Friday, May 22, 2009


This is coolbert:

Watch on YouTube and then read this interesting stuff:

"Trophy endorsed".

"A committee of experts . . . has chosen the Israeli-developed Trophy as the best-developed active defense system for armored personnel carriers, tanks and other military vehicles . . . the system, known in Israel as Windbreaker . . . Details of the system have not been disclosed, but it is thought that it fires projectiles to intercept and destroy incoming rockets and missiles with tandem warheads"

"Trophy is design[ed] to form a 'beam' of fragments, which will intercept any incoming HEAT threat, including RPG rockets at a range of 10 – 30 meters from the protected platform."

An alternative/competitor to the U.S. designed Raytheon’s Quick Kill.

"Merkava-4 Tanks ‘Windbreaker’ System"

One each Windbreaker located on far left/right hand side top of the turret.

"According to the weekly Bamachane magazine published by the IDF, the first tank platoon of Merkava-4 tanks has been outfitted with advanced Windbreaker system against anti-tank rockets."

Windbreaker right side.

"The system carries a price tag of $150,000-$200,000, permitting its advanced operational abilities to intercept a rocket before it can strike."

This is an active protective system for armored vehicles.

NOT just armor, NOT just reactive armor, NOT just slat armor.

Active, NOT passive.

Detects and fires a spew of defeating particles toward an oncoming HEAT RPG or ATGM warhead.

NOW, as we speak, being mounted and deployed on the latest Merkava 4 Israeli tanks coming off the assembly line.

Trophy is called "Windbreaker" [as in the coat] in Israel.

Please keep in mind that this sort of system, active-defense for armored vehicles, can be built only in a few countries around the world. U.S., Israel, Russia, and that is about it.

Israel is now and has been for some time in a very select company with regard to high-technology weapons development. Able to develop and field technology that even nations such as England or France cannot!!


And an advanced version that will work against kinetic energy projectiles is currently under development. An advanced version that will defeat the SABOT type of round fired from a tank!!

That YouTube video is particularly impressive! The modern tank is now NOT at the mercy of the infantryman armed with HEAT type rounds fired from pea-shooter weaponry. Trophy provides a large measure of protection that was previously lacking!!



Anonymous said...

Dude, windbreaker and throphy are 2 different things. Trophy uses shrapnel to destroy the missile while windbreaker uses another missile.

Anonymous said...

This type of shit is not going to work in real war condition! Im sorry to dissapoint you.

Anonymous said...

Dudes, it just did work in real work conditions. Twice already

Anonymous said...

dude, i speak of real war condition: soldiers walking next to the tank and so on and forth. It might be working for reconnaisance units but not for all. Dont over estimate that system!