Friday, February 25, 2022


This is coolbert:

We are saved by golly! Yes indeed by golly!

The American actor Sean Penn enters the fray in Ukraine.

From the "Daily Mail" and thanks to same. Typical tabloid material. Superficial and sensational material. [Click on image to see an enlarged view]

Sean even got a personal audience with the President of the Ukraine! Damn!

"Hollywood to the rescue! Actor Sean Penn sits in front row of Ukrainian government press briefing after flying to Kyiv to film war documentary for VICE"

* "Sean Penn has been filming a documentary about the escalating tension in Ukraine since November last year" * "On Thursday, he visited the Ukrainian Government's offices and spoke with military leaders" * "The actor sat front row in a press briefing, wearing sunglasses and a beige bomber jacket"  * "He is being lauded by the Ukrainian Government, which said he has the courage 'Western leaders lack'"  * "Putin launched airstrikes at 5am on Thursday local time; thousands are now trying to flee the region Biden has vowed not to send American troops into the conflict" 

I highly commend the "Daily Mail" for their coverage of the war. Without reservation or qualification.


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