Tuesday, August 5, 2014


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From the Sheldon Adelson Internet news letter we have this article:

"Redeployment serves Israel well"  

Source Israel Hayom | article by Maj. Gen. (ret.) Yaakov Amidror.

Israel having a definite advantage over Hamas. Israeli troops able to better sustain a level and tempo of combat than the Hamas combatant. That Israeli troop however not immune to needing a period of rest and resupply. 

 "The conscripted army has shouldered most of the war effort, with the reserves serving in a supportive role. The younger troops will be the ones who go into Gaza in the event of a wide-scale ground invasion. Thus, to better prepare for such a contingency, it made sense to withdraw the troops and let them rest, resupply and recharge. Israeli troops would have to be at the top of their game if they were to endure a protracted campaign."

This reminds me of a g2mil web site article from way back when.

"The Calamity of Urban Warfare"

Combat arms units at the level of battalion, regiment, able to sustain a high level and tempo of combat efficiency by using what is best called the square of four-square deployment.

"Readers must familiarize themselves with these subtopics to understand the concepts discussed in this chapter. These articles are linked within this chapter, but it may be easier to read them in advance."     
"In the Pacific, US Marine Corps assaults into island fortifications taught them to develop a rotational system.  The basic model is the infantry battalion square; two companies forward, two behind them, with the battalion headquarters and support elements in the middle.  Two rifle companies fight and advance for 48 hours, then the two rear companies move forward to relieve them in place, fatigued troops to the rear."

Four-Square allowing for combatants:

* Eat hot food.

* Go to the toilet.

* Sleep.

Two to three days of continuous combat a maximum beyond which efficiency of a unit declines steeply. Better the four-square system to maintain an edge over the adversary. Better for the troops, better for the mission!!


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