Thursday, December 3, 2020


This is coolbert:

See from the Internet website English Russia the embedded video!

From a comment to the video:

"Teaching soldiers how to hide in a spider hole, while a tank drives over their position, removes some of the fear of allowing this to happen in combat, as the soldier knows what to expect. Note that each soldier fires a few rounds from his rifle, this will likely cause any enemy tankers to duck their heads, making their view of the battlefield reduced. They then throw an anti tank grenade (training versions in this case, of course). Note that they do not throw that grenade directly AT the tank, but off to the side. Modern MBT (Main Battle Tank) have sufficient armor to protect against a hand grenade, so by throwing off to the side, the goal is to damage, or even separate the tracks. Tanks are great, but if the track is separated, the tank is out of service. Now infantry can attack the now vulnerable tank, from blind spots. More grenades may rupture fuel tanks, possibly leading to a fire. Diesel fuel will burn, it isn’t as volatile a gasoline, but you can get it to burn. Burning tanks, have a tendency to get very deadly, very quickly, especially for the crew."

[As is mentioned the armored vehicle in the video is a tank but rather an armored self-propelled howitzer.]

ADDITIONALL see this You Tube video regarding the spider hole fortification.

Spider hole of this type used in a prepared ambush. Man pops out of the hole, fires an armed Light-Antitank-Weapon [LAW], then engages the enemy force with his personal weapon. LAW effective only against light-armor and soft-skinned vehicles as deemed.

Again see also thanks to You Tube this cinematic version of the fighting position from which infantry can engage enemy tanks. HEY, nobody ever said any of this military stuff was going to be easy.

One man in his fighting position ground to a pulp when the tank pivots with tread over the helpless victim. German troops attaching some sort of magnetic device with explosives to the tank as an expedient weapon crude but effective. Only troops of the highest possible caliber trained and properly equipped could fight successfully in this manner. 

Once more NO ONE ever said any of this was going to be easy. Did they?


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