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From the financial Internet web site "Zero Hedge" the article by Tyler Durden.

 "Why Did Vladimir Putin Invade Ukraine?"

MONDAY, MAR 14, 2022 

Original story by Soeren Kern via The Gatestone Institute.


"Following is a compilation of eight differing but complementary theories that try to explain why Putin invaded Ukraine."

A variety of experts voice their opinions. Devoted readers to the blog are strongly encouraged to read the entire Tyler Durden post.

In a nutshell. [Idiom: in a nutshell: In a few words; concisely]

1. Empire Building.

"The most common explanation for Russia's invasion of Ukraine is that Putin, burning with resentment over the demise of the Soviet Empire, is determined to reestablish Russia (generally considered a regional power) as a great power that can exert influence on a global scale."

2. Buffer Zone.

"Many analysts attribute the Russian invasion of Ukraine to geopolitics, which attempts to explain the behavior of states through the lens of geography."

3. Ukrainian Independence.

"Closely intertwined with theories about empire-building and geopolitics is Putin's obsession with extinguishing Ukrainian sovereignty."

4. NATO.

"This theory holds that Putin invaded Ukraine to prevent it from joining NATO."

5. Democracy.

"This theory holds that Ukraine, a flourishing democracy, poses an existential threat to Putin's autocratic model of governance."

6. Energy.

"Ukraine holds the second-biggest known reserves — more than one trillion cubic meters — of natural gas in Europe after Russia." 

7. Water.

"On February 24, the first day of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Russian troops restored water flow to a strategically important canal linking the Dnieper River to Russian-controlled Crimea."

8. Regime Survival.

"This theory holds that the 69-year-old Putin, who has been in power since 2000, seeks perpetual military conflict as a way of remaining popular with the Russian public."


* It is a popular conception that all wars are fought for economic reasons.  See items # 6 and #7. Think rather that all wars are fought for a multiplicity of reasons. SOME reasons as being predominant.

* With regard to # 8 J. Stalin generally it is accepted ruled the Soviet Union for a period of about thirty years. Vlad his governance in Russia now OVER twenty years, a period of rather benign [?] autocracy that would have had Josef Vissarionovich take notice with a degree of approval and admiration.

Devoted readers please be aware that Tyler Durden is not Tyler Durden the actor.


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