors.”

* “1,599 vent gaskets.”

* “81 bags of asbestos.”

* “193 tons of other potentially cancer causing substances.”

* “46 tons of garbage.”

* “300 pounds of materials containing mercury.”

* “185 55-gallon drums of paint chips.”


Please note too the quotation from scripture at the start of the blog entry!! This is perhaps one quotation that GQ and various religious “experts” will approve of?!


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This is coolbert:

“It is God’s will that by doing good you should silence the ignorant talk of foolish men.” - - First Epistle of Peter

“Therefore put on the full armor of God, so that when the day of evil comes, you may be able to stand your ground, and after you have done everything, to stand.” - - from Ephesians

“Behold, the eye of the Lord is on those who fear Him…To deliver their soul from death.” - - from the book of Psalms

Here is the type of palaver as carried by the main stream media [MSM] that I often find to be quite goofy!! This topic is actually now a hot button item for the MSM?

"Palaver - - 1. Talk; conversation; esp., idle or beguiling talk; talk intended to deceive;"

An "expose" from GQ:


Cover sheets for intelligence briefings and such, as presented by Donald Rumsfeld to President Bush, in the days leading up to and during the major combat hostilities in Iraq [2003], WERE PEPPERED WITH BIBLICAL QUOTATIONS!! [cover sheets only it seems!!]

This is now A MAJOR ISSUE!!?? Is an indication of devious behavior intended to influence President Bush and is all the work of the Donald Rumsfeld??!!

"the sheer cunning of pairing unsentimental intelligence with religious righteousness bore the signature of one man: Donald Rumsfeld."


That some folks are in a state of agitation and indignation over this "issue" is so much "poppycock", "rot", and "baloney"!!??

Various military men throughout history, many in the Anglo-Saxon tradition, have used Biblical quotations and prayer prior to battle!! There is no contradiction or difficulty here??

1. Orde Wingate - - Chindits.

"let us pray that God may accept our services and direct our endeavours so that when we shall have done all we shall see the fruit of our labours and be satisfied." - - O.C. Wingate, Commander, 77th Indian Infantry Brigade

From the Order of the Day [as](Issued to Columns as they crossed the Chindwin, 13th to 17th February 1943).

At this exact moment, Wingate, that most odd-type of commander, leading the "columns", the Chindits, into Burma for brigade size unconventional military operations of the most dangerous sort. Wingate, the SON OF A PASTOR, AND A MAN NOT ABOVE IMPLORING GOD AT A TIME OF WAR AND KNOWING HOW TO DO SO!!

2. Oliver Cromwell - - "Ironside".

"Ironside was the name given to a trooper in the Parliamentarian cavalry formed by English political leader Oliver Cromwell in the 17th century, during the English Civil War."

The unit under the command of Cromwell was referred to as "Ironside". Cromwell was an amateur at war ABLE TO BEAT THE PROFESSIONALS AT THEIR OWN GAME!! A truly intuitive and inspired commander of the first-order.

And commanded a unit particularly unique [??] in the history of warfare? Marched and rode into battle SINGING HYMNS TO GOD!!

"and charged the enemy singing hymns – the strangest abnormality in an age when every vice imaginable characterized soldiers and mercenaries."

Cromwell was also not above speaking in terms of Biblical metaphor when referring to victories of "Ironsides", defeating the Royalist forces:

"'God made them stubble to our swords'"

Please see too my previous blog entry regarding the soldier, prayer, and imploring GOD in a time of WAR!!

And - - finally - - for the devoted and long time reader to my blog - - you will recall that on occasions, I too, use and quote scripture in my blog entries. Surely that does not diminish what I have to say - - even in one iota!!??


The Bomb!

This is coolbert:

Flash news today from North Korea:

"Outrage over N Korea nuclear test"

"There have been expressions of international outrage after North Korea said it had successfully carried out an underground nuclear test."

The North Koreans have exploded another atomic device, or is it a bomb?

At least, it is apparent that this time, an atomic explosion has occurred. The first experimental detonation from not so long ago was considered to be a dud, or at least the evidence was inconclusive?

An atomic weapon is now for certain at the disposal of Kim. A nuclear weapon of some sort. Quite potent too. Equal in strength to the bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

"Russia's defence ministry estimated a blast of up to 20 kilotons - comparable to the American bombs that flattened Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945."

They are showing recent [??] film footage of Kim at some Communist party gathering. The "Great Hall of the People" like stuff. All sorts of endless clapping and applauding. The appearance of Kim is BAD. Cannot say enough about it. The man looks B-A-D!! Haggard, emaciated, sickly, worn down by illness!! NOT robust in any fashion at all!!

Nuclear weapons in the hands of an authoritarian and unstable regimen on the brink of collapse [??], with an aging, sickly dictator, a man devoid of reason, in charge, cannot be considered to be good.



This is coolbert:

From my previous blog entry on Trophy:

"Israel is now and has been for some time in a very select company with regard to high-technology weapons development. Able to develop and field technology that even nations such as England or France cannot!!"

Other nations that can develop, engineer and field a system analogous to Trophy are very few. To include the U.S [Quick Kill] and Russia [Arena]. And that is it?

Here is the Russian active protective system for armored vehicles. Currently fielded [has been fielded for some time now] on the latest Russian tank, the T-90. Also is available for export.

Arena Active Protection System.

An active defensive system, as is the Israeli Trophy. Protects an armored vehicle against the HEAT round as fired from an enemy rocket-propelled-grenade or an anti-tank-guided-missile. Active in that it destroys incoming missiles and warheads of the anti-tank-guided-missile [ATGM] variety.

"The Arena Active Protection System . . . (APS) is an active countermeasure system developed . . . for the purpose of protecting armored fighting vehicles from destruction by light anti-tank weapons, anti-tank guided missiles (ATGM), and missiles with top attack warheads. It uses a Doppler radar to detect incoming warheads. Upon detection, a defensive rocket is fired that detonates near the inbound threat, destroying it before it hits the vehicle."

This is actually an anti-missile-missile. It used to be said that such a system was IMPOSSIBLE!!

The Russian too has the Shtora system for confusing and defeating incoming HEAT type warheads from an ATGM. Also mounted on the T-90

"Shtora . . . is a Russian electro-optical active protection suite for tanks, designed to disrupt the laser target designation and rangefinders of incoming anti-tank guided missiles (ATGMs)."

Shtora, however, is a passive system. Dazzles, confuses, disrupts, envelops and conceals the friendly armor, NOT actively defeating the enemy missile [ATGM]. Envelops the friendly tank with a cloud of smoke [smart smoke?] an aerosol [??] and also has embedded electro-optic "dazzlers" which interfere with the ATGM target guidance. Shtora best translates from the Russian as "curtain"!

I would be curious to know if these various anti-ATGM systems such as Quick Kill, Trophy, and Arena can defeat an attack from a Rockeye bomb? A Rockeye bomb, releasing from an attack aircraft at altitude a multitude of 40 mm shaped charges that detonate on top of an enemy tank. The defenses of an Arena, a Quick Kill, a Trophy would be overwhelmed by a Rockeye attack?


Sunday, May 24, 2009


This is coolbert:

Mutiny - - a collective disobedience to orders!! - - Bert.

In this regard, Bert is much more knowledgeable than was the Chief of Naval Operations - - Elmo Zumwalt, who when asked by a Congressional Committee - - what is mutiny, could not reply and deferred to his legal officer!!

Here is a subject the French Army would rather forget?

Mutiny - - 1917.

"The French Army Mutinies of 1917 took place on the near totality of the Western Front in Northern France . . . Their existence remained virtually unknown at the time while their full extent and intensity has only been officially revealed since 1983."

French troops, during the Great War [WW1], exhausted, embittered, having just endured another fruitless offensive action that was for naught, refused to conduct further OFFENSIVE ACTIONS!! Emphasis upon OFFENSIVE ACTIONS! No more "GOING OVER THE TOP"!!

["going over the top" refers to leaving the safety of your trench position, moving out into "no mans" land, exposing yourself to enemy fire, more correctly, the concentrated fire of sited and protected German machine guns and artillery!!]

"By this time [1917], over one million French fatalities (306,000 in 1914; 334,000 in 1915; 217,000 in 1916; 121,000 in early 1917) out of a male population of twenty million had 'deadened the French will to attack'."

[all the stuffings had gone out of the French troops by this time [1917]. The will to continue had gone "snuff"! Cran [guts] and elan' [spirited action] no longer sufficed in the combat of WW1, and this was apparent to the enlisted!!]

This was not, however, a violent mutiny!! Just a refusal to obey orders for further OFFENSIVE ACTIONS!!

"the men 'wished their officers no harm'; they just refused 'to return to the trenches'. The mutinies 'were not a refusal of war' simply 'a certain way of waging it'."

This mutiny was WIDESPREAD and simultaneous [?] among the many units involved, and rendered the French army more or less impotent on the battlefield at the time.

"As the French Army comprised a total of 113 infantry divisions by the end of 1917, this puts the proportion of destabilized French infantry divisions at 43%."

Surprisingly so - - or is it [!!], the French response was not so draconian and harsh as might have been expected. Guilty parties were executed and some sent to penal servitude, but, again, the response of the French high command was not so brutal and cruel as might have been imagined. Keep in mind too that this was not an uprising in the common sense of the word, some degree of discretion being necessitated for continued French participation in the war being made manifest!!

"only 43 executions were carried out and can be solidly documented"


"the moral is to the physical as three is to one" - - Napoleon.


Saturday, May 23, 2009

Death Penalty?

This is coolbert:

My intuition had told me this would be the reaction. And it is!

From the Chicago Tribune today:


"Soldier's sentence outrages Iraqis"

"MAHMOUDIYA, iraq - - Iraqis responded with dismay and outrage Friday to the decision by a jury in Kentucky to spare the life of a U.S. soldier convicted or raping and kill and Iraqi girl near this dusty town south of Baghdad three years ago."

"'This sentence is unjust, and we in our tribe feel displeasure, dissatisfaction and disappointment indeed,' said Mahdi Obaid . . . an elder from the Janabi tribe to which the family belonged."

That U.S. soldier of course, is Private Green. The miscreant, ringleader, the instigator, the bad guy who hatched the plot in the first place. LEFT HIS POST WITH HIS GANG, RAPED AN IRAQI TEENAGE GIRL, THEN MURDERING THE GIRL AND HER WHOLE FAMILY!!


Green was convicted by a civilian jury and also received the recommended sentence from same.

And I am not surprised the Iraqi wants DEATH as the sentence. A tribal society where blood feuds and revenge are a way of life do not see a LIFE sentence as being appropriate!! And life in a U.S. prison is generally defined as TWENTY YEARS!!

I am sure we all aware that the Iraqi sense of justice is not the same as the American sense of justice. I just hope too that the elders of the Janabi tribe do not see the need to take matters into their own hands and do "something" they will regret.


Friday, May 22, 2009


This is coolbert:

Watch on YouTube and then read this interesting stuff:

"Trophy endorsed".

"A committee of experts . . . has chosen the Israeli-developed Trophy as the best-developed active defense system for armored personnel carriers, tanks and other military vehicles . . . the system, known in Israel as Windbreaker . . . Details of the system have not been disclosed, but it is thought that it fires projectiles to intercept and destroy incoming rockets and missiles with tandem warheads"

"Trophy is design[ed] to form a 'beam' of fragments, which will intercept any incoming HEAT threat, including RPG rockets at a range of 10 – 30 meters from the protected platform."

An alternative/competitor to the U.S. designed Raytheon’s Quick Kill.

"Merkava-4 Tanks ‘Windbreaker’ System"

One each Windbreaker located on far left/right hand side top of the turret.

"According to the weekly Bamachane magazine published by the IDF, the first tank platoon of Merkava-4 tanks has been outfitted with advanced Windbreaker system against anti-tank rockets."

Windbreaker right side.

"The system carries a price tag of $150,000-$200,000, permitting its advanced operational abilities to intercept a rocket before it can strike."

This is an active protective system for armored vehicles.

NOT just armor, NOT just reactive armor, NOT just slat armor.

Active, NOT passive.

Detects and fires a spew of defeating particles toward an oncoming HEAT RPG or ATGM warhead.

NOW, as we speak, being mounted and deployed on the latest Merkava 4 Israeli tanks coming off the assembly line.

Trophy is called "Windbreaker" [as in the coat] in Israel.

Please keep in mind that this sort of system, active-defense for armored vehicles, can be built only in a few countries around the world. U.S., Israel, Russia, and that is about it.

Israel is now and has been for some time in a very select company with regard to high-technology weapons development. Able to develop and field technology that even nations such as England or France cannot!!


And an advanced version that will work against kinetic energy projectiles is currently under development. An advanced version that will defeat the SABOT type of round fired from a tank!!

That YouTube video is particularly impressive! The modern tank is now NOT at the mercy of the infantryman armed with HEAT type rounds fired from pea-shooter weaponry. Trophy provides a large measure of protection that was previously lacking!!



This is coolbert:

The verdict has been reached.

Pvt. Green has been found guilty.


"Ex-Soldier Gets Life Sentence for Iraq Murders"

Pvt. Green, discharged from the U.S. Army for sub-standard performance, had been accused of murder, rape, and the execution of an entire Iraqi family. A most egregious case of foul play! Was done, more or less, for the “fun” of doing so!


Was the instigator, the organizer, the plotter, the ringleader.

Observed an Iraqi girl, fourteen years old, for a period of time, concocted the evil deed, recruited his followers, and followed up on the plan.

Before he was arrested, had been discharged from the army. Was then arrested stateside, and brought up under federal [??] charges, but AS A CIVILIAN.

Was tried in Paducah, Kentucky, that location chosen because of proximity to the army base, Ft. Campbell, from which Green had been stationed and then discharged.

This particular news article does not mention an important point regarding this cruel and evil deed!

Part and parcel of the crime itself, and in military terms, this cannot be avoided, IS THAT GREEN AND HIS GANG OF RAPISTS/MURDERERS LEFT THEIR POST TO COMMIT THE CRIME!!


For a civilian jury, such would not be a consideration in their deliberations? Evidently not! Green is not going to get death, will get life imprisonment.

I had originally thought that the law under which Green was indicted and tried as a civilian for crimes allegedly committed while in the military, was the special law enacted in the aftermath of the My Lai Massacre? Lt. Rusty Calley was only one day away from discharge prior to his being arrested! One day more and Calley would have been out of the army, and beyond prosecution!

But NO, this is another law that was applicable in the case of Green:

"Mr. Green’s trial was the first capital punishment case tried under a 2000 law allowing federal criminal courts to try crimes committed overseas by former members of the military, military dependents, contractors and other civilians, legal experts said"

Malice aforethought was obviously present here! A military jury would have rendered the same judgement but the penalty would have been death? I think so!! Aggravating circumstances are present [leaving your post!!] but were not considered by the civilian jurors!


Thursday, May 21, 2009

SMLE. - - Imjin.

This is coolbert:

"'God and the soldier we adore, In time of danger, not before.'"

"the most testing of all hazards on the battlefield - - attack by overwhelming numbers of the enemy."

From the graphic novel - - 303 - - by Garth Ennis:

"It was a short magazine Lee-Enfield [SMLE], three-oh-three calibre, and its worn brass butt plate and the scars and scratches on its woodwork spoke volumes of the century gone by."

From the introductory page of "303", the SMLE rifle, in the hands of the English infantryman in both World Wars and beyond! A bolt-action rifle of great effectiveness, seeing action in battles such as:

* Mons.
* Somme.
* Alam Halfa.
* Dunkirk.
* Normandy.

Here too, is another little-known episode from history where the SMLE, in the hands of TRAINED, SKILLED and DISCIPLINED riflemen, never fails to impress:

Imjin River. Korea, 1951. British combat brigade, fighting with other United Nations forces. Most specifically, the 1st Battalion of the Gloucestershire regiment. About six hundred Englishmen versus a Chinese army [63rd Army] of 30,000 troops.

English troops, wielding the SMLE with great effectiveness, engaging in a three-day combat action of the most desperate type, faced with an adversary that is able to employ prodigious and overwhelming numbers. “Prodigious and overwhelming numbers” committed to battle by the Chinese commander [Peng] in a profligate manner!!

English troops, still retaining a high degree of marksmanship that would have made Musketry Instructor Sergeant Snoxall proud.

"the standard of musketry had not been lowered since [the First World War]. To drop ten targets at 400 yards in less than a minute was regarded as good but by no means exceptional."

ONLY thirty-nine Britishers emerging unscathed after three days of combat, but in the process rendering the Chinese 63rd Army ineffective as a fighting force.

"no accurate figures exist for its losses, but most estimates suggest that it sustained about 11,000 casualties, approximately 40 percent of its combat strength."



This is coolbert:

Regarding the bombing of Rotterdam, Netherlands, during World War Two [WW2]. The generally accepted historical accounts are inaccurate and misleading?

That the very center of Rotterdam was bombed to oblivion by German Luftwaffe aircraft, 1940, is beyond question. This did happen. One square mile in the center of the city received the full weight of a saturation bombardment by a massed German air fleet! A blitzkrieg generally thought to have been a war crime!

The full circumstances of what occurred - - however - - is unclear?

[I have previously had a blog entry on the bombing of Rotterdam, following the conventional “party” line!!]

The German, and more specifically, Hitler, did NOT act in the manner of the barbarian, the beast, the animal, the perpetrator of atrocity?

According to the conventional historical accounts of WW2, Rotterdam was:

* Bombed ONLY AFTER Dutch surrender!

* Bombed ONLY at the insistence of Hitler. Hitler in a fit of rage - - reacting to reports that the German paratrooper commander Student had been shot by a Dutch sniper.

The “conventional historical accounts” are in part right and wrong?

The part right and part wrong includes:

* Rotterdam just prior to the bombing was defended by Dutch troops, the German not able with mere ground forces to compel surrender of the Hollanders. Rotterdam was not an open city, undefended! Was a legitimate target of war!

* The German air fleet launched PRIOR to Dutch surrender, arriving on the scene WHILE negotiations with the Dutch were proceeding.

* That German air fleet unloading their ordnance on the center of Rotterdam did so thinking that their bombs were dropping on Dutch military targets, in support of German ground forces!! And that combat WAS STILL ON-GOING!

* Efforts were made to “signal off” the German air fleet, but this effort went for naught!!

* Student was indeed shot during the Holland campaign, BUT NOT by a Dutch sniper. Was hit by a stray German bullet!

The perception that Hitler went into a rage is perhaps correct, but the man DID NOT order the bombing of Rotterdam in retaliation for a sniper attack upon General Student!

There is also mention of A SECOND bombing of Rotterdam during WW2. More later on that topic? I have to research!

The saturation bombardment of Rotterdam was intense and unexpected. This was not close-air-support as the term is generally and commonly understood! But not necessarily an atrocity as we usually define the word.

“History is like a constantly changing tree” - - D. Irving.


The Resplendent Isle!

This is coolbert:

From the Chicago Tribune yesterday:

This is really big?


"Sri Lanka civil war ends after 25 years"

"After several escapes, Tamil leader is killed"

The Sri Lankan based insurrectionist army of Eelam, the Tamil Tigers, has been defeated?

A guerrilla army of some ability and success, fighting a war that has lasted since 1983, has met their match, been defeated on the battlefield, the order now having been given to lay down their arms. The military dimension to the conflict between the Tamil and the Sinhalese majority of Sri Lanka has come to a close.

The final and deciding factor was the death of the Tiger commander and his son, the last bastion of Tiger-held territory being seized by the army of the central government in Colombo?


As to the enemy commander - - Velupillai Prabhakaran:

“focused and innovative . . . [he] built the Tigers in his image. The group grew from little more than a street gang into one of the world’s most successful militant operations.”

Innovations to include:

* The suicide bomber.

* Cyanide capsules worn about the neck of Tamil fighters. Suicide was the option to capture?

Velupillai was a founding member of the Eelam movement? If so, began his career at the age of twenty! For thirty four years, was a mainstay of the struggle. When a man at that age gives himself, mind, body, soul to a movement such as the Tamil Tigers, what does that say??!!

“At its peak, the Tigers controlled one-third of Sri Lanka’s territory and had their own sizable army and navy, a nascent air force, courts, tax collectors, hospitals, global smuggling operations and liaison offices in 54 countries.”

The military wing of Eelam was down and out for the count on a number of occasions, but always managed to survive, rebound, and thrive. IT IS ALL OVER NOW?? Time will tell!

The conflict between the Tamil and the Sinhalese has been an on-going struggle for one thousand years now? Since the time of the Tamil King Rajaraja? I would not expect the Tamils to go quietly into the night!

The Eelam Tiger homepage is down! Off the Internet for good now? Here is another Tiger web site that is still active. Admits defeat [?] and now pleads the humanitarian crisis as faced by the Tamil people of Sri Lanka!


Wednesday, May 20, 2009


This is coolbert:

Thanks to CNN for this story, through Robert Spencer and JihadWatch.

[previously also covered on the Michael Medved radio talk show too!]

An "incident" as reported on Al Jazerra Arabic television has come to closure? The type of "incident" that can inflame the local Islamic population of Afghan and put American servicemen and women in grave peril!

"Military burns unsolicited Bibles sent to Afghanistan "

Story Highlights:

* "Unsolicited Bibles [a dozen Bibles to be exact!] sent by U.S. church were confiscated about a year ago"

* "The Bibles were printed in two most common Afghan languages"

* "Military feared they could be used for proselytizing, which is forbidden to troops"

* "Military didn't want to risk any distribution of the Bibles and angering Muslims"

IT MUST BE MADE VERY CLEAR WHAT HAS OCCURRED HERE!! Christian Bibles, sent UNSOLICITED to an American serviceman serving in Afghan, have been confiscated and burned.

NO attempt was made to pass out the Bibles, NO attempt was to proselytize [convert] a local, and NO Afghan was even been reputed to HAVE EVEN SEEN THEM!!


As I have said many times before, the U.S. military must not tread heavy in Afghan. Even the slightest rumor, or a single glance of the wrong sort in the wrong direction at the wrong time, can cause an immediate reaction resulting in bloodshed!!

Causing the locals to turn on you with a surprising vehemence and anger - - as it did with the British - - 1842!!



This is coolbert:

Those of you that intensely follow the world news are undoubtedly aware that the last remaining stronghold of the Eelam Tamil Tigers has been captured by the army of Sri Lanka. A war that has lasted since 1982 has now come to an end? The Tamil Tiger commander has been killed [along with his son], and the order has been issued for all remaining Tigers to lay down their arms.

Here is the man largely responsible [??] for the defeat of the Tigers.

General Sarath Fonseka.

"General Sarath Fonseka . . . is a Sri Lankan Army officer who has served throughout the Sri Lankan civil war and been the Commander of the Sri Lanka Army since December 6, 2005 . . . . His continuing run of significant military victories . . . has led the Indian National Security Advisor Mayankote Kelath Narayanan to describe him as the best army commander in the world"

From the last name, it is reasonable to assume that General Fonseka is a "burger"?

"Sri Lankan ethnically fall into four main categories. They are Sinhala, Tamil, Muslim and Burger."

A "burger", a descendant of Portuguese military men, mercenaries, that entered into the area of the Indian sub-continent four to five hundred years ago.

Military men, voluntary expatriates, mercenaries, generally artillery men, whose professional skills were highly regarded by the local kings and princes of the Indian Ocean area.

Men and their offspring thereof, "burgers" [city-dwellers], who married local women, established a permanent local residency, and now for a half a millennium have played a prominent role in Sri Lanka political and social life.

And it is not unreasonable to describe General Fonseka as "the best army commander in the world"? NO! General Fonseka has achieved victory where prior such an achievement was deemed very difficult to impossible. The Eelam Tigers were a very hard fighting, resilient, resourceful and devoted group of insurgents. Made for difficult opponents. Fonseka was able to succeed where other commanders could not?

Success is success and cannot be argued with? The proud military tradition of the "burgers" continues unabated!


Tuesday, May 19, 2009


This is coolbert:

"The necessity of procuring good intelligence is apparent & need not be further urged - - All that remains for me to add is, that you keep the whole matter as Secret as possible. For upon Secrecy, Success depends in Most Enterprizes of the Kind, and for want of it, are generally defeated, however well planned and promising a favorable issue." - - I am Sir Yr. Most Obed. Sev. - - G. Washington.

Good program on National Geographic channel last night dealing with the "real" George Washington. An attempt to separate the myth from the "real"!

A large portion of the program concerns the American Revolutionary War record of Washington.

First and foremost, Washington was the ONLY man in the colonies that all the colonialist revolutionaries would rally to. The ONLY man whose integrity, honor, and trustworthiness were above reproach. And a man too, who had military COMMAND experience, something sorely lacking with the ranks of the colonial army.

As is generally agreed upon by the military historians, Washington WAS A NOT A SKILLED BATTLEFIELD TACTICIAN.


Washington was also AN EXCELLENT SPY MASTER!!

Understood the need for obtaining intelligence and did run a large spy network, the primary focus being the large British garrison encamped - - New York City.

Washington seems to have had a fascination with what are called the "Black Arts". He had more than a passing acquaintance with all aspects of espionage and DECEPTION as applicable in a time of war.

Washington was familiar with ciphers and secret ink, counter-espionage and HOW TO FEED THE ENEMY FALSE INFORMATION TO DECEIVE AS PART OF AN OVERALL BATTLE PLAN!! And was successful at doing so.


* In his own communications, Washington used CODE as opposed to CIPHER. And did make a mistake, somewhat common during the period, of mixing plain text with coded text in the same message!

* The American colonialist rebels did have at their disposal an advanced form of secret ink? A two-part formula, one part for writing and concealing, the second formula for developing and making apparent the hidden message? This was the work of Dr. Benjamin Rush?

* When uncovering an enemy spy in your midst, it can often be the preferred method to not arrest, try, convict and hang the miscreant. Feeding the villain, the enemy spy, deceptive information that he will pass to his masters is often the route to follow!! Such a method requires an enormous amount of guile and cleverness. This Washington seems to have had both in abundance!


I think this is so! In all revolutionary movements, ONE MAN, a leader, can make a big difference.


Sunday, May 17, 2009


This is coolbert:

From the previous blog entry:

"Pakistan's nuclear program may already be infected with the virus of radicalism from within, as demonstrated by the Sultan Bashiruddin incident."

This particular Sultan Bashiruddin that is being spoken about, is a Pakistani with Taliban sympathies [??] and a man WHO HAS ACTUALLY SPOKEN [??] TO OSAMA ABOUT THE FEASIBILITY FOR AL QAEDA TO OBTAIN NUCLEAR WEAPONRY!!

"Sultan Bashiruddin Mahmood . . . is a Pakistani nuclear engineer and Islamic scholar. . . He is well known for his contacts and sympathies for Taliban . . . Sultan Mahmood is also a Islamic scholar as well as a scientific scholar."

Such a meeting, between Sultan and Osama, if true, is the source of a lot of anxiety among U.S. officials! Especially after 9/11! The threat of an atomic attack upon an American city is not just a mirage. There is a real basis to such fears?

"In August 2001, Mahmood . . . met with Osama bin Laden and his deputy, Ayman al-Zawahiri, in Afghanistan. 'There is little doubt that Mahmood talked to the two Al Qaeda leaders about nuclear weapons'"

Here from the wiki, the dialog between Sultan and Osama - - where Sultan tells bin Laden to nix plans for BUILDING HIS OWN ATOMIC WEAPON!!

"'it's not easy, you need a big institutions and big amount of money, not couple thousand [Pakistani] rupees. You should forget it.' 'Look, I cannot build nuclear bomb by myself and it's not possible for me to build a nuclear bomb solely; plus Pakistan's government is too sensitive in this matter'".

I guess the thought would be - - for Osama and Zawahiri - - if we cannot build our own bomb - - then just capture one or more intact!!??

Too, these jihadi types are able to reach into the very upper elite of their societies and find sympathetic individuals who can give aid and comfort! Osama and Zawahiri are from the very upper crust of the Saudi and Egyptian elites respectively. Able to move within the ummah and find converts regardless of national boundaries or affiliation!!


Direct Action?

This is coolbert:

From the Times of India:

"India gets ready for a Taliban-ruled nuclear neighbor. "

"WASHINGTON: India's Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has told President Obama that nuclear sites in Pakistan's restive frontier province are 'already partly' in the hands of Islamic extremists, an Israeli journal [DEBKA file] has said, amid considerable anxiety among US pundits here over Washington's confidence in the security of the troubled nation's nuclear arsenal."

"Pakistan's nuclear program may already be infected with the virus of radicalism from within, as demonstrated by the Sultan Bashiruddin incident."

One would very well expect that the senior decision makers within the Indian government are really biting their nails over this! Taliban types, with nuclear weapons, and delivery systems that are within range of Indian targets, are a real source of concern?!

I would think it would be! India might well be pre-disposed to take unilateral action in case of a total collapse in Pakistan! Capture or destroy stockpiles of atomic weapons, the manufacturing facilities, take prisoner key officials and scientists, etc. The CONSEQUENCES FOR DIRECT ACTION ON THE PART OF THE INDIAN MILITARY WOULD BE GREAT. THE CONSEQUENCES OF NOT TAKING DIRECT ACTION MIGHT ALSO BE VERY DIRE!!

The famous saying, "can the center hold?", is applicable here? The center can hold? I hope so!


North Wall.

This is coolbert:

“Canada … took a pass on Vietnam”

Well, not exactly!! The government of Canada might have taken a pass - - but NOT all Canadians did!!

This surprises a lot of people? The Northern Wall. A monument to those Canadians that DID serve with U.S. forces during the Vietnam War. A number of which were killed, KIA.

Canadian Vietnam Memorial ~ "The North Wall".

"Canadian veterans - - During the Vietnam era, more than 30,000 Canadians served in the US armed forces . . . approximately 12,000 of these personnel actually served in Vietnam. Most of these were natives of Canada who lived in the United States."


"110 Canadians died in Vietnam and seven are listed as missing in action."

Contrast those figure of Canadians willing to serve in the American military during the Vietnam era with the number of those AMERICANS that were not willing to serve, many escaping conscription [the military draft] by fleeing to Canada.

"The numbers of draft US conscientious objectors, draft dodgers and deserters that went to Canada is estimated to be between 30,000 and 70,000 by most authorities."

And consider this Canadian, Peter C. Lemon, [man was born Canadian and was a U.S. citizen at the time of his heroics] WHO WON THE MEDAL OF HONOR [MoH] for bravery in Vietnam!

That Canadians should serve in the U.S. military or to find Americans among the ranks of the Canadian armed forces surprises? Consider that during the two World Wars:

"over 35,000 Americans joined the Canadian Army during World War 1 (recall that Canada was fighting the war from 1914 to 1917 before America became involved)."

"in World War II, some 30,000 Americans . . . joined the Canadian forces during the period 1939 to 1941 while the United States was still neutral."

Consider this too! The size of the Canadian military is rather small, only in the tens of thousands. During the Vietnam War, at any given moment, the number of Canadians wearing an American military uniform was pretty substantial compared to the number of Canadians wearing the uniform of their own [Canadian] armed forces!!

I would guess, offhand, too, that those Canadians soldiering for the U.S. were probably of superior quality, made good fighting men, and performed their duty in an admirable fashion.


Saturday, May 16, 2009


This is coolbert:

"I was killed near Rzhev..."

Yet again an indication that the overly hyper-sensitve "Russian bear" is back! From this last March:

"Russia to outlaw criticism of WWII tactics"

"The Russian government is to outlaw criticism of Soviet military tactics during the Second World War in the latest example of its heavy-handed approach to dissent."

In particular, a documentary has infuriated the Kremlin and all Russians devoted to an almost hysterical and totally irrational World War Two histiography!

A histiography as might have been [and probably was] written by Stalin himself.

"[A] NTV documentary . . . with a sensitive depiction of the Battles of Rzhev, fought in 1942-3, which killed up to 1.5 million soldiers, two-thirds of them Soviet."

"The controversial plan comes after a television documentary exposed the scale of human losses during one of the conflict's bloodiest battles."

"The programme stirred deep emotions in a country that has traditionally glorified the heroic exploits of ordinary soldiers during the 'Great Patriotic War' but has often ignored the immense human cost behind the victory over Nazi Germany."

"Academics estimate that more than 26 million Soviet soldiers and civilians were killed between 1941 and 1945, a death toll that dwarfed the losses of any other country."

It is generally acknowledged that about 8 million Soviet soldiers died in combat during the war. The remainder of the 26 million dead being civilians. Many of those civilians dying BECAUSE OF ACTIONS TAKEN BY STALIN HIMSELF!! [scorched earth for one!]

There were during WW2 many instances of just plain poor decisions, incompetence and venality on the part of Stalin and his general officers! The common soldier was used as cannon fodder in a manner that was obscenely grotesque and evil! A prodigious waste of ground troops was evidenced many times on the Eastern Front in WW2.

Profligate misuse of the foot soldier in such combat actions as:

* Cherkassy Pocket.

* Destruction of the Second Shock Army.

* The use of penal battalions.

And one of course cannot forget the Vlasov Army and those other Russians and Soviet citizens [1 million strong] that WERE WILLING TO TAKE UP ARMS AGAINST STALIN AND THE COMMUNISTS!!

The venality of Stalin is only compounded by the refusal of those that deny the venality??!!


Kensington Cage.

This is coolbert:

"Before there was Gitmo, there was Kensington Cage" - - Bert.

Here with some good stuff, thanks to the Guardian.

"The secrets of the London Cage"

German prisoners-of-war [POW] [???] during the Second World War, held by the British in a special prison, subjected to the "methods". Extraction of confessions being the goal.

A special prison, a "camp" kept hidden and secret from the Red Cross.

POW's, SS men, who had been accused of war crimes. Atrocities against ALLIED TROOPS, most specifically British troops. Men the British government wanted to HANG. And hang they did many of them.

A "camp" run by a Colonel Scotland. When writing his memoirs, the Colonel was forbidden to publish [1950], his "long-lost" work of non-fiction just coming to the light of day!

Techniques ["methods"] as employed to extract confessions included:

* Beatings.

* Sleep deprivation.

* Starvation.

* Exhaustion exercises.

* Threats, thinly veiled, of unnecessary surgery.

All complaints about ill-treatment and accusations of "torture", and lack of access to the Red Cross were brushed aside by the good Colonel? His reasoning was:

"Scotland went on to argue that the Red Cross need not be admitted, because his prisoners were either civilians, or 'criminals within the armed forces', and neither, he said, were protected by the Geneva convention"

A prison camp that had embedded special surveillance devices to monitor the prisoners and obtain information. Evidently, hidden microphones to pick up conversations of the inmates among themselves.

"The secret gear which we use to check the reliability of information obtained must be removed from the Cage before permission is given to inspect the building. This work will take a month to complete." [inspection by the Red Cross]

Does all this sound familiar?

We have heard about all this recently?


You know!!


Friday, May 15, 2009


This is coolbert:

Here is an American soldier, the same caliber of individual as a H.H. Munro [Saki], a Jim Corbett, a Frederick Selous, and an Edward Steichen?

A man NOT only of retirement age, but actually retired [from the military?], rallying to the colors in a time of war!!

NOT only willing, but able to do so, AND NOW, LOSING HIS LIFE IN THE PROCESS!!

From the Chicago Tribune today:


IRAQ: Major is oldest GI to die in conflict

“Veteran of Vietnam War, 60, decided to re-enlist after terrorist attacks of Sept. 11”

“A 60-year old Vietnam War veteran who was killed by a roadside bomb in Iraq has become the oldest Army soldier to die in that conflict”

“Maj. Steven Hutchison . . . decided to re-enlist after the Sept. 11 terrorists attacks and the death of his wife”

This is truly commendable! A man of advanced age, performing his duty, serving his nation. SURELY SOME SORT OF COMMENSURATE DUTY COULD HAVE BEEN FOUND FOR THIS MAN WHERE HIS LIFE WOULD NOT HAVE BEEN PLACED IN DANGER!!??

Maj. Steve was willing, able, and BRAVE!! I salute this hero!! “The moral is to the physical as three is to one!!” - - Napoleon!