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The END of one era and the BEGINNING of a new era. And the new era for the better too!

 From the "Remnant" Written by Robert Morrison | Remnant Columnist March 9, 2022. 

Soldiers sentenced to death for refusal to deny their religion. Forty condemned.

“Under Licinius, forty soldiers of the garrison of Sebaste (Armenia) were exposed on a frozen pond for refusing to sacrifice to idols. All persevered but one, whose courage failed him, and he perished in a bath of tepid water prepared for him. But their guard, inspired by grace, took his place and died with them, so there were forty martyrs still. They suffered A.D. 320.” (Roman Missal)

Herewith additional examples the number FORTY the significance of in the historical context:

  * It rained for forty days and forty nights. * The Hebrews spent forty years in the wilderness. * JESUS spent forty days in the wilderness. * Forty acolytes died in battle with Gobind Singh the tenth and last guru of the Sikh religion. * The Forty Palikaria of the Greek War of Independence. * Aisha [the tenth and most favorite wife of Mohammad] was presented with forty hand-maidens in the aftermath of the Battle of the Camel.

"Come with us old man!
            Brave youths, I'm too old.
            But take my youngest son.
            He'll take my place.
            He can run like a rabbit.
            He can soar like a partridge."


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