Monday, May 25, 2009


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From my previous blog entry on Trophy:

"Israel is now and has been for some time in a very select company with regard to high-technology weapons development. Able to develop and field technology that even nations such as England or France cannot!!"

Other nations that can develop, engineer and field a system analogous to Trophy are very few. To include the U.S [Quick Kill] and Russia [Arena]. And that is it?

Here is the Russian active protective system for armored vehicles. Currently fielded [has been fielded for some time now] on the latest Russian tank, the T-90. Also is available for export.

Arena Active Protection System.

An active defensive system, as is the Israeli Trophy. Protects an armored vehicle against the HEAT round as fired from an enemy rocket-propelled-grenade or an anti-tank-guided-missile. Active in that it destroys incoming missiles and warheads of the anti-tank-guided-missile [ATGM] variety.

"The Arena Active Protection System . . . (APS) is an active countermeasure system developed . . . for the purpose of protecting armored fighting vehicles from destruction by light anti-tank weapons, anti-tank guided missiles (ATGM), and missiles with top attack warheads. It uses a Doppler radar to detect incoming warheads. Upon detection, a defensive rocket is fired that detonates near the inbound threat, destroying it before it hits the vehicle."

This is actually an anti-missile-missile. It used to be said that such a system was IMPOSSIBLE!!

The Russian too has the Shtora system for confusing and defeating incoming HEAT type warheads from an ATGM. Also mounted on the T-90

"Shtora . . . is a Russian electro-optical active protection suite for tanks, designed to disrupt the laser target designation and rangefinders of incoming anti-tank guided missiles (ATGMs)."

Shtora, however, is a passive system. Dazzles, confuses, disrupts, envelops and conceals the friendly armor, NOT actively defeating the enemy missile [ATGM]. Envelops the friendly tank with a cloud of smoke [smart smoke?] an aerosol [??] and also has embedded electro-optic "dazzlers" which interfere with the ATGM target guidance. Shtora best translates from the Russian as "curtain"!

I would be curious to know if these various anti-ATGM systems such as Quick Kill, Trophy, and Arena can defeat an attack from a Rockeye bomb? A Rockeye bomb, releasing from an attack aircraft at altitude a multitude of 40 mm shaped charges that detonate on top of an enemy tank. The defenses of an Arena, a Quick Kill, a Trophy would be overwhelmed by a Rockeye attack?


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Anonymous said...

Ukraine also has the Zaslon APS which is superior to even the Russian Arena APS.

Arena and Zaslon are both 360 degree defense systems which means that they can intercept projectiles coming at them from above. This is one of the advantages Russia and Ukraine have over the the US and Israel.

Neither the US nor Israel have a functioning APS as of now (May 2010), however, by 2011 the Quick Kill APS would be released, not sure about the Israeli one though, so we will have to wait until then.