Saturday, March 19, 2022


This is coolbert:

Smart money goes out of the market when uncertainty exists. More so when a calamitous situation as perceived exists. 

From the Internet web site "Zero Hedge" the article by our good friend Tyler Durden MAR 17, 2022 -.

"Stocks Slip After-Hours As US Intel Chief Warns Of Russian 'Nuclear Threats'"

"After a strong day in stocks - which followed two days of big gains - US futures are fading after hours following the release of a report from USA Defense Intelligence Agency [DIA] claiming that Putin can be expected to brandish threats to use nuclear weapons against the West if stiff Ukrainian resistance to Russia’s invasion continues"

Market scared by these statements from the latest [?] threat assessment of Lieutenant General Scott Berrier DIA:

* “Protracted occupation of parts of Ukrainian territory threatens to sap Russian military manpower and reduce their modernized weapons arsenal, while consequent economic sanctions will probably throw Russia into prolonged economic depression and diplomatic isolation” 

* “'As this war and its consequences slowly weaken Russian conventional strength,' . . . 'Russia likely will increasingly rely on its nuclear deterrent to signal the West and project strength to its internal and external audiences.'”

Zero Hedge described by some as a "far-right-wing" web site. I disagree. Primarily concerns itself financial matters, investment, etc. 


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