Wednesday, February 23, 2022


This is coolbert:

Malware Ukraine. Grey-zone warfare? Cyber-attack. This is Wiper.

From just today and only a short time ago:

Thanks to the lead from Steve Lookner and the Wall Street Journal the article by Dustin Volz. 

"Malware Detected in Ukraine as Invasion Threat Looms"

"Wiper malware has been detected targeting Ukraine computer systems for the second time in as many months."

"A new form of destructive malware that can delete or corrupt data on a targeted computer or network has been seen spreading in Ukraine, according to multiple cybersecurity firms."

"Researchers from the cybersecurity firms of ESET and Broadcom Software's Symantec said Wednesday that so-called data wiper malware had been detected, a discovery that came as U.S. officials said Russia's plans to invade its neighbor were imminent. It is the second time in as many months wiper malware has been detected targeting Ukraine computer systems."

Cyber-warfare can have the same results as a KINETIC weapon of great destructiveness. A power plant even if operating is taken off-line from the transmission network, then power plant for all practical purposes as if hit by a bomb!! No electricty to consumers. Across the board with all utilities and I am talking only utilities.


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