Wednesday, May 22, 2019


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French submarine contract with Australia I had thought was a done deal. But that turned out to be not so.

French Shortfin Barracuda class no, Japanese Soryu class YES! Next generation Australian submarine force a $60 billion dollar contract with the French for the long term now in abeyance. The French having already invested heavily in the project and wanting compensation.


From WIZARD through Sharkhunters:

"Australia will be forced to make multi-million-dollar compensation payments to France if the future submarine program is terminated, a break payment of €250 million euros (about $404 million) would apply if the French delivered a detailed submarine design and Australia then chose to go no further."

"If Australia accepted its first completed submarine but decided to cancel future orders, the Commonwealth would have to pay the French company about $355 million.  The submarine project needed to be organized so that French translations were not just into English, but Australian English, and for employees 'to speak a common language in cultural terms'" 

"The French company was accused of giving Taiwan $400,000,000 so they would buy subs from them and gave $100,000,000 to China to keep them happy.  So, one wonders if the Australian Federal Police will show any interest in the deal between France and Australia. The first of the new French-designed submarines are not due to be in service until the mid-2030s."

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