Friday, May 17, 2019


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Smart phones. Applications. Social media. Malware. Military intelligence.

How many times now have I had blog entries concerning this topic? Social media as it is referred to in this instance as the "honey pot". Entice and trap the unwary soldier via a Smart Phone.

Even in India this occurs!!

"Indian soldier [jawan]  leaked sensitive info to Pakistani ‘honey pot’ on Facebook"

"honey pot - - something or some location that is attractive or rewarding and that entices a specific group of people"

Thanks to the Russian Internet web site Russian Times [RT].

"An Indian Army clerk [jawan] has been arrested for passing information on troop movements and military exercises to a Pakistani spy on Facebook and WhatsApp and may have been paid for his betrayal"

"The Indian Army announced a nationwide crackdown on social media “honey-traps” in January, and military intelligence has been conducting spot-checks of soldiers’ phones and laptops ever since, warning them not to post any photos or share any material containing sensitive military information . . . In this particular model of honey-trap, attractive young women 'like' and comment on soldiers’ social media photos and gradually ply them for more information under the guise of flirtation and developing a 'relationship.' As the dialogue moves into private messages, 'intimate' videos and photos are exchanged, and the women – who invariably turn out to be ISI operatives – can then blackmail soldiers into telling everything they know."

Boys, be aware and beware!! Heather, Holly, Amber, Mallory probably really isn't Heather, Holly, Amber, Mallory! Expect fully well Heather, Holly, Amber, Mallory not even to be a she!

You have been warned!!


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